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Example sentences for "fittest"

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fitte; fitted; fitten; fitter; fitters; fitteth; fitting; fittingly; fittingness; fittings
  1. Black on her receaves soe strong a grace It seemes the fittest beautie for the face.

  2. This ship carpenter is thought to be the fittest man for you in the land, and will no doubte doe you much good.

  3. This argument will appeal strongly to employers and believers in the survival of the fittest doctrine.

  4. But this will cause no serious delay, for among policies, as elsewhere, the fittest are surely destined to survive.

  5. Survival of the fittest is one of these causes which has been suggested, and shown by a large accumulation of evidence to be probably a true cause.

  6. And hence she left in Guido's care to shape What seemed the fittest means for their escape.

  7. At last the idea was started that the fittest persons were Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield.

  8. To show that Britain was not the only European nation, who, in her territorial claims on this continent, had had an eye to the rule of assuming water-courses to be the fittest boundaries, I also cited the charter of Louis XIV.

  9. He did not complain of the manner in which he had been passed by, but said openly that, in his opinion, Fox was the fittest man to lead the House of Commons.

  10. The survival of the fittest does not seem to have had any place in their system.

  11. Possessing a combination of these high and needful qualities, he was regarded by nearly the whole South as the fittest man for the position.

  12. He had been appointed neither as a Whig nor as a Democrat, but merely as the fittest candidate for the place in the estimation of the chief of the bureau to which it belonged.

  13. But if we were thought by the Grecian States the fittest leaders, our answer would be the same that we gave at Plataea, 'Not we, but Greece be consulted: place us where you will!

  14. The rules of arithmetic are important in many respects, but we do not know that they are the fittest subjects of poetry.

  15. Besides, the analogy between natural and moral truth makes the principles of true philosophy the fittest for this use.

  16. To judge of a garden upon high principles, we expect it to be the finest and fittest expression that a given plot of ground will take; it must be the perfect adaptation of means to an end and that end is beauty.

  17. So in this general cabinet of knowledge it was necessary for me to follow the divisions of the nature of things; whereas if myself had been to handle any particular knowledge, I would have respected the divisions fittest for use.

  18. And therefore the form of writing which of all others is fittest for this variable argument of negotiation and occasions is that which Machiavel chose wisely and aptly for government; namely, discourse upon histories or examples.

  19. We ourselves are just now in one of those uneasy periods, and we have decided that orators are the fittest people to rule over us.

  20. The finest speaker was esteemed the fittest man to be made a consul or a praetor of, and there were schools of rhetoric where aspirants for office had to go to learn gesture and intonation before they could present themselves at the hustings.

  21. What then can they know about the contents of their eggs and the fittest place for their development?

  22. York was certainly the weakest, although General Brock had recommended that place as the fittest and most secure, if strengthened, for a naval dock-yard on Lake Ontario.

  23. It soon became the measure of survival success, and thus the rationality shared by the community experiencing the survival of the fittest is reflected in competition.

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