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Example sentences for "dalliance"

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dalesfolk; dalesman; dalla; dalle; dalli; dallied; dallies; dally; dallying; dalmatic
  1. As for the rest of the world, it languished away, while Ceres, Derelict of her true task, dalliance offered in love.

  2. Sir Pelleas caught them in unseemly dalliance with each other, but forbore to kill them.

  3. Such, dalliance as alone the North wind hath with her, Orithya not enjoyed, from Thrace when he her took, And in his saily plumes the trembling virgin shook.

  4. While Beatrice was still a grass-widow the more innocent paths of dalliance showed no warning board, "Trespassers will be Prosecuted.

  5. Dalliance was delightful, no doubt, and he could thoroughly enjoy so pleasant a pastime.

  6. I have compared it with Walton's Complete Angler, though it has not the old fisherman's dalliance with the muses; nor has it much literary suggestiveness.

  7. Then he sang the following: Avicenna pretends, in his writings renowned, That the lover's best medicine is song and sweet sound And dalliance with one of his sex like his love And drinking, with waters and fruits all around.

  8. I abode thus a whole year, till, what with eating and drinking and dalliance and wearing change of rich raiment, I waxed stout and fat, so that I lost all thought of sorrow and anxiety and forgot my cousin Azizeh.

  9. On the headboard a band of Loves should peep forth laughing from amid the flowers, as though they were watching the voluptuous dalliance within the shadow of the bed curtains.

  10. She would then become affectionate, and he would forget it all, one night of tender dalliance making up for the tortures of a whole week.

  11. Alas, my years are young And fitter is my study and my books Than wanton dalliance with a paramour.

  12. Look thou be true; do not give dalliance Too much the rein; the strongest oaths are straw To th' fire i' th' blood.

  13. To thee shall dalliance ne'er be dear, Thy foes shall see thee before they hear.

  14. Rinaldo is described in dalliance with Armida.

  15. WITH EDGED TOOLS Do not give dalliance Too much the rein; the strongest oaths are straw To the fire i' the blood.

  16. Let us throw aside light dalliance and return to questions of money.

  17. With Dalliance and Strife the author completes a trilogy upon the Boer War, but here we are given too much flirtation and too little fighting.

  18. There is nothing like it in the days of his dalliance with her.

  19. Still less is there anything like it in the writings of the days of his dalliance with Lady Caroline Lamb.

  20. Where the sapient king Held dalliance with his fair Egyptian spouse.

  21. Like a puffed and reckless libertine, Himself the primrose path of dalliance treads.

  22. And not amiss does the confidant occupy the troublesome fellow with dalliance to create delay, and in his company spins out the time.

  23. Nothing but wanton dalliance is taught by me; in what manner a woman is to be loved, I purpose to teach.

  24. But perhaps she was, by this time, accustomed to the dalliance of her Ludwig along the primrose path.

  25. Ignoring his own amorous dalliance with a brother officer's spouse, he elected to feel injured.

  26. Still, a combination of ruler-ship and dalliance with a vagrant charmer is a phenomenon that is as much out of place as is an attempt to govern a country by writing sonnets.

  27. The Thunderer, in its capacity as a European watch-dog, had its eye on Ludwig and his dalliance along the primrose path.

  28. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dalliance" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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