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  1. Chains were fastened to the floors in many places, and to many of the bedsteads.

  2. I heard he wanted steam-heat out there, and a room finished for the coachman, and hard-wood floors all over the house.

  3. It is desirable, from a sanitary standpoint, that the kitchen floor be made impervious to moisture; hence, concrete or tile floors are better than wooden floors.

  4. If wooden floors are used, they should be constructed of narrow boards of hard wood, carefully joined and thoroughly saturated with hot linseed oil, well rubbed in to give polish to the surface.

  5. Then one morning he set Sam to collect a number of sound planks from the floors and wainscoting in the unused rooms at the Towers, and having borrowed from Petherick the tools necessary to supplement those that Reuben had, he began his task.

  6. Moreover, more than one of these superficial interments are found in mounds covering buildings, and, lastly, human remains have been found beneath the floors of ruined houses, where one would naturally expect to find them.

  7. It's that 'Charge of the Light Brigade' that floors me," said Stuart.

  8. I have forgotten how many floors up they were, but it didn't matter, in a luxurious elevator, padded and mirrored.

  9. Among the other treasures recovered by this season's work was a quantity of fine painted pottery which had fallen from the upper rooms into the basement when the palace floors collapsed.

  10. One of the floors of this building had sunk in the conflagration before the plunderers had had time to explore the room beneath, and under its d├ębris were found five magnificent bronze vessels--four large basins and a single-handled ewer.

  11. The floors were of flagstones and cement, even in the upper storeys, and in some cases of cobbles or of earth rammed hard.

  12. Wax your hardwood floors and keep them shining like mirrors; if rugs are scarce they will be a good apology.

  13. Scrub the bare floors well, put a little wax on them, and engage one or two musicians to dispense old time melodies.

  14. So he orated and chattered till the beams and frames and floors and stringers and things had learned how to lock down and lock up on one another, and endure this new kind of strain.

  15. His step rings on the old, bare floors that he will never tread again.

  16. Now this bath was in the house and Masrur found its walls and floors of rare and precious marbles, wrought with gold and silver, and its waters mingled with rose-water.

  17. And the door-leaves in the pavilions were like those of the castle for beauty; and their floors were strewn with great pearls and balls, no smaller than hazel nuts, of musk and ambergris and saffron.

  18. And he almost lost his balance when it came to a stop many floors above.

  19. The memory of that incandescent circle on the door some twenty floors below stayed with him.

  20. Carpets prevent the coldness of stone or brick floors offending the feet in winter, and the noise of treading on such floors, overhead, is less inconvenient than on boards.

  21. During one of these, Lydia said, "I wish we had hard wood floors like yours.

  22. Their floors consisted in most places of thick plates of glass, fitting into the angle-irons of the cantilevers.

  23. Iron staircases and short bridges permitted communication between the different floors and blocks.

  24. I said no fossil remains had been found, but the level floors of the great halls are continually being raised by fresh layers of stalagmite from the water dropping from the roof, and no one knows what may lie under them.

  25. As we rode home, we noticed by the sides of the road, and where ditches had been cut, numbers of old Mexican stone-floors covered with stucco.

  26. These floors are in many places covered with little loose concretions like marbles, and these concretions in the course of time are imbedded in the horizontal layers of the same material.

  27. After sunset, the air was alive with mosquitos, and the floors of the hotel swarmed with cockroaches.

  28. Again the sodden forest floors With golden lights were checkered, Once more rejoicing leaves in wind And sunshine danced and flickered.

  29. And harps shall sound, and flutes shall play, and brazen lamps shall glow; On marble floors your feet shall weave the dances to and fro.

  30. The upper floors of the tower were given over to bedrooms, for J.

  31. Carpets are not used here, but the floors are covered instead with India matting.

  32. The floors of the rooms are not made of wood, but a sort of cement which looks like stone.

  33. At night they were on the stone-floors of their chapels, holding up their withered hands to heaven, interceding for the poor souls who were suffering in purgatory.

  34. No one supposes we should have set to work to live as they lived; that any man, however earnest in his religion, would have gone looking for earth floors and wet dungeons, or wild islands to live in, when he could get anything better.

  35. There were but two floors and the basement, and the search started at the top.

  36. He sent other men to the floors above to release the watchmen.

  37. A fall would mean death on the pavement twelve floors below.

  38. As the work progressed we would often screw wooden rails to the floors of galleries, and then use small rubber-tired trolleys or cars to move our sand-bags from the face.

  39. Below in the dugouts were the German dead and wounded, the dead in every conceivable position, lying sprawled across the steps of the dugout entrances, half hanging from the dugout bunks, or on the floors of the tunnel.

  40. According to another account, the ceremony takes place on the night before the beginning of spring, and the roasted beans are flung against the walls as well as on the floors of the houses.

  41. In Deslawen, after the evening bells have rung, people go through the houses beating the walls or floors with boards; then they issue forth into the roads, headed by a boy who carries the effigy of a witch made up of rags.

  42. In the families of well-to-do people the earth floors of early days were replaced by boards, the proudest decoration of which was a sprinkling of white sand, which on great occasions was swept into ornamental waves with a broom.

  43. The floors in these thrifty homes were covered with white sand, on which quaint figures were sketched with a broom.

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