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Example sentences for "fitting"

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fitten; fitter; fitters; fittest; fitteth; fittingly; fittingness; fittings; fitty; fiue
  1. His dress consists of a short coat or jerkin and tight-fitting breeches of some coarse stuff, perhaps leather.

  2. Some mummies have been found with the face covered by a mask of cloth fitting closely to it, and overlaid with a coating of composition, so painted as to resemble the deceased, and to have the appearance of flesh.

  3. It includes the best of the legends concerning the national hero of Persia, also the story of The Tournament from Ivanhoe, inserted here as a fitting introduction to Scott's novels.

  4. At his death what could be more fitting than to see him melt into a little heart-shaped mass, the symbol of his courage and constancy!

  5. Then in fear and trouble Horus went to his mother Tnahsit and told her all, and that he must go to Egypt to see the one who had worked these powerful sorceries and endeavour to inflict upon him a fitting punishment.

  6. Surely it is fitting that she be the mother of the great queen of whom thou speakest.

  7. At some early period native ritual had prescribed that the head must be shaved, so that the fashion of the long peruke, or the close-fitting cloth cap with ear-lappets, became practically a necessity.

  8. In the fifth hall were venerable shades who had each found their proper and fitting place, but those who were accused of crimes lingered kneeling at the door, which pivoted upon the eye of a man who ceaselessly prayed and groaned.

  9. But it is likely that the equal-sidedness of the feather, its division into halves, rendered it a fitting symbol of balance or equilibrium.

  10. She would ask the maid for a more fitting receptacle after awhile, but in the meantime she would keep them fresh as possible.

  11. When Mary came dancing out of the fitting room a few minutes later her first remark was so nearly an echo of Jack's that Betty smiled at the coincidence.

  12. While she sorted her beads she amused herself by fitting together the scraps of conversation which floated her way, and making guesses as to the personality of the speakers.

  13. Some slight alteration was needed, and while the two were in the fitting room, Betty passed the time by taking out the letter for a second reading.

  14. This book is a fitting sequel to that splendid book "Air Monster.

  15. Perk was chuckling to himself, even as he continued to crouch there, and held a third tear bomb ready for instant use when Jack was pleased to give him a fitting opportunity to throw it.

  16. It seemed a fitting time for him to give Jack the start he contemplated and so, summoning his courage, Perk began to talk in as unconcerned a tone as possible.

  17. Perk afterwards admitted that he had caught a whiff of the penetrating gas despite the covering helmet and close-fitting goggles but thanks to the haste with which Jack carried their ship past, the gas had little or no effect.

  18. The months in war-time sometimes belie their traditions, but it is fitting that in May we should have enlisted a new Ally--the Sun.

  19. But while admitting the universality of the adage, we are nevertheless at liberty to ascertain if we cannot make the burden of a particular man or class easier to bear by fitting it to the back.

  20. The field of education was the only one which seemed to promise the active usefulness she craved; and she at once set about fitting herself to be a teacher.

  21. Whittier's muse, too, found the Pastoral Letter a fitting theme for its vigorous, sympathetic utterances.

  22. No marriage could have been more true, more fitting in every respect.

  23. I have no fitting words for a life like hers.

  24. Before being placed in the hands of the binder the mitering should be carefully examined and any defect in fitting remedied, so that the glass, when placed in position, may have accurate bearings on all the sides.

  25. The wire hoop is easily detached and folded, as at c, for convenient carriage; and the handle may be made of any desired length by cutting a stick and fitting it into the hollow tube a, which should be about 6 inches long.

  26. With small larvae or those which it is desired to examine often, glass tubes or jelly glasses with a tight-fitting tin cover are best.

  27. The courteous reader may now be temporarily released, with fitting acknowledgment of his exemplary patience.

  28. I know a place or two where we can lie hid till we learn what ships are fitting out, and who are to command them.

  29. Jacob soon entered into conversation with those nearest him, and learned what ships were fitting out.

  30. And with fitting care, and caution unto their dwelling sped.

  31. Where 'er thou deemest fitting bid us attack them there.

  32. Rosie gasped and swallowed and tried hard to find some fitting reproof.

  33. Childe Dacre hears the curfew chime, While all the rest are dancing; Unless I find a fitting rhyme, Oh!

  34. His gaiety still sparkled, his wit still flashed; still he hastened to be foremost among the courteous; and still his high and ready gallantry indicated that he was not prepared to yield the fitting ornament of his still blooming youth.

  35. If, by chance, any did not finish the grave they had begun, some obliging comrade finished it for them (fitting expression!

  36. She seemed so happy, that the smith did not dare to inform her of the death of Cephyse, and reserved himself to communicate the same at a more fitting opportunity.

  37. The camp was now alive, each soldier fitting up his belongings for a return trip.

  38. I would not have undertaken the present work, were it not that I was encouraged by the friends of former days who felt confident in my ability to portray the scenes to be depicted in a fitting manner.

  39. So much has, also, been written in the past, that sets the real West before the unenlightened in a manner that is misleading, that I think it fitting to give credit to whom credit is due wherever it is due.

  40. Because thou art betrothed unto my daughter, it is but fitting that I should make explanation.

  41. Henceforward, he said, I was Governor of Ea, and as soon as arrangements could be made for fitting marriage festivity I should be wedded to Azala.

  42. Captain Rudstone made some fitting reply, but I was in no mood to heed the skipper's words, or to give a second thought to the prophecy of a storm.

  43. This is the place," he said fitting a key in the lock.

  44. I was sorry for the cutting words as soon as they were spoken, and I would have made a fitting apology.

  45. This seems a fitting moment not only to thank God that we came in time to be of service, but to thank England for her patience and her confidence which have never failed.

  46. Yoking up with a Yankee would be a most natural and fitting state in which to negotiate the Atlantic.

  47. It was the most fitting and impressive place on the frontier from which to bid adieu to Germania.

  48. There is something about the atmosphere of Salonica which makes it seem a fitting place to be the birthplace of a great movement.

  49. An incomparable dexterity is shown in fitting phrase upon phrase, forcing line to bear the exact weight of line, rendering detail by detail.

  50. Perhaps some people will not understand the spirit of it--getting the janitor in line to give a course in steam-fitting from the odds and ends that are found on the scrap-heap.

  51. The boys lent a hand in the work; and one of them, having a practical turn of mind, suggested that he would like to learn more about pipe-fitting in order to install a water system on the farm at home.

  52. After some parleying he agreed to give a course in elementary plumbing and steam-fitting on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at seven-thirty.

  53. It was a fitting end to a life of crime and drug-brought imageries.

  54. Drew ran his eyes over an aged man in white vest and tight-fitting clothes which were studded here and there with gold-plated buttons.

  55. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fitting" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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