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Example sentences for "hesitant"

Lexicographically close words:
herzlich; hes; hese; hesitance; hesitancy; hesitantly; hesitate; hesitated; hesitates; hesitating
  1. A voice was coming over the speaker, hesitant and apologetic, using the common tongue of the Galactic Confederation.

  2. Then Jack began the story, starting with the first hesitant "greeting" that had come through to them.

  3. With shadowy immortelles of memory About her brow, she sits with eyes that look Upon the stream of Lethe wearily, In hesitant hands Death's partly-opened book.

  4. I rested, with one hesitant hand Upon the gate.

  5. But the place was crowded, and he hung hesitant upon the threshold.

  6. But you will accept your cousin," said Brockway, quickly putting Fleetwell's name into the hesitant little pause.

  7. Strangely enough she was not at all hesitant about betraying Vokal; I think she believed he was trying to get out of taking her as his mate.

  8. But when it came to hurtling from bough to bough and tree to tree in a dizzying pathway high above ground, he was both hesitant and doubtful.

  9. So that was what they had been so hesitant in telling him!

  10. The officer's manner was hesitant and confusing.

  11. Mrs. Meyerburg breathed outward in a sigh and sat down hesitant on the bed edge, her hand reaching out to the bare white shoulder and smoothing its high luster.

  12. He stood hesitant quite near the house, holding himself against the wind.

  13. And his gaze, hesitant and feeble, seemed to be upon the shop.

  14. I am so well informed and understand men so well, and the ways of men, until I was hesitant to risk trusting you with my daughter's love.

  15. Jimmie Dale stepped to the switch and turned off the light; then stood hesitant in the darkness.

  16. The Sanctuary wall bulged farther outward, seemed to hang an instant hesitant in mid-air--and fell with a mighty crash.

  17. Kirkwood, turning on one heel, beheld hesitant upon the threshold a diminutive figure in the livery of the Pless pages.

  18. Kirkwood, swinging on one heel, beheld hesitant upon the threshold a diminutive figure in the livery of the Pless pages.

  19. The temptation to let the telegraphing wait while he went to say good morning to her was strong, but he resisted it and hastened the more for the hesitant thought.

  20. Hesitant to relive the mornings events, I climbed the stairs and looked about.

  21. Still others continue to demonstrate highly irregular behavioral patterns even after candid instruction, for they feel their actions are in no way peculiar, and are not hesitant to say there is no reason for them to change.

  22. None of us can understand why Intelligence is so hesitant to accept the fact that something we just don't know about is flying around in our skies-- unless you are trying to cover up something big.

  23. I was a little hesitant to get dressed and go out to the base, so I asked Max what he thought about the report.

  24. Military intelligence agencies outside of ATIC were hesitant to investigate on their own initiative because, as is so typical of the military, they lacked specific orders.

  25. This seemed to substantiate our theory that people are very hesitant to report UFO's to the Air Force.

  26. The side gates clicked as he stood hesitant under the shelter of the wall, and a figure emerged from his domain.

  27. It had brought him the assurance of a hope, the confirmation of a hesitant belief that the owners of the lost Mariposa were within reach and, better still, were not entirely masters of the situation.

  28. The Hawk's lips framed the words without sound, and in a sort of numbed hesitant way.

  29. Calhoun hung hesitant for a moment, staring at the muzzle of Kirschell's revolver.

  30. Blue eddies of smoke hung in queer, wavering, hesitant suspension up and down the length of the car; the air was full of the acrid smell of powder.

  31. At supper in the cabin he had been Tonio Kroeger's neighbor and with hesitant and modest motions he had taken unto himself astonishing quantities of lobster-omelette.

  32. There was even a trumpet, which pealed with a certain hesitant cautiousness, as if afraid of its own voice, but which none the less constantly broke and gave out .

  33. Moritz was silent a moment, and when he began to speak a great agitation made his voice hesitant and awkward.

  34. She took a hesitant step or two into the room.

  35. No hesitant progress through congested traffic, no frequent swerving for daylight wayfarers.

  36. An instant the gaze between them hung, then it broke as she turned away, gathering her white furs about her throat with a slow, hesitant gesture.

  37. Hesitant in a life clogged in these conflicts that engendered ambivalent waffling and wallowing in futile rumination, he let her pass away.

  38. Boi guffawed at the lucid and hesitant utterances of the withdrawn, distrustful being and looked amused as though it were a game to him.

  39. Although he was in far better shape nervously and physically than he had been that day in George's office, Dalrymple bore himself with much the same confused and hesitant manner.

  40. George paused, staring at her, suddenly hesitant before the culmination of his great desire.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hesitant" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    afraid; agnostic; ambiguous; averse; backward; bashful; canny; capricious; careful; cautious; chancy; changeable; chary; circumspect; deliberate; diffident; discreet; disinclined; distrustful; doubtful; doubting; dubious; equivocal; erratic; faltering; fearful; fickle; gingerly; guarded; halting; heedful; hesitant; hesitating; incalculable; incredulous; indecisive; indefinite; indemonstrable; indisposed; insecure; irresolute; judicious; loath; lukewarm; mindful; modest; noncommittal; pawky; politic; prudent; queasy; regardful; reluctant; safe; scrupulous; shrinking; shy; skeptical; slow; squeamish; straining; tentative; thorough; timid; tremulous; unaccountable; uncertain; uncommunicative; unconvinced; unenterprising; unforeseeable; unpredictable; unprovable; unresolved; unsure; unwilling; variable; wavering; weak; whimsical; wobbly