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Example sentences for "govern"

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gouty; gouvernante; gouvernement; gouverneurs; goverment; governance; governante; governaunce; governe; governed
  1. After that Sigurd married the Princess, and helped his father-in-law to govern the kingdom.

  2. He came to the King and asked his daughter's hand, which he readily granted him, but only on the condition that he should remain there as long as he could, for the King himself was not strong and not very able to govern his kingdom.

  3. The King of Spain, whose good fortune it is to bear sway over these provinces, has no right to govern them otherwise than the petty princes who formerly possessed them separately.

  4. Oh, that some good genius would suggest to Philip that it better becomes a monarch to govern burghers of two different creeds, than to excite them to mutual destruction.

  5. It may to some extent reveal the essence of matter, but it is not given to it to assist in recognizing the principles which govern life and the spirit of life.

  6. He had not the face to say that the right of the people to govern "niggers" was the right of the people to govern themselves.

  7. It means the sovereignty of the people over their own affairs--in other words, the right of the people to govern themselves.

  8. Was it the right of emigrants to Kansas and Nebraska to govern themselves, and a lot of "niggers," too, if they wanted them?

  9. It is the Church that governs the Papal States; and as she governs these States, so would she govern all the earth, would we let her.

  10. The working of the Papal Government is simply the working of the Papacy; for what is that Government, but just the principles of the Papacy put into judicial gear, and employed to govern mankind?

  11. As I, the Vicar of Christ, govern men, so would Christ himself, were he here in the Vatican, govern them.

  12. But it soon became apparent that, want whom we would, our wishes would not govern the appointment.

  13. We imagined that being under Smith's command, such an order should govern us as though it came from him.

  14. After getting the usual unanimous vote on his proposition, he said: "Let the Judges of the County of Great Salt Lake take due notice and govern themselves accordingly .

  15. One speaker went into a review of Mormon wrongs since the tarring of the prophet in Ohio, holding the federal government responsible, and naming as the crowning outrage the sending of a Missourian to govern them.

  16. This lofty dame, with unrelenting soul, Had a fair girl to govern and control; The dear Maria!

  17. We are now in what is called a mess; the Whigs have put matters in such a condition that they cannot govern the country themselves and that nobody else can govern it either.

  18. If they are not Reformers, they cannot govern this country, and are not to be tolerated at the head of affairs.

  19. We parted in the midst of the discussion, and before I had any time to get from him any explanation of the course he would recommend to those who govern in furtherance of his own theocratical principles.

  20. A Roman noble bought office after office till he reached one that entitled him to be sent to govern a province.

  21. They went out to govern provinces, showed themselves horribly cruel and greedy, and then came home to be acquitted by men who had done or hoped to do the very same things themselves.

  22. The conditions which govern the working costs are on every mine so special to itself, that no amount of advice is very useful.

  23. The conditions which govern the method of stoping are in the main:-- a.

  24. Any general consideration must therefore be simply an inquiry into the broad principles which govern the adaptability of special methods.

  25. As there was no reply to this, he went on to speak of the very lofty sense of duty and the strict rules of conduct that should govern the fedais, who, having bid farewell to life, were now ready to sacrifice themselves for the fatherland.

  26. The formation of any dominant group or camarilla within the Central Committee is made impossible by the regulations which govern its procedure.

  27. It is one thing to make a revolution, but it is quite another thing to undertake to govern and administer a country after the successful revolution has swept away the old order.

  28. The exemption from absolute subjection, which the dupatis contend for, they allow in turn to their ana-buahs, whom they govern by the influence of opinion only.

  29. It was his good fortune to govern the country in tranquillity for the space of nearly twelve years, during which period the city of Achin recovered its population.

  30. After the destruction of his hopes, and the loss of many thousands of his bravest soldiers, Gainas, who could no longer aspire to govern or to subdue the Romans, determined to resume the independence of a savage life.

  31. Yet the Stoics have thought, that the emotions depended absolutely on our will, and that we could absolutely govern them.

  32. I should govern him as I pleased, he solemnly assured me, in every thing.

  33. He must govern the country and preserve it in a condition of tolerable order, and he sometimes persuades himself that without a capitulation to anarchy, without attacks on property and violations of contract, this is impossible.

  34. But a Government cannot govern merely in the interests of a party.

  35. To place the world in the hands of those who can best govern it is looked upon as a supreme end.

  36. The English indeed had landed several cargoes of their "liberated Africans" on it, and an individual, whether official or not I cannot tell, had also come to govern them.

  37. He, too, would break the Crown and himself govern England.

  38. For the liberty of the Church St Thomas died, that neither the king nor any civil power should control, or govern that which Christ had founded long ago upon the rock of Peter.

  39. When the new king was crowned and began the business of governing, he found little to govern with.

  40. Sleswick was left under the Danish king, but a joint commission of Danes, Austrians, and Prussians was formed to govern Holstein until its relations to Denmark could be determined.

  41. But he proved unfit to govern either of them, being a weak and good-natured man, so anxious to please everybody that he pleased nobody.

  42. He promised to govern the kingdom in the way they might decide upon and be to them a mild and merciful father.

  43. It is possible that the lawyer may succeed in some particular cases without a knowledge of law, but he will probably have few clients if he remain ignorant of the laws and precedents that govern the courts.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "govern" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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