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immunization; immunize; immunized; immunizing; immure; immurement; immuring; immutability; immutable; immutably
  1. He is condemned by a majority only of one, and immured in the Temple.

  2. The prisoners were at first immured in the Citadel of Warsaw.

  3. Who knows if the intrepid opponent of Rome will not yet be seized and immured in a dungeon?

  4. The rumour in the town was, that if he would not retract, he was to be seized and immured in a dungeon.

  5. This attempt of his family to effect his liberation failed, for some reason unknown; and he continued immured in prison, suffering persecution.

  6. Here can be no mistake; they can neither be spies nor suspected as such; your security is not endangered, nor your operations subjected to miscarriage, by men immured within a dungeon.

  7. He lives immured within the Bastille of a word, and surveys at a distance the envied life of man.

  8. He would rather see half of the merchants of London ruined, and half of the Dissenters immured in gloomy prisons, than lose two hours of inglorious dalliance with one of his numerous concubines.

  9. A more systematic slaughter, under the sanctions of the law, was devised, and Jeffreys was sent into the Western Circuit, to try the numerous persons who were immured in the jails of the western counties.

  10. And finally a hundred and twenty of their noblest citizens were immured in the dungeons of Athens, and they were ready to make great sacrifices to procure their release.

  11. Send us back into our city, and keep us there immured until we have perished of hunger.

  12. He had now retired for some time past from military command, and had since then immured himself in his own chateau, within which the stranger never obtained admittance.

  13. Who can it be that Haidee has immured there?

  14. Slowly and wearily passed the days to the poor captive girl immured in the midst of Doctor Heath's insane patients.

  15. He had not the heart to give him this joyful assurance and then offset it by the statement that she was immured somewhere in the walls of a prison in the power of two wicked and unscrupulous men.

  16. Miss Anthony had been instrumental in helping a fugitive mother with her child, escape from a husband who had immured her in an insane asylum.

  17. The workers are in the hive; some unkind sprite has snatched them from the pleasant ways of a delightful city set by the sea and immured them for their sins in this fortress of stone.

  18. The terrible silent conditions of the labour produced a longing on the part of the immured workmen to escape.

  19. Persons convicted of publishing libels were still immured in the same rooms with transports and felons.

  20. The gravest crimes continued at intervals to inspire the town with horror, and concentrate public attention upon the gaol of Newgate, and the murderers immured within its walls.

  21. Yet I opened my own door with the utmost caution, and descended as if I were afraid that Carwin had been still immured in Pleyel's chamber.

  22. If that were true, it was Pleyel that had been hitherto immured in the opposite chamber: he whom my rueful fancy had depicted in so many ruinous and ghastly shapes: he whose footsteps had been listened to with such inquietude!

  23. That persons should be actually immured in this closet, to which, in the circumstances of the time, access from without or within was apparently impossible, they could not seriously believe.

  24. The most touching part of the incidents usually occurring at the surrender of a Moorish city was the liberation of the Christian captives immured in its dungeons.

  25. A considerable number of Christian captives, who were found immured in the public prisons, were restored to freedom, and swelled the general jubilee with their grateful acclamations.

  26. Queen Elizabeth's favorite, the Earl of Essex, the pride of the English court, was immured within one of these towers previous to being beheaded upon the scaffold.

  27. But it would break my heart were you taken from me to be immured within the walls of the Tower.

  28. Have you some relative immured within the walls of this grim place?

  29. The attendant imprudently told the name of the successful lover; Basil's jealousy was aroused, and he ordered the paramour of the woman he had put aside to be seized, scourged, and immured for life in a monastery.

  30. The beautiful and accomplished Euphrosyne was compelled to leave the palace, and, like so many imperial dames noted for their devotion or their license, was immured in a convent.

  31. Her emissaries blinded the young prince and immured him in a monastery.

  32. On the way home I asked Flurry what he was going to do with the two cubs, now immured in a market basket under the seat of the dog-cart.

  33. Immured behind the upright piano sat Mrs. McRory, thumping out the time-honoured "Blue Danube" with the plodding rhythm of the omnibus horse.

  34. Perhaps he had thought I was still immured at Askeaton, and so out of the way; but that I know not.

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