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Example sentences for "floored"

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  1. Had Nick been one of the mutineers, the chances are ten to one that he would have been floored and beaten half to death.

  2. The eyes were clear yet with cross-lights at their depths, like the water of a still pool floored with sand and touched with the first level gleams of sunrise.

  3. Mac floored him, climbed him, and choked him until he beat the ground with his free hand in token of surrender; whereupon old Duncan let him up, and Rondeau went to his shanty and packed his turkey.

  4. Hence his refusal--in the face of our desperate need for money to carry on until conditions improve--almost floored your old man.

  5. It was a room nine feet square, panelled, ceiled and floored in mahogany, and the table and six chairs were made of the same material.

  6. He was not the first man who has been hampered and floored by his own ignorance.

  7. Some of the bedrooms of this house were floored with African marble.

  8. The columns of the peristylium are covered with yellow stucco and its chambers are floored with mosaic.

  9. This place is a very good one," the stranger replied, laying down his heavy whip on the table of a stone-floored room, to which he had been shown.

  10. The sun was becoming hot, but the trees threw refreshing shadows over the wide, shallow brick-floored trenches built by the French two years before.

  11. We were taken into a long cement-floored building, and laid down in a line of stretchers which ran almost from the doorway up to a screen at the end of the room, behind which dressings and operations were taking place.

  12. After trying smooth floored dens, and floors strewn with straw, chips, ashes and sawdust; I feel safe in recommending sawdust, as its great absorbent power helps to keep clean dens.

  13. All pens should be completely floored with mesh wire three or four inches under surface.

  14. It was a beautiful waiting-room, floored with squares of white and red marble, warmed by a porcelain stove, and furnished with benches covered with red plush.

  15. The apartment in which this is done ought to be as cool and dry as possible, to favour the solidification of the glue, and should be floored with stone flags kept very clean, so that if any glue run through the seams, it may be recovered.

  16. Twice out of three bouts have I floored Peter Gyuricza, and Peter Gyuricza has only floored me once.

  17. The latter are of two stories, each being divided into three long parallel galleries 20 feet high and 23 feet wide, vaulted with stone and floored with cement.

  18. Jim had no idea now that this same man had dashed at him with a drawn knife, and that he had floored him with a straight blow from his fist between the eyes.

  19. He mounted the steps of the portico, and passing through the double doors of plate-glass, crossed a vestibule floored with mosaic to another glass door on which was emblazoned the name of the firm.

  20. We stood alone in the bare-floored room, under the flaring chandelier.

  21. But there was one thing that always floored me, and that was `the logic of the life;' I couldn't find an answer to that.

  22. Red Frank shot Nat Davis through the heart--and he was all but taken, when a comrade floored two officers, and Frank gave leg-bail to the other.

  23. One said I was floored by a charlie, and another left it upon a clip from a blackthorn.

  24. But on the twelfth day he will return to Olympus; and then will I go to the brazen-floored palace of Jove, and suppliantly embrace his knees, and I think that he will be persuaded.

  25. This would be disgraceful, if we return without fight to Olympus, and to the brazen-floored mansion of Jove.

  26. This shot once more floored him, but he must have borne a charmed life, as he again recovered his legs, and to my great satisfaction he turned into the jungle and retreated.

  27. One reached the jungle before us, but a lucky shot at a distance of sixty paces floored the other, who lay struggling on the ground, and was soon extinguished.

  28. That last shot had floored him just as he was upon me; the end of his trunk had fallen upon my heel.

  29. I know that fellow you floored so neatly.

  30. Tom felt that he would risk being floored at every lesson for the rest of his natural school-life sooner than go, so sat down.

  31. If you hadn't been floored yourself now at first lesson, do you mean to say you wouldn't have been with them?

  32. I shall get floored to a certainty at second lesson, if I'm called up.

  33. Tom; "and you'll be called up and floored when the master sees what a state you're in.

  34. I searched the surface of the flat for gravel beds in vain, for though it abounds in depressions that must have formerly been lake-beds, and are now marshes in the rainy season, these were all floored with clay.

  35. Beyond this the road passes over low rocky hills, wooded on their north or sheltered flanks only, dividing flat-floored valleys: a red sandy gneiss is the prevalent rock, but boulders of syenite are scattered about.

  36. Everywhere immense boulders are scattered about, some of which are sixty yards long: their surfaces are water-worn into hollows, proving the river to have cut through nearly 300 feet of deposit, which once floored its valley.

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