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Example sentences for "frivolous"

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frittering; fritters; friuolous; frivolities; frivolity; frivolously; friz; frize; frizzed; frizzes
  1. So much was frivolous and foolish I cannot remember.

  2. When I think of the daily quarrels in Richmond, the frivolous worldly conversations of Giddy and her set, it soothes all suspicion of regret in my heart.

  3. She has made great friends with a frivolous widow--a woman next door--whom I warned her against from the first.

  4. And this was the woman I thought frivolous and pleasure-seeking.

  5. Our wives are only of two kinds: the family slave on one hand; the frivolous woman of fashion on the other!

  6. She has been allowed to dispose of her time in the most idle and frivolous manner, and to adopt any opinions that came in her way.

  7. Allow me to say, Lady Catherine, that the arguments with which you have supported this extraordinary application have been as frivolous as the application was ill-judged.

  8. Has she a first name, and one so frivolous as 'Audrey'?

  9. Madame Swetchine was more sarcastic than truthful when she pronounced travel to be the frivolous part of serious lives, and the serious part of frivolous ones.

  10. But, unhappily, frivolous pastimes, of a nature both innocent and dangerous, now wholly engrossed Madame de Longueville.

  11. A frivolous curiosity has very faithfully preserved the text of the two letters thus found at the Duchess's house.

  12. Only thus much is needful to be said, namely, that they are very much mistaken, that, from hence, think themselves tolerated to turn all the world into frivolous and abominable similitudes.

  13. Now, at the bitter music of her name on the lips of a gossiping and frivolous girl, the barriers had given away.

  14. Frivolous fathers are not taken into consideration by the law.

  15. A man may spend his wife's earnings on drink, or on frivolous women; he may gamble and run into debt, leaving his wife and children in want; he is even entitled to demand from an employer the wages his wife has earned.

  16. Here poverty is not the cause, but seduction, the inclination to lead a frivolous life, the love of dress and enjoyment.

  17. Frivolous jesters exclaim: "But picture a pregnant woman on the platform of the Diet; how shocking!

  18. Rather can it be asserted that everyone who associates with a prostitute or a frivolous girl faces a grave danger each time.

  19. Whether orthodox St. Petersburg or Catholic Rome, Christian Berlin, or heathenish Paris, Puritan London or frivolous Vienna is more nearly like ancient Babylonia, it is hard to determine.

  20. Mrs. Potts was soon in a like despair regarding Miss Caroline, whom she regarded as too frivolous ever to make anything of herself.

  21. Sometimes the preacher was anything but a man of parts, and was too often a source of merriment to the frivolous row of young men in the back seats.

  22. Had the minister only left out the organ the presence of Duncan Polite might have restrained his friend from violence, but an organ stood for everything that was frivolous and worldly.

  23. So old Andrew was looking forward to the visit of his pastor with the hope that his example and admonition would have a steadying effect upon his frivolous son.

  24. No; do I look so faulty, frivolous and foolishly wicked?

  25. It is hard to see what his being a monk has to do with it, and by what right the excesses which were perhaps noticeable in some few frivolous monks are to be regarded as characteristic of the religious state.

  26. Yet his mistaken principles served to attract to his camp all the frivolous elements among the clergy and religious, i.

  27. At that time the report of such frivolous talk among the great ones led him to broach the subject in the lectures on Genesis which he happened to be delivering.

  28. How frivolous all our talk must have been, Valentine, when it seems so new to us to be reading these beautiful words together?

  29. What if Madelon seemed a little dull--a little wanting in that vivacity which is so pleasing to frivolous minds?

  30. Except to give to beggars in the streets, or to buy pretty frivolous presents for her friends, she has neither use nor desire for money.

  31. Thus much he dared not say; but by insinuating that Tom Halliday's daughter was frivolous and reckless, and that her lover was not to be trusted, he had contrived to put Mrs. Woolper on the qui vive.

  32. What a frivolous fellow I must be," he said to himself, "to dwell upon such a trifle!

  33. Mrs. Woolper had come to the villa prepared to find in Miss Halliday a frivolous self-satisfied young person, between whom and an old broken-down woman like herself there could be no sympathy.

  34. But I was idle and frivolous and discontented in those days, and was dissatisfied with our life in the city because it seemed dull and monotonous to me.

  35. She could not talk of him with the customary frivolous school-girl talk; and love for him had so newly taken root in her heart that there were as yet no blossoms to be gathered from that magical plant.

  36. Being forbidden to reveal the existence of Gustave Lenoble, Charlotte could only urge a frivolous desire to accompany her friend in a pilgrimage dictated by filial duty.

  37. He was by nature a flâneur, a gossip, a lover of expensive luxuries and frivolous pleasures.

  38. She became frivolous and flirtatious and was beginning to do poorly in high school.

  39. The masculine intellect takes in the important main lines, whereas women observe only the frivolous details.

  40. Railing tightened his lips at the flippant remark, and Winnie, watching him, was ashamed of the frivolous atmosphere into which she had brought him.

  41. But I recognize that it is just these frivolous details, properly sorted, which will give life and variety to that grand career absorbed by affairs of State and the advantage of the nation.

  42. Is, then, all arguing frivolous or absurd?

  43. If we go back from the iniquitous execution of Montecuculi to that of the Knights Templars, we shall see a series of the most atrocious punishments, founded upon the most frivolous presumptions.

  44. Men call it rubbish, and affect to despise it, just as they do high-heeled boots, dainty millinery, and lots of other pretty frivolous things.

  45. They're gone into the vestry," whispered an aged but frivolous woman, who was grimly waiting with a huge bag of rice.

  46. The world is not composed of thieves and hypocrites alone, but in great part of thoughtless and frivolous people; and this opportunism, reconciling adultery with honor and honesty, is nothing else than frivolity.

  47. Our laborious manner of life, compared with theirs, they esteem slavish and base; and the learning on which we value ourselves, they regard as frivolous and useless.

  48. Indeed, there is scarce a nation in Europe, against which she has not made war on some frivolous pretext or other, and thereby imprudently accumulated a debt, that has brought her on the verge of bankruptcy.

  49. He kept the same attitude while she proceeded to unfold her case, listening to her with the air of sober concentration that his frivolous face took on at any serious demand on his attention.

  50. After all, she was still in the toy age; and perhaps the very extravagance of his love had retarded her growth, helped to imprison her in a little circle of frivolous illusions.

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