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  1. And there, behold, the old barn floors too had disappeared under a coating of simple matched hardwood flooring, oiled and polished smoothly, and Doris was not expecting it.

  2. Some coals are put into the pit outside of the cask, and the fire is fed with damp corn cobs, hardwood chips, or fine brush.

  3. Hardwood sawdust is sometimes advantageously used in making a fire for smoking meats.

  4. My favorite chophouse has ever been a hardwood floor, a loaf of Mills Seminary maiden, and a roof of flat piano.

  5. Here were hardwood trees several inches in diameter, and in an almost impenetrable mass between them were quickly grown hardwood saplings of the diameter of one's finger and perhaps twenty feet in height.

  6. The ravine at last led up to a wide grassy plateau closed in on three sides by low hardwood ridges.

  7. The thought spurred them to greater efforts, and they scrambled frantically to the top of a low hardwood ridge to reconnoiter.

  8. As they neared the water they climbed to the top of a hardwood ridge to reconnoiter.

  9. It consists of a coast range of mountains timbered with conifers and small hardwood trees, the mountain peaks rarely rising above three thousand feet in altitude.

  10. Senor Pereyra made me a present of a hardwood cane, the tree from which it is made being indigenous to the Province of Salta, and named San Antonio.

  11. They can also be found in mixed pine and hardwood forests of extreme southeastern United States (Bent 1948).

  12. Since a major avenue of fungal infection is sprouts, sprouting vigor and the age at which sprouts are produced are important considerations in managing for cavity-producing hardwood trees.

  13. Old Mammy had just replenished the fire, and the flames were licking merrily around a big hardwood stick, when a noise sounded outside.

  14. Several hardwood sticks were burning upon the hearth, showing that the owner had not been long away from home.

  15. Its course through the open pine-lands is sharply marked by a belt of hardwood trees nourished to grand proportions by the rich soil and abundant moisture.

  16. About half of the island's area is northern hardwood forest, whose floor cover is largely of American yew (Taxus canadensis).

  17. In the vast majority of cases an evergreen tree is selected as a nesting site, though occasionally some hardwood tree, such as maple, apple or birch, may be taken.

  18. During the nesting season, it will not be found to any extent in the better class of hardwood trees of the uplands; in fact, this warbler shows a strong liking for areas where large elms and soft maples and black ash are the dominant trees.

  19. The darkly stained floor of hardwood was, of course, modern.

  20. And throughout the whole morning Steve was conscious of it whenever they met after skirting a swamp, or slipped noiselessly over a hardwood knoll, to rejoin each other.

  21. It had stopped raining; the hardwood ridges, touched by frost, were flaming streaks of color against the rainwashed evergreens, when he picked his way down to the river and found a dry stone for a seat.

  22. The man left the room, but presently returned with a little hardwood box which he placed on his superior's desk.

  23. After two days' work, however, he succeeded in fashioning two massive hardwood hinges, and with these he hung the door so that it opened and closed easily.

  24. There are no deciduous or hardwood trees, and but few hardwood shrubs.

  25. Hardwood boards make the most popular floors and come in varying thicknesses, the oak being generally three eighths of an inch thick and the North Carolina pine averaging seven eighths of an inch.

  26. A new hardwood floor had to be laid, as the original one was in bad condition.

  27. Illustration: The Living Room] Opening from this room is the living-room, where the same kind of rugs are laid on the hardwood floor.

  28. Even then Virginia, who had obeyed his gesture and was standing by his side, could see nothing unusual in the appearance of the hardwood floor.

  29. The Interior Hardwood Company of Indianapolis, under the business management of its vice-president, Mr. Charles Hinman Comstock, has doubled its capacity in the last year and shows commendable energy in pushing its business.

  30. The addition which a fine hardwood floor makes to the attractiveness of a room is appreciated by some architects, but good floors are not by any means as common as they should be.

  31. It is generally admitted that a floor entirely covered with a carpet is in many ways undesirable, especially from a sanitary point of view; while a hardwood floor, wholly or partly covered with rugs, has every advantage.

  32. In our next exercise we shall try our hands upon a piece of hardwood for a change--meantime do one or two of these fret patterns by way of disciplinary exercise in outline forms.

  33. He had simply to drive them from one hardwood belt to another.

  34. High grasslands, extensive hardwood forests, and full-flowing streams and rivers characterized the region.

  35. It consisted of a flat piece of coiled basketry 36 inches long and 31 inches wide, and on one side was lashed a hardwood handle.

  36. There is a central bar which is usually a hardwood plank.

  37. Usually there are two other hardwood plank cross pieces, one near the rear end and the other about one-third of the way back from the front.

  38. Improved revolving horse rakes have a center timber of hardwood about 4 x 6 inches in diameter.

  39. Bunks are usually cut from good hardwood trees, hewed out with an axe and bored for round stakes.

  40. Hardwood makes the best bench, but good pine will last for years.

  41. Under the back end of the cart platform is a good stout bar of hardwood framed into the sidepieces.

  42. The heavy hardwood plank reach that connects the two bolsters is put through a mortise through the front bolster and is fastened rigidly by an extra large king-bolt.

  43. The frame is made of good solid hardwood put together with mortise and tenon.

  44. But cast-iron noses are now manufactured with recesses to receive the ends of straight ordinary hardwood planks.

  45. The head is carved on a hardwood stick with three projections to grip different sized pieces to be worked.

  46. The floor of the cart is better when made of narrow matched hardwood flooring about seven-eighths of an inch thick fastened with bolts.

  47. For shaping pieces of hardwood for repair work.

  48. The cross pieces or stiles are three-quarters of an inch lower than the side pieces or rails, which space is filled with hardwood flooring boards firmly bolted to the cross pieces so they come up flush with the side timbers.

  49. They were simply screw presses having hardwood frames set deep into massive stone foundations and surrounded by a granite pavement.

  50. They are raised to a considerable height, being square in form with heavy hardwood posts at the corners.

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