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Example sentences for "frustrated"

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frump; frumpy; frunt; frustra; frustrate; frustrates; frustrating; frustration; frustrations; frustules
  1. In 1812, he went to Egypt, intending to join a caravan for Fezzan in order to explore the sources of the Niger; but, being frustrated in that, he made his two expeditions into Nubia which form the subject of the present epitome.

  2. I am the most unfortunate of men,' said he to himself, 'and my poor Robina is no less frustrated in her affections.

  3. It is safe to say that had not Mr. Astor moved in this matter as he did, had his plans been frustrated or his purposes delayed, the northern boundary of the United States might to-day be the 42d parallel of latitude.

  4. The conditions of time and space, at this distance, are such as to make nice calculations difficult, and I shall probably be frustrated of the felicity of dropping on you by exactly the right post.

  5. The next day," he resumed, "Siegfried was tired, and asked me to tell how Peter Pan frustrated the pirates.

  6. Tito's clever arrangements had been unpleasantly frustrated by trivial incidents which could not enter into a clever man's calculations.

  7. Once more frustrated the instigations of that demon, of whose malice a mysterious destiny had consigned me to be the sport and the prey.

  8. To persuade him to leave his desolate haunts might be a laborious and tedious task; meanwhile, all my benevolent intentions would be frustrated by his want of sustenance.

  9. God is not to be frustrated by aught in the Heavens or in the Earth; for He is the All-knowing, the All-mighty.

  10. His followers expected its fulfilment within the year, but when the truce frustrated their hopes, this verse was revealed to pacify them.

  11. This day had frustrated the scheme of the Helvetii to establish for themselves new settlements on the Atlantic Ocean, and handed them over to the pleasure of the victor; but it had been a hot day also for the conquerors.

  12. Pompeians to discover other routes to the Ebro over the steep mountains was frustrated by Caesar's cavalry, which surrounded and cut to pieces the Lusitanian troops sent forth for that purpose.

  13. It had several times frustrated Catilina's candidature for the consulship, and that it would attempt the like against Caesar was sufficiently certain.

  14. This accident frustrated the election of Catilina and saved Rome from a second Cinna.

  15. After the original plan of carrying on the campaign simultaneously in the two Gauls by offensive operations from the bases of Italy and Spain had been frustrated by Caesar's aggressive, Pompeius had intended to go to Spain.

  16. Election of Catalina as Consul again Frustrated Cicero, who was always quickly and completely informed by his agents male and female of the transactions of the conspirators, on the day fixed for the election (20 Oct.

  17. The attempts of the Helvetii to gain the other bank at different places in boats or by means of fords were successfully frustrated by the Romans in these lines, and the Helvetii were compelled to desist from the passage of the Rhone.

  18. With rage the Jew-hating Christian potentates saw their plans here and there frustrated by Jewish hands, and their internal complications rendered more and more involved and entangled.

  19. Utterly dumbfounded, the Dominicans listened to the notary's reading of the document, which entirely frustrated their schemes and machinations.

  20. This frustrated the scheme; for the senators also withdrew from the transaction as soon as they knew that the highest ecclesiastical dignitary in Germany sided with the Jews.

  21. Leonora's scheme to obtain absolute authority and share the government with her paramour was frustrated by the still craftier bastard Infante Don Joao, Grand Master of Avis.

  22. The Cologne Dominicans, who had proposed him, thereby frustrated their own design, and as a further effect made him the enemy of their hostile endeavors.

  23. Our line here still bore witness to the terrible bombardment which had frustrated the efforts of the 56th Division on July 1st, for long sections of trench then levelled and rendered impassable had not since been opened out.

  24. Snow fell heavily throughout the 4th, and frustrated all attempts of the Company Officers who had gone forward to see the lie of the land.

  25. I had nearly finished the work I had undertaken, and was intending to come to Liverpool direct at the end of the following week, when my design was frustrated by a curious and most unexpected circumstance.

  26. Durand knew of this, and, therefore, when my father found he had escaped with the others, he was much annoyed as it completely frustrated his good intentions towards him.

  27. Having been instructed to pay over the whole amount to the authorities of the Nation, this was all I could do in furtherance of the intentions of Congress; my efforts to accomplish which were thus frustrated by Mr Washbourne and his advances.

  28. He turned instantly to follow it there; but she saw his intention and frustrated it.

  29. Anne saw herself for one moment as his guardian angel, her mission frustrated through a flaw of time.

  30. He turned, with an air of frustrated evasion, and remained, a supremely uncomfortable presence.

  31. Belisarius was quite content that they should carry off their spoil, and would have considered it a sufficient victory to have frustrated the expedition without striking a blow.

  32. The 23rd of October was fixed on for the enterprise; but, though attempted, the attempt was frustrated by a betrayal of the plot, in consequence of an indiscretion of one of the leaders.

  33. He had hoped that, by his early arrival, he would have been able to take the garrison by surprise and effect an easy victory; but in this the vigilance of the defenders had frustrated him, and he therefore decided to delay the attack.

  34. An attempt made to have him entered in the Royal Navy, in 1746, was frustrated by the interposition of his mother.

  35. Cardinal and Cerizet was frustrated by M.

  36. But his manoeuvres were frustrated by Bixiou.

  37. That the apprehension of seeing the realisation of his principles frustrated led him to actions which can in no wise be approved, may be freely admitted.

  38. Mr. Gibbs's description of this battle in part follows: After several attempts against Kemmel had been frustrated the enemy all went out, April 25, to capture this position.

  39. Donne's poems are the poems of a frustrated lover.

  40. Demosthenes, again, was an orator frustrated by many defects.

  41. And the great writers, like the great orators, have been, in many instances, men doomed in some important respect to lead frustrated lives.

  42. This hope was frustrated by the death of Aloys Fuchs a few months after I left Vienna.

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