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Example sentences for "barred"

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  1. The Crioceris asparagi, or Asparagus Beetle, tawny, and barred with black, resembles it in habit.

  2. The thorax is yellow, barred with black; the abdomen of a greyish white at the base, covered with black hair on the third segment, and the remainder of an orange yellow; the wings are smoky brown.

  3. A big fierce dog thought their hesitation suspicious and barred their way.

  4. At the end of the bridge was a barred gate with railings on each side, which it was impossible to climb over or under.

  5. What devil's work was this that barred them from the safety of the ship?

  6. There was nothing disturbed; the sealed inner door had barred entrance to any inquiring beasts.

  7. Dixon was effectually barred from attempting any progress toward the projectile by the two grotesque creatures as they stood alertly there beside each other with their green tubes menacing him.

  8. This barred room, the metal figure of the Robot, Mary Atwood, myself--we were the substance.

  9. I just couldn't make it, any more than a bronco that had been used to jumping a six-barred gate could vault over a windmill tower.

  10. You lie,--silent dog, you who have robbed the world of the truth, you who have barred the entrances with iron!

  11. You silent dog, you who have stolen the truth from the world, you who have barred the entrances with iron!

  12. Before us, the fifty dogs climbed like cats through narrow apertures of the ice, or took long leaps over the serried battlements that barred our way.

  13. To prevent his companions from profiting by their own work, members of each expedition were forced to sign contracts that barred press interviews, eliminated cameras, prohibited lecturing or writing, or even trading for trophies.

  14. But we were effectually barred from all this.

  15. And I felt a pride as I gazed at the white-and-crimson barred pinion, a pride which the claim of no second victor has ever taken from me.

  16. The barred windows of the Cuartel became the market ground for all the products of Luzon, and through them many a luscious mango was exchanged for an adamantine biscuit upon which the soldier had vainly expended all his dental energy.

  17. The river which barred the way was crossed the next day.

  18. Had his mind been turned to other matters, he was capable of attaining greatness, for no obstacle would have barred his way.

  19. The doors were securely barred and the living were stationed in the most advantageous places for defense.

  20. Fancy my feelings when right at the door were ten or more husky fellows, who seemed to propose entering, but by this time the desperate courage of the arrant coward took possession of me, and I barred the way.

  21. As the lift stopped, the steel-barred doorway opened noiselessly.

  22. He had not long to wait; he heard the faint hum of machinery and walked across to the barred gate of the lift, his pistol ready.

  23. There was the table, there was the heavy chair, there in the far corner of the room was the barred entrance to the other elevator.

  24. But the gate was barred within, and as the high stockade was slippery with ice, for some days the mystery remained unsolved.

  25. The nankeen bird should have his feathers edged with black, his wings barred with purple, his tail feathers black, his hackles slightly studded with purple, and his breast black, with white edges to the feathers.

  26. If I remember right, all proceedings against him are expressly barred by a provision in the last statute.

  27. Grey barred the unlucky port and went aft, drenched in body, and wretched in mind, to report his own fault.

  28. Dodd trusted to science; barred the lee-ports, and had the dead lights put into the stem cabin and secured: then turned in for an hour's sleep.

  29. Mary might accede to an arrangement as a matter of policy, but she could not abrogate her right, or admit that she was barred as an alien.

  30. It left out of count however that the Lennox Stewarts, the offspring of Margaret Tudor by her second marriage, were English as well as Scottish subjects and therefore not barred as aliens.

  31. In their cell there was but a few hours during which the rays of the sun struggled faintly through the barred windows.

  32. As the king entered the Temple, he raised his eyes most wistfully to the queen's apartment, but the windows were so barred that no glances could be interchanged.

  33. They have led to the discovery in the ancient bed of this stream (see Plate 25), at the very point where the fosse joined it, of a wall of unhewn stones, which barred the waters so as to conduct them into this fosse.

  34. The excavations have, in fact, brought to light a double line of parallel fosses, which barred the defile behind, and formed at the same time a countervallation.

  35. This fosse has been discovered in its whole extent: it barred the plain of Laumes, following a direction perpendicular to the course of the Ose and the Oserain, and did not go round Mont Auxois.

  36. His form was just visible as he passed by a small iron-barred window, and now was the opportunity.

  37. The country was well populated, and many shepherds' huts and sheep-dogs barred our path.

  38. We soon found that all the flocks of the countryside were settling down for the night on the banks of our promised water supply, while farther to the north-west our way was barred by the inevitable village.

  39. Some endeavored to fly, but they encountered the third brigade which barred their passage; others mechanically took aim and attempted to fire their discharged muskets; others fell upon their knees.

  40. He takes from us what we love most, and esteem highest; we must ever be on our guard against him, and keep our door barred that he may not steal into our midst and rob us of some fair life.

  41. Adjoining the main building, a side building, with barred windows, extends far out into the garden.

  42. It was but a moment before they were behind the barred doors of the barracks which was to be their prison, packed like a troop of sheep for the slaughter.

  43. If something gives me pain; Barred are those curses, surging fast, That swift and stinging repartee; Instead of words that peal and crash I breathe a soft innocuous "Dash!

  44. No seance of the secret sort, Had barred the Truth with bolts and keys; The Press, encouraged to report.

  45. The well-garrisoned, invincible city, with its high walls and barred gates.

  46. Why, even such a mill-horse lot was barred to him.

  47. During the sway of the Mahometans the passage of Indian commodities to North-Western and Central Europe was so effectually barred by them that the trade dwindled, and the demand for the products of the East almost ceased.

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "barred" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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