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Example sentences for "disperse"

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dispensers; dispenses; dispensing; dispeopled; dispersal; dispersed; dispersedly; disperses; dispersing; dispersion
  1. He haunted chiefly the oak forest of Persano, on the further side of Paestum, and on any alarm his band used to disperse to hiding-places which they only knew among the mountains.

  2. But San Gennaro, though his blood had boiled, was not ready to disperse the peril.

  3. The guard tried to disperse the crowd; but scattering in one place, it reassembled in another.

  4. As soon as arrangements could be made, he was instructed to disperse them to Millen and elsewhere, as in his judgment might be best for their health, comfort and safety.

  5. Yet two shapes Show prominent, each from the universe Of minions round about him, that disperse Like cloud-obstruction when a bolt escapes.

  6. He began to entertain hopes, as the task seemed protracted, that the populace might give it over in despair, or that some rescue might arrive to disperse them.

  7. Full of ardour so long as Fortune leads them on, they disperse and disappear as soon as she betrays them.

  8. Were it not that the conquerors usually build a golden bridge for the conquered, the latter might be easily destroyed; but the thirst for pillage gains the day, and the victors disperse in search of plunder.

  9. The steeds let loose in the arena disperse immediately like pearls that fall from a necklace, or like a covey of ketâa (gray partridges) discovered by a falcon that swoops down upon them, attacking them with fury.

  10. O Lord of light, disperse my baffling fears, Give me a look but for a moment's space Upon the tranquil glory of Thy face, To serve as force to fight the chilling years.

  11. What measures and enactments, plausible to the unthinking metropolitans, have been cut and slashed there, while the conscious moon, gleaming in at the window, strove vainly to disperse the loquacious throng!

  12. The sight of Bellamy by no means tended to disperse the storm: She resented his deserting her while she was in danger, and desired to see no more of him.

  13. Lady Alithea Selmore has promised to disperse some twenty tickets for the master of the ceremonies' ball, and she commands me to help.

  14. When the enemies of his great father come in strength, he knows how to disperse them; but when a warrior throws himself unarmed into his power, he respects his confidence, and his arms hang rusting at his side.

  15. Giving him in charge, to take Judas himself: and disperse all them that were with him, and to make Alcimus the high priest of the great temple.

  16. And I will disperse Egypt among the nations, and scatter them through the countries.

  17. Again I lifted up my hand upon them in the wilderness, to disperse them among the nations, and scatter them through the countries: 20:24.

  18. And Saul said: Disperse yourselves among the people, and tell them to bring me every man his ox and his ram and slay them upon this stone, and eat, and you shall not sin against the Lord, in eating with the blood.

  19. The lips of the wise shall disperse knowledge: the heart of fools shall be unlike.

  20. And I will disperse thee in the nations, and will scatter thee among the countries, and I will put an end to thy uncleanness in thee.

  21. And I will disperse Egypt among the nations, and will scatter them through the countries, and they shall know that I am the Lord.

  22. Andy, whirling his bush in the air to disperse their squadrons.

  23. To disperse their collections would be, to these elect spirits, to resolve them back into their first elements--to scatter them in the air, or to mingle them with the dust.

  24. Troops were rapidly moved to the centres of disturbance, flying columns were sent through the country, and armoured cars and trains and aeroplanes were used to disperse the rioters.

  25. The soldiers would disperse the mob in front of them, and it would re-form at their heels.

  26. All this time the Governor was at the door of the Caracol, giving orders to the mustaphazin (military police) to disperse the mob, though his orders were never executed.

  27. Their attitude was so threatening that McNeill resolved to make a sortie and endeavour to disperse them.

  28. Hicks frequently wished to turn back and disperse these men, but Al-ed Din Pasha assured him that they were friendly natives following in support of the army.

  29. Here he planted a white flag with a letter attached to the staff, enjoining the troops to disperse and to send delegates to Khartoum to consult with General Gordon as to the settlement of the Soudan provinces.

  30. The Romans, who wanted light cavalry, did not venture to disperse for the pursuit under the eyes of the enemy's horsemen.

  31. He gave sufficient proofs of both in a revolt on the borders of the kingdom; for he no sooner understood that the sultan was levying an army to disperse the rebels than he begged the command of it, which he found not difficult to obtain.

  32. They agreed that if Johnston retreated to the Gulf States, the troops would disperse spontaneously.

  33. Miss Mehitable, her optimistic spirit at once seeing her clouds roll away and disperse in mist.

  34. Lane ordered the home guards, composed mostly of old men, too old for regular service, to go down and take or disperse this company under Mathews.

  35. They must needs then disperse themselves altogether, having no more cover to hide themselves in; so will the enemies of the Lord be dispersed, and the siege of Orleans be raised.

  36. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "disperse" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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