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Example sentences for "erratic"

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errant; errantry; errare; errat; errata; erratically; erratics; erratum; erre; erred
  1. The rivalry of Omphale and Deianeira for their hero's erratic affection affords a lively and happy mainspring--not suggested by Caxton--for the tragic action and passion of the closing scenes.

  2. Like most of its fellows, it underwent all manner of changes of ownership, of form and place of publication during an erratic career of about eight years.

  3. In the meantime a somewhat erratic Englishman named Bosquetti had succeeded Knight as custodian of the Bancroft library, and Oak was appointed to assist him.

  4. But while he was brilliant, handsome, and witty, he was at the same time erratic and unreliable.

  5. Erratic blocks, over the northern parts of England, Prof.

  6. If he succeeds in accomplishing the difficult task, what a melee ensues when the coon crashes through the branches to the ground and becomes the erratic centre of the wild huddle of dogs and men.

  7. With Spiders, Mr. Blackwall, who has carefully attended to this class during many years, writes to me that the males from their more erratic habits are more commonly seen, and therefore appear to be the more numerous.

  8. Spence Bate, the males are more active and more erratic in their habits than the females.

  9. There were a few books on a shelf, relics of his erratic attendance at the neighbouring high school--he regretted now that his ambition there had been physical rather that mental.

  10. The Tower of the Winds stood desolately, in the midst of a wide-eyed agricultural country, and was approached only by a sort of farm track that ran up hill and down dale, in a most erratic course, to the distant main road.

  11. Valeria woke up with a start, and responded to Hubert's greeting in an erratic fashion, replying tragically, to a casual enquiry as to her health, that she had been frightfully ill.

  12. Out of what impulse of malice had Fate pitched upon the most essentially mutinous and erratic of the whole brood, for the sedatest rĂ´le?

  13. Singularly enough, the mother regarded these qualities, partly inherited from herself, as erratic and annoying.

  14. It was Newton, the same genius who disclosed to us the laws of gravity, who first declared that comets moved in orbits, only that these orbits were far more erratic than any of those followed by the planets.

  15. No wonder that such people predetermine succeeding generations to abnormal sensitiveness, irregular growth, and erratic manifestations in both mental and physical spheres.

  16. III As regards women Alexina was not likely to remain shocked for long at any erratic manifestations of temperament.

  17. It was insulting even to pass them in review, but the mind works in erratic curves under shock.

  18. Ralph was interested, as there struggled from the cindered roadbed an erratic form.

  19. From Bolivar's erratic genius now emanated a great stroke of strategy.

  20. Lord Thomas Cochrane, a very able but very erratic British naval officer, who had gone into politics and got into trouble in his native country, arrived in November, 1818, to take command of the patriot navy.

  21. He suggests as a fit Imperial residence the castle where the Mad King of Bavaria was allowed to exercise his erratic energies without injury to the commonweal.

  22. In a newspaper of sixty years ago there is this contemporary character sketch: "Ralph Waldo Emerson is the most erratic and capricious man in America.

  23. For this prodigious curse, England had to thank young Robert, the erratic son of Jonathan.

  24. Conspicuous among these was Colonel Talbot, who had come to Upper Canada with Simcoe in 1793, and became there an erratic but energetic instrument of empire.

  25. Foremost in the group came Edward Gibbon Wakefield, one of those erratic but creative spirits whose errors are often as profitable to all (save themselves) as their sober acts.

  26. Erratic boulders have, also, been noticed on the Rocky Mountains.

  27. Throughout a large part of the United States, erratic boulders and scored rocks plainly reveal a former cold period.

  28. Hartung to inquire whether he had observed erratic boulders on these islands, and he answered that he had found large fragments of granite and other rocks, which do not occur in the archipelago.

  29. The orchestra was playing a Hungarian dance--its erratic harmonies and wild alternations of expression falling abruptly across the pinks and blues, the gilding and lights of the pretty, conventional theatre.

  30. The rest, for the most part social claims, were to be left to circumstance and Loder's inclination, Chilcote's erratic memory always accounting for the breaking of trivial promises.

  31. But you have an erratic person to deal with.

  32. Now the mighty erratic river was tearing all this work away again, exposing all its history.

  33. It will show the erratic nature of these animals when I say that the old man was all wrong; they did not appear there in numbers until many weeks later, probably not for two months.

  34. Again and again we saw the evidence of some island, continued long enough to raise a spruce forest, suddenly receive a 6-foot contribution from its erratic mother; so the trees were buried to the arm-pits.

  35. They said that no Caribou had come to the Lake, showing how erratic is the great migration.

  36. I liked him for his real goodness, was entertained by his erratic ways, and admired his intellectual brightness.

  37. Yet this silence is quite explicable; for of the three participants none has heretofore written for publication; and of my two associates, one is a quiet, retiring man, the other is erratic and forgetful.

  38. They say this doctrine originated in "the erratic brain of Luther.

  39. He is so erratic that he can be adduced as authority by both sides to a controversy.

  40. The erratic hat was pinned to place, but it had slid rakishly to one side.

  41. A Camberwell Beauty darted through the open door and made its way, in erratic plunges, great wings waving, down the sunny aisle.

  42. Buffeted from side to side by the erratic and violent movements of the horses, he was trying to maintain his balance by frantically clinging with both hands to the cushion under him.

  43. About eight o'clock that evening Bart came down to the express office carrying a lunch basket and a blanket, as he had promised his erratic friend, Mr. Baker.

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    aberrant; abnormal; adrift; afloat; agnostic; aimless; ambiguous; amorphous; anomalous; arbitrary; bizarre; broken; capricious; casual; catchy; chancy; changeable; character; choppy; circuitous; crackpot; crank; cranky; crazy; crotchety; curious; desultory; deviating; devious; different; digressive; disarticulated; disconnected; discontinuous; discursive; disjunct; disordered; disorderly; dispersed; disproportionate; divergent; diversified; dizzy; doubting; eccentric; equivocal; errant; erratic; exceptional; excursive; fantastic; fickle; fitful; flake; flaky; flickering; flighty; flitting; fluctuating; foolish; formless; freak; freakish; frivolous; funny; giddy; gratuitous; halting; haphazard; hesitant; hesitating; idiosyncratic; impetuous; impulsive; incalculable; inchoate; inconsistent; inconstant; indecisive; indemonstrable; indirect; indiscriminate; infirm; intermittent; irregular; irresolute; irresponsible; jagged; jerky; kinky; labyrinthine; lurching; maggoty; mazy; meandering; meaningless; mercurial; misshapen; moody; motley; mutable; nut; nutty; odd; patchy; peculiar; planetary; planless; pluralistic; promiscuous; queer; ragged; rambling; random; recluse; restless; rough; roving; scrappy; screwy; senseless; serpentine; shapeless; shifting; shifty; shuffling; singular; skeptical; snaky; spasmodic; spastic; spineless; sporadic; staggering; straggling; strange; stray; straying; subnormal; swerving; temperamental; turning; twisted; twisting; unaccountable; uncertain; unclassified; uncontrolled; unconventional; unconvinced; uncouth; undirected; undisciplined; unequal; uneven; unfixed; unforeseeable; ungraded; unmethodical; unnatural; unordered; unorganized; unorthodox; unpredictable; unprovable; unreliable; unrestrained; unsettled; unsorted; unstable; unsteady; unsure; unsymmetrical; unsystematic; vacillating; vagrant; vague; variable; variegated; various; varying; veering; volatile; wandering; wanton; wavering; wavy; wayward; whimsical; winding; wobbly; zigzag