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Example sentences for "defeated"

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defaulting; defaults; defaut; defaute; defeat; defeating; defeatist; defeats; defecate; defecated
  1. Her wooden walls had always been her chief reliance, and from the days when Drake and Howard and Raleigh defeated the Great Armada of Spain, they had asserted and maintained British supremacy at sea.

  2. Arriving at San Pedro late in October, the commodore found that Captain Mervine had just been defeated by the enemy, who were then besieging the little town.

  3. It was stated that one of the secondary objects of the expedition, the capture of supplies, was partly defeated by this premature action.

  4. They defeated these natives and explored the island, which they found very sterile.

  5. Whatever the movement was designed to be, it was defeated by plain, simple MUD.

  6. He did not look like a badly defeated general, though he undoubtedly was--so badly, indeed, that he was never given any command of importance afterwards.

  7. If we shall have by the decree defeated these purposes and restored competition between the large units into which the capital and plant have been divided, we shall have accomplished the useful purpose of the statute.

  8. After five days of strike the general managers were completely defeated and their immediate resources exhausted.

  9. An expectation so natural was defeated by two causes, alike unforeseen and perplexing.

  10. Rowe was pronounced elected in 1696, but was unseated as speedily on appeal from the defeated side.

  11. In this endeavor he more than once experienced the unkindness of fortune, for when he had collected 5,000 good troops he was defeated in a vigorous attempt to cut his way through a far larger imperial force.

  12. His army was defeated in every battle, his authority was reduced to a shadow, and a mutinous officer completed in his palace the overthrow begun by his hereditary enemy.

  13. It is unnecessary to describe these in detail; but although Chung Wang was twice defeated by a Manchu general named Paochiaou, he succeeded, by rapidity of movement, in holding his own against his more numerous adversaries.

  14. The Coreans were defeated in several battles, several important towns were captured, but Taitsong had to admit that these successes were purchased at the heavy loss of twenty-five thousand of his best troops.

  15. The Hias were defeated in several battles, and in one of them fought upon the frozen waters of the Hoangho.

  16. The barbarians grew defiant and aggressive, and defeated the imperial forces.

  17. But success did not attend his enterprise, for he was defeated in the only battle of the war, and glad to purchase peace by paying five thousand ounces of gold and acknowledging himself a Chinese vassal.

  18. Yeliu Hiuco defeated his army in several pitched battles with immense loss; on one occasion it was said that the corpses of the slain checked the course of a river.

  19. They were defeated in several encounters, and the best Chinese troops fled before the impetuous charge of the Manchu cavalry.

  20. When, therefore, the Goorkha embassy entered his camp Sund Fo granted terms which, although humiliating, were as favorable as a defeated people could expect.

  21. A considerable detachment, under the command of Captain Henri Riviere, who was one of the pioneers of French enterprise on the Songcoi, was surprised and defeated near Hanoi.

  22. The Kin army, however, had no cause to rejoice in its bellicoseness, for the Chinese general, Changtsiun, defeated it in a battle the like of which had not been seen for ten years.

  23. He defeated the emperor's army in two pitched battles at Sanchuen and Yang Moulong, and many years elapsed before the Sung rulers can be held to have recovered from the loss of their best armies.

  24. Chingtse, the Queen of Kaochi, which may be identified with the modern Annam, defied the Chinese, and defeated the first army sent to bring her to reason.

  25. Never yet in my life have I been defeated in an undertaking, and I will not be defeated now.

  26. In spite of their enormous host--they had no less than eight hundred thousand men of infantry and cavalry--they were defeated at Raamses by Joseph and his brethren and their little company of six hundred men.

  27. The sons of Seir were defeated abjectly, their king Hadad was taken captive, and then executed by Abimenos, and Seir was made a province subject to Kittim and ruled by a governor.

  28. The seven good ears of corn were the seven superior princes of Egypt that would engage in a war for their overlord, and would be defeated by as many insignificant princes, who were betokened by the seven blasted ears.

  29. In the encounters that ensued between the hostile forces, the sons of Esau were defeated again and again, partly on account of treachery in their own ranks, for their men sometimes deserted to the enemy while the combat was on.

  30. He triumphed over the English for a time, and drove them back into the heart of the country, whence they turned and attacked afresh; and having delayed his retreat he was defeated with considerable loss.

  31. Defeated in the field and thwarted in policy, the proud King had to eat humble pie; he was forced to give up Casale, which had come to him after all in spite of Mattioli's betrayal.

  32. The only time that he was defeated was when he strove to conquer a baby.

  33. René had a fierce struggle for the possession of Lorraine with Charles of Burgundy, who defeated him completely in 1475, and entered Nancy in triumph.

  34. But in January, 1477, King René recovered his duchy with the help of the Swiss, and Charles was defeated and slain in a desperate battle under the walls of Nancy.

  35. But the darkness, which had favored the ambuscade, now defeated their object.

  36. But luckily the antic had defeated its own end, for Tresler was flung wide, and, as she rolled on the ground, he scrambled clear of her body.

  37. Brisson, who was defeated by a majority of twenty-five by M.

  38. Rouvier in office, withheld their support in a debate arising out of the incident, and the government was defeated by thirty-three votes.

  39. But having defeated the duke of Savoy he had no hesitation in making sure of him by a marriage; though the Swiss might have misunderstood the treaty of Brusol (1610) by which he gave one of his daughters to the grandson of Philip II.

  40. He penetrated as far as the Ebro, but was defeated before Saragossa; and in their retreat the Franks were attacked by Vascons, losing many men as they came through the passes.

  41. They were defeated by the bourgeois battalions of the National Guard; but the situation none the less remained highly critical.

  42. Bronze horse and royal rider went to the melting pot of the Revolution to be forged into the cannon that defeated and humbled the allied kings of Europe, and a feeble marble equestrian statue, erected under the Restoration, occupies its place.

  43. The Burgundians had promised neutrality, and the defeated Armagnacs were forced in their need to "borrow[88] of the saints.

  44. After the memorable cannonade at Valmy, a knot of defeated German officers gathered in rain and wind moodily around the circle where they durst not kindle the usual camp-fire.

  45. The defeated Protestants were, however, soon roused to enthusiasm by the arrival of Jeanne of Navarre at their camp, leading her son Henry by one hand and the eldest son of Condé by the other.

  46. He would be disgraced and defeated in battle--he would fail in his undertakings--if it were absent from his person.

  47. Who has not watched them in their furious battle-charges, brandishing the dreadful tomahawk, and carrying off the scalps of their defeated enemies to hang up in their wigwams as the trophies of their prowess?

  48. Paul saw that he was likely to be defeated unless he could make a stronger appeal to the sympathies of the Form.

  49. He still had the highest admiration for his cousin, notwithstanding the fact that he had been defeated by a Beetle.

  50. At the last election Michigan had defeated Cass for his political sins and elected the radical Chandler in his place.

  51. The Toombs bill expressly authorizing the calling of a Convention had recently passed the Senate, but was defeated in the House, clearly indicating that Congress disapproved it.

  52. Mr. Lincoln was defeated at the election, having four hundred and seventy votes less than the candidate who had the highest number.

  53. I would rather be defeated with this expression in the speech, and it held up and discussed before the people, than to be victorious without it.

  54. Taylor's majority was smaller by ten, and the same year the Whig candidate for Congress was defeated by a hundred and six.

  55. Leonard Swett, than whom there was no more gifted man, nor a better judge of political affairs, in Illinois, is convinced that "the first ten lines of that speech defeated him.

  56. In the latter part of July he was finally overtaken by the volunteers under Henry, along the bluffs of the Wisconsin River, and defeated in a decisive battle.

  57. The defeated declared, that, although he was beaten in the suit, he could whip his opponent.

  58. This morning it is openly avowed that my supposed influence at Washington shall be broken down generally, and King's prospects defeated in particular.

  59. He defeated them in the neighbourhood of Khalul (site undetermined).

  60. When Asa defeated the Ethiopians, "he carried away sheep and camels in abundance; and returned to Jerusalem.

  61. Shalmaneser we know to have been an immediate predecessor of Sennacherib, and Tirakhah, the Egyptian king, who was defeated by the Assyrians near Lachish, was the immediate successor of Sabaco II.

  62. We learn from the Kouyunjik inscriptions that the people inhabiting the country at the mouths of the united waters of the Tigris and Euphrates possessed vessels in which, when defeated by the Assyrians, they took refuge on the sea.

  63. The result was that Sennacherib totally defeated Merodach Baladan, who fled to save his life, leaving behind him his chariots, wagons (?

  64. In the fifth year he defeated the Tokkari, capturing their principal stronghold or Nipour (detached hill-fort ?

  65. Sennacherib joined battle with the Egyptians, totally defeated them near the city of Al.

  66. And when Judas saw that Bacchides and the strength of his army were on the right side, all who were brave in heart went with him, and the right wing was defeated by them, and he pursued them to the slope of the mountains.

  67. Then Simon went into Galilee and fought many battles with the heathen, and the heathen were defeated by him.

  68. Then Aristobulus's party was defeated and retired into the temple and cut off the communications between the temple and the city by breaking down the bridge which joined them together, and they prepared to resist to the utmost.

  69. Judas, however, fought against the people of Esau in Idumea at Akrabattine, because they besieged Israel, and he defeated them with a great slaughter and humbled their pride and took their spoils.

  70. For the first time during this struggle Judas was defeated and fell back upon Jerusalem, where he was closely besieged.

  71. It was more formidable, and in the end more disastrous, for the Jews were signally defeated in a battle near Mount Tabor.

  72. He was more often defeated than victorious, but his love of struggle and adventure and lust for conquest ever goaded him on.

  73. This army consisted of fifty thousand footmen and horsemen which Aristobulus was not able to withstand, but was defeated in the first encounter and was driven out of Jerusalem.

  74. And when Judas learned of it, he went out to meet him, and defeated and slew him; and many fell mortally wounded, while the rest fled.

  75. So he laid siege to the fortress and was superior to Ptolemy in other respects; but he was defeated through his natural affection.

  76. And Ptolemy was defeated by him and fled, and many fell mortally wounded.

  77. And those who were with Judas sounded their trumpets and joined battle; and the heathen were defeated and fled into the plain.

  78. When Simon refused to pay the tribute a Syrian army was sent to enforce the claim, but were defeated by a Jewish force under John Hyrcanus.

  79. This plan, however, proved of advantage to Herod, for he defeated the army of the Arabians, although it offered him strong resistance.

  80. The advocates of immediate and unconditional secession were defeated, were defeated by a heavy majority.

  81. I think it well for those gentlemen from the slave States especially, who have by their votes defeated the compromise we have labored so long and so earnestly to secure, to take a little time for consideration.

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