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Example sentences for "frustrations"

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frustrate; frustrated; frustrates; frustrating; frustration; frustules; frustum; fruta; frute; frutefull
  1. I looked once more at my pillow, a wrong move, and bolted for the toilet as the beast ventilated its frustrations a second time by bellowing vehemently into the porcelain bowl.

  2. Feeling hindered by me, to a certain extent, their frustrations would sometimes be directed at me while their true source of anger remained unspoken.

  3. I pedaled home, half-blinded by tears, then rushed upstairs to my room to hurl my frustrations onto paper.

  4. My frustrations needed verbal release and an understanding listener who was sufficiently detached from my daily routine (home, school, etc.

  5. I reached my car and, once inside, let go of the frustrations and hurt that had multiplied since the job began, letting myself cry freely, without restraint.

  6. In driving, it was obvious that Todd released frustrations behind the wheel.

  7. This conflict of feelings was upsetting and painful and she suffered a great deal from the frustrations that these emotions often brought about.

  8. Again there were disappointments, frustrations and heartaches as there are in every life and existence.

  9. I think in many respects this conflict of feelings was upsetting and painful and she suffered a great deal from the frustrations that these feelings often brought about.

  10. Those who still adhere to it—and who could in earlier eras have felt confident in such adherence—now find their plans enmeshed in inexplicable frustrations and hindrances.

  11. Throughout the world, immense intellectual and spiritual energies are seeking expression, energies whose gathering pressure is in direct proportion to the frustrations of recent decades.

  12. The function of the chorus in Greek tragedy was indeed chiefly to indicate in solemn strophe and antistrophe the ordered and harmonious verities of which these particular follies and frustrations were so tender and terrible an illustration.

  13. The surety of a world to come, in which the blessed shall live in eternal bliss, is a compensation and a redress for the ills and frustrations of life in this world.

  14. We can--and in time we will--change that despair into confidence, and change those frustrations into achievements.

  15. The frustrations of the United Nations are a product of the world that we live in, and not of the institution which gives them voice.

  16. In spite of its terrific frustrations her life was a triumph all the same, as I now see it.

  17. We must strive to break the calamitous cycle of frustrations and crises which, if unchecked, could spiral into nuclear disaster; the ultimate insanity.

  18. In repressive regimes, popular frustrations often have no outlet except through violence.

  19. Increasingly, people are unable to endure the frustrations caused by their social, political, and industrial environment, and develop neurotic responses in which their aggressions are turned in on themselves.

  20. The process of unfolding patterns, of decisions made in response to crises, of frustrations and achievements in living, are also the human content for religious development, and provide opportunities for both conversion and nurture.

  21. As his power of work became more and more reduced, frustrations became harder to bear, and the sense that they were unavoidable oppressed him.

  22. They feel the frustrations and they can't get the salve.

  23. Most prefer their frustrations and their miseries to making the effort which will solve them.

  24. Young ones, too, so twisted and warped with frustrations they don't dare try what they daydream about.

  25. There had been so many occasions of the kind that it was impossible to know to which one she referred, and, looking back, his past seemed to be blocked with frustrations and petty torments.

  26. Finally, while no friend or relative was spared in the long years I worked on this book, three colleagues especially bore with me through days of doubts and frustrations and shared my small triumphs: Alfred M.

  27. The cause of confusion among black students over Navy policy was easy to pinpoint, for memories of the frustrations and insults suffered by black seamen during the war were still fresh.

  28. Overshadowing the praise commanders gave the black depot companies were reports of the trials and frustrations suffered by those who trained the large black combat units.

  29. Submitting the proceedings of a board of review that had investigated the effectiveness of black officers and enlisted men in the 92d Division, he was sympathetic to the frustrations encountered by the division commander, Maj.

  30. He realized that venting your frustrations against bureaucrats was one thing, but actively engaging in dangerous snooping was quite another.

  31. In a sense, he was taking his own frustrations out on these two because they were handy.

  32. They left, but Brent Taber's frustrations remained with him.

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