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Example sentences for "hinder"

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hin; hina; hinauf; hinc; hind; hinderance; hinderances; hindered; hinderers; hindereth
  1. We do all we can to help you, and Florence is quite willing to come back and do her lessons here, if you do not hinder her.

  2. The sons of wealthy men are sent there, who have no need to toil with either hands or brains, and they take care not to do it themselves, and to hinder others from doing it if they can.

  3. Now don't hinder me, but get on with your own lessons, and let me learn mine,' said his sister.

  4. To Ribas, he entrusted the defeat of some 1,500 royalists whose position might hinder his progress.

  5. Mariño escaped in one direction, and Ribas and Bolívar went to Caracas, not without first taking all possible steps to hinder the advance of Boves towards the city.

  6. If between the two houses she failed to make progress over high drifts and against a heavy gale, what was to hinder her from perishing?

  7. But what's to hinder that we may be like other folks is?

  8. He did not know whether the girl had stopped laughing and had gone into the house again, but he knew that the falling snow and the branches of the trees must now hinder her from seeing him distinctly.

  9. But, see here, Force, in the event of my ever becoming the happy husband of your eldest child, what should there be to hinder me from taking the family name?

  10. My scamp can't have any claim on her to hinder of it!

  11. For other laws are laws of fear, and they rule by constraint and hinder growth; but the law of Jesus is a law of love, and ruleth through freedom, causing all good things to grow, and making the heart to leap up with joy.

  12. In the midst of our disputing Jesus called unto us from the hinder part of the boat and said, "Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the leaven of the Sadducees.

  13. In Belgium people jump over the midsummer bonfires as a preventive of colic, and they keep the ashes at home to hinder fire from breaking out.

  14. The carapace of a male which I have now before me shone with a dazzling white in its hinder parts five minutes since when I captured it, at present it shows a dull gray tint at the same place.

  15. The Amphipoda are distinguishable from the Isopoda at an early period in the egg by the different position of the embryo, the hinder extremity of which is bent downwards.

  16. Whilst the hinder part of the carapace rises and the above-mentioned fissure is formed, the anterior part seems to sink, and to narrow or entirely close the anterior entrant orifice.

  17. The tail, of very variable form, always bears THREE pairs of setae at its hinder margin.

  18. The spatuliform caudal lamina bears from five to six pairs of setae on its hinder margin.

  19. Meanwhile, though I have told Sister Giovanna that it is not my place to hinder her, much less my right, I tell you plainly that I will prevent her from going, if I can!

  20. If your love for the man who is gone looks forward, prays and hopes, it will help you; if it looks back with tears for what might have been and with longing for what can never be, it will hinder you.

  21. The window was latticed half-way up, which did not hinder Angela from seeing the view when she had time to look at it.

  22. What then is there to hinder a big bold experiment?

  23. Should it sink where it is likely to hinder the traffic, we set our engineers to work to remove it, even though it may be necessary to blow it to atoms.

  24. Then there is the kitchen, and a dining-room, and a stable for the bullock trap, in which the released prisoners are brought to the Home, to avoid the risk of a foot journey when their old associates might hinder them on the way.

  25. I know families among the very best in the State, that have been wicked enough; but though they have been wicked, that did not hinder their being gentlemen.

  26. What should hinder you from staying in this pleasant house part of the summer, or all of the summer, if you find yourselves more comfortable here?

  27. Meanwhile she made herself very agreeable in the family; and that without any particular exertion, which she rightly judged would hinder and not help her object.

  28. The weather will not hinder her," returned Mrs. Barclay.

  29. The salt-cellars were lined with something yellow, or washed, to hinder the staining, I suppose.

  30. That don't hinder his knowing what was vanity, does it?

  31. We are willing to hinder mischief anywhere," said Lois with a smile of some fun.

  32. It does hinder them, though," said Lois; "for we will not have liquor shops.

  33. What should hinder any one from knowing his duty, Mr. Dillwyn.

  34. But that need not hinder your taking a glass of champagne here?

  35. For there is nothing that can help a soul when departed out of its damnation, or hinder it of its salvation.

  36. Defects in preparations in time of peace would hinder successful execution and would give the enemy time to take the necessary precautions to oppose an invasion.

  37. The Kiel harbor could not be utilized for the loading of large transports because of the same conditions that affect Wilhelmshaven, namely, the delay that might hinder the rapid mobilizing of the fleet, which would not be permitted.

  38. They also hinder the rapid movement of the expedition corps.

  39. There is a work to do, Lewis Ross; the thing is to get the fittest workman, and beware how we hinder him of his labor.

  40. The Dominican friar who served as parish priest in the village where she was an exile refused to absolve her unless she would comply with certain conditions, with which those fathers are wont to fetter and hinder souls.

  41. At length, after much struggling, they once more gained a footing, and in so doing, the fore wheels came in contact with their hinder feet, which unfortunately frightened and set them off at full speed.

  42. As we were grown wiser by this mishap, we took care to lock the hinder wheels when going down hill in future.

  43. What is to hinder anyone from cutting off that chain and digging out those carbuncles, and making himself rich for life?

  44. But he qualifies his praise by telling her that she would do far more beautiful things if she would not allow herself to be hurried away by the new thoughts which crowd upon her and hinder her from fully realising any.

  45. The hinder upright timber of a gate, by which it is hung to its post.

  46. We may keep the boats ahead, and somewhat hinder the ship driving so rapidly towards it; but it is evident that a strong current sets in that direction.

  47. He spoke then from envy, to drive our first parents out of an earthly paradise; he in like manner lies now to us, to hinder us from getting into the heavenly paradise, prepared for those who love and obey God.

  48. And, since we must go in by the stage-door, the crowd won't hinder us.

  49. The thoracic and abdominal ganglia are gathered into a single nervous mass, situated within the quadrilateral bounded by the four hinder legs, which legs are very near the head.

  50. If she frees her hinder tarsi she remains snared by the front tarsi and has to begin all over again.

  51. With its convex back and its almost flat ventral surface, the creature is like a semi-cylinder in shape, fuller in the hinder portion.

  52. The Nest-building Odynerus showed us in her cells a few Chrysomela-larvae fixed by the hinder part to the side of the reed.

  53. Undiscouraged by all her set-backs, the Wasp picks herself up, brushes her wings and resumes her attack upon the colossus, almost always by mounting the larva's hinder end.

  54. The Wasp attacks the game, delivering her assault upon the monster's hinder end.

  55. But at that moment the Tarantula rises almost vertically on her four hinder legs, with her four front legs lifted and outspread, ready for the counterstroke.

  56. The caterpillar is then seized by its hinder extremity; and the Ammophila, progressing towards the head, stings in reverse order, passing from the succeeding to the preceding segment, including the thorax already stabbed.

  57. A narrow and very long prothorax divides the front pair of legs from the two hinder pairs.

  58. Again I observe the acrobatic postures, the forehead touching the ground, the hinder part of the body raised.

  59. The grub, still wearing upon its hinder parts the delicate pellicle which it has just shed, is fixed to the spot to which the egg itself adhered by its cephalic extremity.

  60. She has barely alighted on the perilous perch when lo, she is held by the hinder tarsi!

  61. Solidly planted on her sustaining tripod, the two hinder tarsi and the tips of the wings, she at last crooks her abdomen upwards and again stings the Bee under the chin.

  62. That should not hinder duty from speaking.

  63. See (saith the Eunuch) here is water, what doth hinder me to be baptized?

  64. For that which could not hinder a man from promising, ought not to be admitted as a hindrance of performing.

  65. But in the sense of common people, not all the Universe is called Body, but only such parts thereof as they can discern by the sense of Feeling, to resist their force, or by the sense of their Eyes, to hinder them from a farther prospect.

  66. If incompetent evidence is received by them, there is nothing to hinder their judging upon it afterwards according to its value: it may have no weight in their judgment.

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