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Example sentences for "dubious"

Lexicographically close words:
dubersome; dubia; dubiety; dubiis; dubio; dubiously; dubito; dubium; duble; dubs
  1. He glanced at Gloria as though expecting moral support, but she had turned back to her contemplation of the dubious and unprepossessing out-of-doors.

  2. He said this with such a dubious mildness and shook his head up and down so many times that Anthony was not a little depressed.

  3. While she had her tea, Cairy was looking through the diamond panes of a bank of windows at a strip of small park, which was dripping in the fog of a dubious December day.

  4. He had come a long way these last hours in his ideas of life; he saw things naked and clear cut, without dubious shades.

  5. Given an Irish Parliament that was hostile to England, or at least dubious in her loyalty to this country, the movement of a hostile fleet against our communications would be as dangerous now as it was in the past.

  6. But these transactions--to which I shall return--are of an eminently dubious character.

  7. Nor dubious waits, but in the torrent leaps, Not heeding where most tranquil flows the stream, But stemming furious all its utmost rage.

  8. Which ends the being of a dubious life, My better part unperishing shall mount Above the loftiest stars.

  9. Next th' Athenian realm Erechtheus rul'd, the sceptre dubious held By right or forceful arms.

  10. Like the order signed by Kennedy, it could cover only new housing and even that with dubious legality.

  11. Now and then they exchanged a glance: he of the high hat and caped ulster betrayed an interest in the younger man, who, in his turn, took occasion to observe the other from a distance, with show of dubious recognition.

  12. Sewall, being a strong individualist, was more than dubious concerning the practicality of the coöperative round-up.

  13. On the 8th of October, Packard offered the dubious joys of his stage-line for the first time to the public; and began to see a faint prospect of return on his rather extravagant investment of energy and time.

  14. He accepted the dubious privilege and was shown to a room containing two double beds.

  15. Such is the whole story, as told in the bald and simple entries of the West Saxon annalist, A more dubious tradition further states that Ælle was also Bretwalda, or overlord, of all the Teutonic tribes in Britain.

  16. High towered the palace and its massive pile, Made dubious if of nature or of art, So wild and so uncouth; yet, all the while, Shaped to strange grace in every varying part.

  17. It was, indeed, a critical and dubious look, such as he might have bent on a folio of doubtful origin.

  18. To recompense "Westminister" for the loss of his day's work, to make a dubious statement that nights were never so black as they appeared to be, was all that he could venture to do.

  19. Since the dinner all was running most smoothly; even the sheep-breeder was well-disposed, and only Frau Baronin von Fuchs moved Heaven and earth to circumvent the election of a man with such a dubious past.

  20. Sometimes, however, she gleamed forth a dubious light upon the scene of action.

  21. Devoutly prayed, my dear and prophetic sister, and the best way in the world to close a dubious argument.

  22. They were her cousins, without whose dubious shelter the girl would have been homeless.

  23. This last canon, however, was of dubious validity.

  24. Indeed, it is very dubious whether distinctively Celtic customs play any considerable part in the evolution of that system of rules of Anglian, Scandinavian and Frankish origin which becomes the law of Scotland.

  25. In this difficulty they applied to the wisdom of the governor, who uttered the wise saying that in such dubious cases the mildest measures should be adopted, and thus the man should be allowed to pass.

  26. We saw in the same way, how bravery, which lies in the hazarding of one’s life, is made dubious by the duty of preserving life, if put forward unconditionally.

  27. In the great Hall of Wark Castle the story finds a dubious resting place.

  28. There is very small chance of the gentlemen of England being found in any such dubious company.

  29. And it is quite preposterous to maintain that the permanent comfort of many thousand people is to be sacrificed for the sake of a dubious convenience to the few bagmen who, maybe travelling with their samples to the southward.

  30. Manchester must excuse us, if we prefer the testimony of the Duke of Wellington upon this point to the more dubious experiences of Cobden.

  31. He came back two hours later and received the same answer, accompanied by a rather dubious look from the footman.

  32. Let me not be told that, in thus speaking, we assign too high a value to mere external moralities, which are but treacherous indications of character, and may be the visible fruit of various and dubious motives.

  33. It is difficult to believe that Harcla would enter into so dubious an undertaking, so soon after the failure of the powerful Earl of Lancaster.

  34. With foot to foot, and eye opposed, In dubious strife they darkly closed.

  35. Oh” returned the failing chief, with a dubious motion of the head, “he’s nobody that you care about.

  36. The old man shook his head with dubious look and motion, while a shadow that told of pain rested on his face.

  37. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dubious" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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