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dispensations; dispense; dispensed; dispenser; dispensers; dispensing; dispeopled; dispersal; disperse; dispersed
  1. Manchester, who presides over and dispenses the hospitalities of his pleasant home.

  2. Hanson, of Dover, dispenses a gracious hospitality in the spacious and richly furnished Cushing-street mansion.

  3. But who is there that seeks for you, either through His Scriptures, or by catholic and conciliatory voices, or by the scourgings of temporal afflictions, save only Him who dispenses that mercy to you in all things?

  4. The Sankhya philosophy of India dispenses completely with gods, holding that the primordial stuff is eternal, but it also holds that souls have a separate existence and are eternal.

  5. It is from the Incarnate Son in the act of sacrifice that this holiness emanates to His people; and the gift of His flesh, the banquet at the sacrifice, dispenses it.

  6. It foresees the facility of borrowing, and therefore dispenses itself from the duty of saving.

  7. It dispenses entirely with boxes of type (one set alone being necessary) and dispenses also with the rules, and with all machinery for moving the rules.

  8. But what have these experiments, in which one wire is carried across the river, to do with mine which dispenses with wires altogether across the river?

  9. The plot of Mother Bombie must be briefly sketched because it is the only one in which Lyly dispenses with the aid of classical tradition and mythology and attempts a Comedy of Intrigue.

  10. It is the one great soul, that infuses its power to those different organs; as the one bright sun dispenses his light, to all the various objects in their diverse colours.

  11. He who acts according to customary usage, and the ordinances of sastras; who act conscientiously and according to his position; and thus dispenses all his affairs in the world, is verily called a venerable man.

  12. Abiturient examination) “dispenses with the examination for the ensigncy.

  13. Except in a national emergency the government dispenses with the services of all under 20, and over 40, as well as pilots, captains, fathers of large families, and seamen ready for long voyages in merchant ships.

  14. We have, now, an explanation of the prevailing opinion among brokers that the Stock Exchange Clearing House dispenses with the major part of the checks that would otherwise be required.

  15. All this makes for liquidity, for "static" conditions in the money market, and dispenses with the need for gold.

  16. For it is a fundamentally immoral play, it dispenses with the moral responsibility of men, it portrays godlike powers as instigators of guilt, and shows the helplessness of the moral impulses of men which contend against sin.

  17. The role of the capitalist in the dream fabrication is always played by the unconscious wish; it dispenses the psychic energy for dream-building.

  18. Finally, the author by this most admirable and much signifying title dispenses with all necessity of preface.

  19. For indeed the doctor considered that compliments to a single gentleman were what the inky liquid it dispenses is to the cuttle-fish, that by obscuring the water sails away from its enemy.

  20. She dispenses hospitality to the many European guests who come to see the activities of this experimental mission station, and packs the Bishop off well provided with food and traveling comforts for his long and numerous journeys.

  21. Moreover if homogeneity be empirical, Metageometry, which dispenses with it, is not necessarily in logical dependence upon Euclid, since homogeneity and isogeneity are logically separable.

  22. No angel, by his glad descent, Dispenses that diviner dower Which with its healing waters went.

  23. The task is, in our days, a hard one, both for individuals and nations; for liberty dispenses its favors only to the masculine virtues of a laborious and an enlightened people.

  24. It seems a still more important matter to most people that paper money dispenses with the use of a great quantity of the precious metals for purposes of circulation, which can now either be turned into utensils, etc.

  25. Whence, absolute now grown, and free from awe, She to the subject world dispenses law.

  26. It dispenses me from the least farther connexion with him, and saves explanations, which always entertain the world more than satisfy.

  27. But there is a more economical method, which dispenses with leather entirely.

  28. There is a kind of binding which dispenses entirely with sewing the sheets of a book.

  29. What sin you do to save a brother's life, Nature dispenses with the deed so far, That it becomes a virtue.

  30. Manifold indeed are the ways in which a wise Providence dispenses good to the children of men.

  31. Is it not a sweet compensation for all we lose, to be near them still, and to have the good a kind Father dispenses come to us through their hands?

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