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Example sentences for "inconceivable"

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incomprehensible; incomprehensibly; incomprehension; incompressible; inconceivability; inconceivableness; inconceivably; inconclusive; incongruities; incongruity
  1. But wealth circulates with inconceivable rapidity, and experience shows that it is rare to find two succeeding generations in the full enjoyment of it.

  2. It is impossible to deny the inconceivable influence which military glory exercises upon the spirit of a nation.

  3. This is the highest knowledge acquired in the active life, to recognise thus, in the light of faith, that God is inconceivable and unknowable.

  4. The reason why God became man, is His inconceivable love, and the distress of all men, lost since the fall in original sin, and unable to raise themselves again.

  5. It was inconceivable to Charlotte Brontë that any decent man or woman could make hay, or wish to make hay, of them.

  6. It is inconceivable that such letters should have been kept, still more inconceivable that they should have been published.

  7. It is inconceivable that Mrs. Gaskell should have dragged the pitiful and shameful figure into the light.

  8. It is almost inconceivable that a man like Innocent should have received with joy and with a semblance of faith such a submission on the part of such a man as John.

  9. It is only the bad faith of the Turkish Government which could take advantage of the inconceivable patriotism of the Albanians to create all of a sudden an Albanian nationality.

  10. They think it perfectly inconceivable that any person should say anything which is not true.

  11. I find it inconceivable that anybody, in the face of such facts, could still believe that the revenge of early man was at first essentially indiscriminating, and became gradually discriminating from considerations of social expediency.

  12. To me it seems almost inconceivable that the extensive, cumbersome, and sometimes very complicated institution of exogamy should have been invented simply as a precaution against unions between the nearest relatives.

  13. They think it perfectly inconceivable that any person should ever take that which does not belong to him,[63] and death only would, in their opinion, be the punishment for such an offence.

  14. We are told that the Muhammedans of India consider it inconceivable that a Moslem should have illicit intercourse with a free Muhammedan woman;[58] but connections with slave girls are regarded in a different light.

  15. For minutes the furious conflict raged, while the inconceivable energy being dissipated by those straining screens hurled itself in terribly destructive bolts of lightning upon the city far beneath.

  16. Nerado had traced them and was following them, and such was the power of the great vessel that the now inconceivable velocity of the lifeboat was the veriest crawl in comparison to that of the pursuing cruiser.

  17. Again, let me say that I am making no gratuitous assumption of inconceivable changes.

  18. Art will receive an inconceivable stimulus, from the recognition of its true significance as a re-humanization of nature, and from the perception of its scope and possibilities.

  19. In the time even of SHAH ABBAS these depredations were carried to an inconceivable extent.

  20. The old forms are broadened, and combined, with inconceivable fancy, with one another and with the new forms which Bach devised for himself.

  21. But, though the latter part is perhaps the richer and more full of fancy, there is a symmetry about the whole series which makes inconceivable that Bach should have not intended the two parts to be combined.

  22. This intelligence I received with inconceivable delight; for it had been settled between your mother and myself, that this should be the moment chosen for her departure.

  23. Their inconceivable greed could not bear to be taxed even in its own defence.

  24. It is conceivable that God may exist without the world, but it is inconceivable that the world should exist without God.

  25. Rome was, however, very far from receiving the advantages she had expected; the inconceivable wickedness of Constantinople was brought into Italy.

  26. In the midst of inconceivable corruption, the Jugurthine War served only to postpone for a moment an explosion which was inevitable.

  27. The public, beholding Juancho's inconceivable awkwardness, commenced one of those tremendous uproars in which the Spanish people excel: a perfect hurricane of insulting epithets, of vociferations and maledictions.

  28. But it must belong to some mind,--for perceptions without an intelligence in which they inhere are, inconceivable and contradictory.

  29. The most inconceivable thing of all, though, was the arrival, five minutes before the boat started, of an enormous wooden case.

  30. The unfortunate fellow had got off soundly to sleep, when he woke up with a feeling that his mattress, which lay suspended over his collection of wigs, was being raised by some inconceivable movements.

  31. Then with inconceivable swiftness Dahnash departed; and within an hour returned bearing the Princess in his arms.

  32. Added to which, he became accomplished in verse, and eloquence, and rhetoric and the divine sciences, so that the flower of his form and the honey of his understanding made together a thing of inconceivable loveliness and attraction.

  33. He attempts to account for a string of hypothetical effects, such as spontaneous generation and the transmutation of species, by a series of hypothetical and inconceivable causes, such as the energies of lifeless matter.

  34. These minute creatures are prolific to a degree that transcends all calculation; and they exist, either in the egg or maturely developed, in inconceivable numbers.

  35. Returning to the theory of our author, may we not now characterize it as at once unfounded in its details, inconceivable in its operation, and vulgar and mechanical in its design?

  36. After five days of inconceivable suffering the long-wished-for Nile was seen, glittering through the sand hills of the desert, and bordered by a fringe of the richest luxuriance.

  37. Inconceivable activity was infused into every branch of industry.

  38. Four days of inconceivable suffering were occupied in crossing the desert.

  39. He writes this with inconceivable rapidity, seldom corrects, and never reads over what he has written, but packs it up and despatches it rough from his pen to Macvey Napier.

  40. This instrument must, under the circumstances, be taken as the act of Somerset himself; and it is inconceivable that he should have had the audacity to attempt in his own behalf, that for which the plenitude of Henry VIII.

  41. It is inconceivable how Melbourne can have permitted this disgraceful and mischievous scandal, which cannot fail to lower the character of the Court in the eyes of the world.

  42. It is almost inconceivable that Spenser's hexameters should have been written by the man who was so soon to teach his native language how to soar and sing, and to give a fuller sail to English verse.

  43. All, or nearly all commentators think it inconceivable that such sacrifices could ever be brought again in a future temple.

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