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Example sentences for "dispersed"

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dispenses; dispensing; dispeopled; dispersal; disperse; dispersedly; disperses; dispersing; dispersion; dispersions
  1. As the campaign threatened to be prolonged, he formed an entrenched camp in a favourable position, and stationed in it some of his troops to guard the booty, while he dispersed the rest to pillage the country on all sides.

  2. The town vainly attempted a defence; the whole population was reduced to slavery or dispersed in the forests, the ramparts were demolished, and the houses reduced to ashes.

  3. The king enlarged the place, added to it a strong enclosing wall, and installed within it the survivors of the older colonists who had been dispersed by the war, the majority of whom had taken refuge in Shupria.

  4. He judged rightly that these troops, whom he had not dispersed without considerable effort, constituted merely an advanced guard.

  5. And the Mannians which of late were dispersed and scattered abroad, began to vnite themselues, and to inhabite without feare.

  6. So (if we may giue credite to authors) drops of the Gothes fountain being dispersed abroad, become stones.

  7. The vanguard composed of 5000 men under General Pacheco was dispersed and driven back by Urquiza upon the intrenchments, and three days after, the whole army of Urquiza offered battle in front of the fortifications.

  8. Napoleon scaled the Alps, and dispersed his foes at Marengo, like autumn leaves before the gale.

  9. A second advanced under the consul Tiberius Coruncanius into Etruria, and dispersed the forces of Volci and Volsinii.

  10. The mass of the defenceless dispersed among the neighbouring towns; but many, and in particular a number of old men of high standing, would not survive the downfall of the city and awaited death in their houses by the sword of the barbarians.

  11. Two days later he took Monterotondo, but on the 2nd of November his forces were dispersed at Mentana by French and papal troops.

  12. English nor Scots--neither county nor stewartry, as we say--they are dispersed like so much quicksilver.

  13. There is no such warrant in existence now; its ashes, like the poor traitor whose doom it threatened, have been dispersed to the four winds of heaven.

  14. All Rome mourned 'La bella Inglesa,' and the little party of friends, closely united and present at her death, dispersed sadly.

  15. But the funeral never went beyond London, for the coffin was full of lace, which was soon dispersed over the city.

  16. When Friends had taken their leave one of another, we, who travelled amongst them, dispersed ourselves into our several services, as the Lord ordered us.

  17. The Lord's power was great among Friends; but the people began to be very rude: wherefore the governor of the castle sent soldiers, and dispersed them.

  18. As I went, I preached repentance to the people.

  19. I answered, "Nay; we are nothing; Christ is all.

  20. And thus the ashes of Wickliffe are the emblem of his doctrine, which now is dispersed all the world over.

  21. Only a few industrious Scots perhaps, who indeed are dispersed over the face of the whole earth.

  22. He ordered ihe hands to be lopped off, and the eyes to be put out, of many of the prisoners whom he had taken in the Isle of Ely; and he dispersed them in that miserable condition throughout the country, as monuments of his severity.

  23. The situation also of Europe inspired William with hopes that, besides his brave Normans, he might employ against England the flower of the military force which was dispersed in all the neighboring states.

  24. The French army, as their time of service was now expired, immediately dispersed themselves into their several provinces, and left Henry free to prosecute his advantages against his other enemies.

  25. The dispersed ravagers made the best of their way to their own country; and discord arising among them, they proceeded even to mutual hostilities, and suffered more from each other's sword than from that of the enemy.

  26. I have often thought since that a certain dumbness which falls upon some entertainments can be dispersed if the subject of matrimony is started, and I will class with it a discussion on food, and personal experience at the hand of the dentist.

  27. Particularly vulnerable were the programmed frissons of "their scenes of horror": "some miserable huts dispersed in the mountains serve, at once to indicate the existence and wretchedness of the inhabitants.

  28. These Gentiles, cruel and oppressive as they are, are in some sort dependent on the dispersed children of Zion, whom they despise and persecute.

  29. Not the reign of your vainly-expected Messiah offers such power to your dispersed tribes as my ambition may aim at.

  30. They had nothing of the blind movements of the common ant; they were looking at him--as a rallying crowd of men might look at some gigantic monster that had dispersed it.

  31. These dispersed in several directions about the broad street of the place, some going through side alleys and reappearing upon the steepness of the hill, others entering some of the small black buildings which lined the way.

  32. But the resolute action of Captain Hand, the landlord, dispersed the rioters.

  33. In Rutland and Montpelier my meetings were dispersed with violence.

  34. The ancestral boulengeri-foliamorta stock probably invaded Central America in the late Pliocene and dispersed through humid forested environments to Nicaragua.

  35. That they might not be dispersed Sakechak caused them all to be bound together by thongs of buffalo-skin.

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