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deafening; deafeningly; deafer; deafness; deah; deale; dealer; dealers; deales; dealest
  1. There will be a great deal for me to do in my garden--teaching young plants self-control.

  2. He comes from a family whose connections have always thought a great deal of themselves--in the narrower sense; a family not immune from prejudice.

  3. I usually cared a great deal for anybody who was nice to me.

  4. She said: "I know he cared a great deal for you.

  5. T's stile, and found he had taken a great deal of pains, to wrest it as much as he could to his turn.

  6. Fingers, but he had a great deal more need have taken care of his mouth.

  7. He did not say that he knew all about the war, but after he had spoken a few casual sentences upon the subject Helen May felt that he knew a great deal more than he said.

  8. She was, in fact, the same whimsically charming Helen May he had come to care a great deal for.

  9. I only wish you could have known dad," she said with a gentle melancholy that was a great deal lightened by her present happiness.

  10. Luis, half dressed and a good deal dazed yet from sleep and the suddenness of his waking, knelt beside his mother, patting her shoulder in futile affection, staring down bewilderedly at Estan.

  11. Helen May had changed a good deal in the past two or three weeks.

  12. As to his morals, he smoked and he swore a good deal upon occasion, and he drank, and he played pool, and now and then a little poker, and he would lie for a friend any time it was necessary and think nothing of it.

  13. So far as he could see she was a great deal more inclined to worry over Vic, who refused to stay in school when he could now and then earn a dollar or two acting in "mob scenes" for some photoplay company out in Hollywood.

  14. He wore an old Panama hat that had cost him a good deal when it was new and had saved him a good deal since in straw hats which he had not been compelled to buy so long as this one held together.

  15. So he wondered a great deal more than he would have done if Starr had bought the paper, but Starr did not know that.

  16. She had lost a good deal of moodiness and a good deal of discontent, somewhere along the moonlight trail of last night, and she hummed a tune while she waited.

  17. Rabies had caused a good deal of trouble in the State, so he could make the danger plausible enough.

  18. They came, puffing a little and a good deal mystified.

  19. I came to kill thee--I came to deal out a reward but little adequate to the pangs to which thy treachery has eternally condemned me.

  20. Theodora, I will deal frankly by you,--nay tremble not at the intelligence which I must disclose, for it is now imperiously required.

  21. That he was better bred than Mr. Coombe and Mr. Jobson was obvious, that he could talk a good deal better than any of them Allan at least knew, but it pleased Scarsdale to hold his tongue and keep himself much in the background.

  22. In future you will leave her alone; if I find you hanging about my house, waiting to waylay Betty Hanson, then I'll deal with you again, as I dealt with you on Saturday night.

  23. Her ladyship has a good deal to say in the management of everything," said Sir Josiah, "and quite right she should.

  24. I have his permission to--to settle--the house will cost a great deal to repair, a great deal!

  25. It is a commission that I accept with a great deal of pleasure.

  26. He had picked up a good deal from careful observations and from listening to Davenham's learned talk.

  27. I think she suffers a good deal and can't you understand why?

  28. But the past is past, Betty, it belonged to another life, another generation and we who stand here to-night have to deal only with the present and even more with the future.

  29. They smiled at him, they took it good naturedly, they knew his worth, a sound man Sir Josiah, good for at least a couple or three hundred thousand and very likely for a good deal more.

  30. It's a great deal of money," Allan said, he said it more for the sake of saying something than for any other reason.

  31. My dear sir, if every rich man were as wise as you, the world would certainly look a great deal more pleasant than it does.

  32. An excellent plan, saves a great deal of trouble and annoyance, eh?

  33. The Phœnix, the doyen of fire insurance companies in Canada, decided to branch out into life, and launched a department to deal with this phase of underwriting in 1910.

  34. For many years matters went along smoothly and quietly until the twenty-sixth annual meeting, in 1886, when an event occurred which subsequently meant a good deal for the Company, although little noticed at the time.

  35. Living was cheap and quite a good deal could be bought with but a little money.

  36. It had obtained the imperial acts enabling the Canadian parliament to deal with the clergy reserves and the application of the elective principle to the legislative council.

  37. This state of things naturally caused a great deal of trouble and annoyance, to say nothing of the additional expense to the city.

  38. And there was a pretty daughter who loved bright ribbons and spent quite a good deal of time dancing before the looking-glass.

  39. You see, he has been eating a good deal of sweet.

  40. He brought this distressing news to his benefactor with the obsequious politeness which was usual to him; but he appeared a great deal less afflicted than he might have been in this grevions extremity.

  41. In this way the Bishop did himself a great deal of harm without any benefit to his beloved niece.

  42. Having once solidified, the warmth of the rays from a summer's sun would certainly melt a great deal of the ice, but not the whole, and winter would come again before the solid masses had disappeared.

  43. By the proper arrangement of plane mirrors, a number of amusing delusions may be produced, one of which is sometimes to be met with in the streets, and is called "the art of looking through a four-inch deal board.

  44. The young Don José will deal with that blue-eyed one, Valencia.

  45. Bill took it all in, a single glance for each,--a glance trained by gambling to see a great deal between the flicker of his lashes.

  46. With a few more such as this great hombre, who is firm and peaceful together, I should find my days full of trouble with a hot-blooded Manuel to deal with them.

  47. He's a good deal like you, in that respect," he added, with that perfect frankness which true friendship affects as a special privilege earned by its loyalty.

  48. He looked forward with a good deal of eagerness to that meeting of which Manuel prated.

  49. He hunted up Diego, and found him putting a deal of gratuitous labor upon the silver trimmings of the new saddle.

  50. Valencia, after the first hour of tramping with his saddle on his shoulders, had lost a good deal of his enthusiasm for the duel he felt sure was already a certainty.

  51. Jack did a good deal of thinking in a very short space of time.

  52. She was woman enough to know the reason why, and to find a great deal of pleasure in the knowledge.

  53. I reckon it's asking a good deal of you, to think of using him at all.

  54. The voice of Valencia grated vitriolic sentences in his ear, and the free hand of Valencia was lifted to deal him a blow fair upon the blank face of him.

  55. Thus the smell has a great deal to do with health.

  56. It is pity that it has got a nasty, ugly, obstinate DEBT to deal with!

  57. There is a great deal of difference between carrying 2 for such and such a reason, and carrying 2 because you must carry 2.

  58. They never become just because they are convinced that they have been unjust: they must have a great deal more than that conviction to make them just.

  59. What the amount may be I know not; but I have heard, that the bankrupt had a partner at the time of the bankruptcy; so that there must be a good deal of difficulty in settling the matter in an equitable manner.

  60. The churches are large, lofty, and fine, and give proof that the country was formerly much more populous than it is now, and that the people had a vast deal more of wealth in their hands and at their own disposal.

  61. A great deal of leaf and neck, but not bulbs in proportion.

  62. I wished, besides, to see a good deal of this New Forest.

  63. The upland meadow grass is, a great deal of it, not cut yet along the Weald.

  64. For another, she added casually, as if prompted by an afterthought, "Garry is in Paris and we are going about a great deal together.

  65. So she lay down a good deal in a darkened room.

  66. The Jameson Raid in the Transvaal shook England to the heart with various emotions, and called for a great deal of information that could only be acquired at the scene of operations.

  67. His influence was good, too, for Bran, who was beginning to reach that stage when the society and point of view of men means a great deal in a boy's life.

  68. Unfortunately, her English was not so excellent as she believed it to be--though a good deal more amusing.

  69. It will be a good deal all round, and everybody happy.

  70. Though there were so many trees in King's-Hintock park, few bordered the carriage roadway; he could see it stretching ahead in the pale night light like an unrolled deal shaving.

  71. Come, march out of the room at once, and leave that hulking fellow for me to deal with afterward.

  72. Nevertheless, the family character had a great deal to do with it.

  73. While some of the observations are trivial, and some even possibly misleading, there is a great deal of useful fact in these books, making them well worth looking at.

  74. At New York, they do drink a great deal of champaign; it is the small beer of the dinner-table.

  75. There is not much discipline, and occasionally a great deal of insolence, as might be expected from such a collection.

  76. The game played before the fort when I was present lasted nearly two hours, during which I had a good opportunity of estimating the agility of the Indians, who displayed a great deal of mirth and humour at the same time.

  77. The troops did not march in very good order, because, independently of their not knowing how, there was a great deal of independence to contend with.

  78. I have mentioned this circumstance, as it threws a great deal of light upon the character of the Yankee or American of the Eastern States.

  79. A better assemblage on the course than I have yet seen: a good deal of excitement stirring in consequence of "Shark" being entered once more to run against the pet of the South, "Trifle.

  80. One picture, a Bacchus and Ariadne, was finely painted; but had suffered a good deal from time and travel, combined with a dip in the Mississippi.

  81. Visited a noble packet called the Shakspeare, in which I feel hugely tempted to take passage, although by the route newly opened through Florida there is greater certainty, albeit with a good deal of hard work to calculate upon.

  82. After a deal of hard puffing and groaning however, she gathered headway, and slowly crept alongside the bank.

  83. She said it was composed of Indian corn, boiled a great deal and slowly, with only a little salt for seasoning; affirming, that the Indians preferred this simple dish to all other dainties.

  84. It came across me then abruptly that, although she had worked a great deal since we came, she had shown me nothing.

  85. To deal with my own, however, I call it goblin, because an odd aspect of the quaint in it yet never quite achieved the picturesque.

  86. But a little later--or was it a very great deal later?

  87. I would stick my nose into a good deal of danger before bein' willin' to go back on a promise made to the sergeant," Jacob replied, thoughtfully.

  88. So that by this reckoning, we say that the Sacraments of Christ without faith do not once profit these that be alive; a great deal less do they profit those that be dead.

  89. He has made a good deal of noise in the world; and perhaps it may not be amiss to show, that though I write generally with a serious intention, I know how to be occasionally merry.

  90. The old blacksmith thought a good deal about what the fairies had told him, and he left off drinking, and became a sober, steady man.

  91. Once upon a time an old blacksmith lived in an old forge at Craig-y-don, and he used to drink a great deal too much beer.

  92. Our beasts of burden suffered a great deal in it from the want of grass.

  93. I have no doubt but a zealous missionary would do a great deal of good among them.

  94. Uncle Peter said "pouf" again and the deal was settled.

  95. There had been of course a great deal of rebellion but Mrs. Westley, for once hardhearted, had turned deaf ears upon her aggrieved children.

  96. She was savagely jealous, too, over Uncle Johnny's Christmas box to Jerry; she had figured that the dresses had cost a great deal more than the bracelet he had given her!

  97. However, there had been a great deal in Jerry's simple childhood, spent on the trails of Kettle Mountain, that had given to her an indomitable courage for any challenge.

  98. He must have spent a great deal of his time reading, she thought, the volumes were worn about their edges, the pages thumbed.

  99. But you have reason to expect a good deal in this part of the country," said the major, "if all that is rumoured be true.

  100. I happened to be up at the kraal currying favour with the chief man, for he has the power of bothering us a good deal if he chooses, and I observed what they did with this same dead man.

  101. Although travelling in Africa involves a good deal more of this than is to be experienced in most other parts of the world, it is not without its periods of calm and repose.

  102. The printed ones are a great deal prettier than mine, but Aunt Marion had a stout piece of cotton cloth--" A shout arose.

  103. Any one of your morning tasks is a small matter, but when none of them are done they mount up to a good deal for Mary.

  104. They could teach the rest of you a great deal better than I can, but they've done their share this afternoon so I'll try.

  105. It comes in all colors and it's just the right width and it costs a good deal less than real ribbon.

  106. That must have taken a great deal of time.

  107. They give occasion likewise to suggest many interesting Personalities, in which a good deal of the instruction essential to a work of this nature is conveyed.

  108. Camilla Tyrrell knows a good deal more than she is told.

  109. Yes, Master Herbert, you've been talking a great deal too much for your sister just off a journey.

  110. It is from the poor fellow I helped to carry into the public-house at Knoll, just this side Backsworth, a good deal hurt, I'm afraid.

  111. I think you will find sufficient attachment to mother to weigh a good deal with her.

  112. I think he will feel a good deal for old Proudfoot," said Jenny.

  113. He would have given a great deal to have been sure that he could hold up his head ten minutes longer and to venture to send the woman away.

  114. A great deal of trouble just for a little empty babble.

  115. There's an immense deal in the cat and the cock.

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