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apoplectic; apoplexy; aposiopesis; apostacy; apostasies; apostate; apostates; apostatize; apostatized; apostatizing
  1. They delight in the crimes which they believe themselves to commit, and desire to persevere in their apostasy from God and their servitude to the devil.

  2. Those who denied perseverance in apostasy were to be absolved ad cautelam and reconciled by commissioners, in the same way as foreign heretics applying for conversion.

  3. It is evident from his writings that Montanists and Catholics in Carthage alternately reproached each other with judaising tendencies and an apostasy to heathen discipline and worship.

  4. For the danger of secularisation is evident, since apostasy from the Gospel would be completely accomplished as soon as the ideal of the self-sufficient Greek sage came to supplant the feeling that man lives by the grace of God.

  5. The designation [Greek: hairesis] implies an adherence to something self-chosen in opposition to the acknowledgment of something objectively handed down, and assumes that this is the particular thing in which the apostasy consists.

  6. This undervaluing of the physically weak is itself a fruit of man's apostasy from God.

  7. It is apostasy from Christ and revolt against his government.

  8. Elijah was the deliverer of his people from a hideous and polluted apostasy which, had he not prevailed that day, would have obliterated their name and their memory from the annals of the nations.

  9. The attempt made by Ewald and others to gloss over Solomon's apostasy as a sign of a large-hearted tolerance is an astonishing misreading of history.

  10. The cause of the drought was not the menace of Elijah, but the apostasy to Baalim.

  11. Elijah had thought himself necessary--an indispensable agent for the task of delivering Israel from the guilty and demoralising apostasy of Baal-worship.

  12. Through all the apostasy of the visible Church, however, an invisible Church has survived and preserved the eternal ideal.

  13. Chillingworth had recently abandoned the creed which he now came forward to attack; and he, therefore, might be expected to have that natural inclination to dogmatize with which apostasy is usually accompanied.

  14. The apostasy proceeded so favourably, that De Thou (Histoire Univ.

  15. Within the space of a few weeks the apostasy was consummated.

  16. Under Domitian the Roman authorities became definitely hostile; apostasy from Christ was apparently demanded systematically of the Christians--apostasy from Christ and adhesion to the imperial cult.

  17. Church, of the more open apostasy which is one day to follow.

  18. I knew by intuition those things which since my apostasy I collected again by highest reason.

  19. I knew by intuition those things which since my apostasy I collected again by the highest reason.

  20. The last two quotations also show that Rome led in the apostasy and in the change of the Sabbath.

  21. The Seal Of God And The Mark Of Apostasy [Illustration.

  22. After the flood, what came in consequence of further apostasy from God?

  23. But to make apostasy doubly sure, this power changes, vitiates, and takes away both the law and the gospel.

  24. What national disaster did they bring upon themselves by their apostasy from God?

  25. There is just as much apostasy in the one case as in the other, and both must therefore be included in Babylon, and both will go down in the fall of Babylon.

  26. What apostasy from the worship of God is named in this message?

  27. Worse still, its illuminating and saving truths were largely hidden for centuries by the errors, superstitions, and apostasy of the dark ages.

  28. This plague strikes at the very seat of the great apostasy of the latter days, the Papacy.

  29. Defn: One of that class of Calvinists who consider the decree of election as contemplating the apostasy as past and the elect as being at the time of election in a fallen and guilty state; -- opposed to Supralapsarian.

  30. Specifically: The first apostasy; the act of our first parents in eating the forbidden fruit; also, the apostasy of the rebellious angels.

  31. On the other hand, he is highly indignant at the seducers whom he blames for the apostasy of the Galatians.

  32. In this sentence Paul excuses the Galatians, while he blames the false apostles for the apostasy of the Galatians.

  33. The apostasy of the Galatians is a fine indorsement of the Law, all right.

  34. Up to this point Paul has been occupied with the doctrinal aspect of the apostasy of the Galatians.

  35. To deny this is downright nonsense, in which those take refuge who seek to hide their apostasy from their own eyes.

  36. But some are so thoroughly honest, that they prefer apostasy to hypocrisy.

  37. The great apostasy lasted twelve hundred and sixty years, or until A.

  38. Sad but true, there came an apostasy foretold by the apostles.

  39. Robin asked him whether the priests who came and went should be told of the blow that impended; for at those times every apostasy was of importance to priests who had to run here and there for shelter.

  40. This second desire had come to her, as sharp as a voice that calls, when she had heard of the apostasy of his father; it had seemed to her the riposte that God made to the assault upon His honour.

  41. Following the Messianic ministry and apostolic dispensation, another cloud of apostasy enveloped the world, and for well-nigh sixteen centuries held the race befogged in its clammy mists.

  42. The general apostasy of mankind from the Gospel of Christ, bringing about an era of spiritual darkness.

  43. Thus, even during the lifetime of the first patriarch, many of his descendants fell into apostasy and denied the God with whom their great progenitor had talked face to face.

  44. The dreadful persecution to which the early Christians were subjected drove great numbers of Christians to renounce their allegiance to Christianity, thus causing a widespread apostasy from the Church.

  45. The apostasy progressed rapidly, in consequence of a cooperation of disrupting forces without and within the Church.

  46. Come ye and share the priceless blessings of the restored Gospel, for verily, the darkness of the long night of apostasy has been dispelled, and the spiritual light of heaven again illumines the earth.

  47. The Apostasy Affirmed The apostate condition of Christendom has been recognized and affirmed by high ecclesiastical authority.

  48. Following the apostolic administration apostasy again darkened the world; and now, in the current or last dispensation, the Gospel has been restored anew with all its ancient authority, power, and blessings.

  49. The last apostasy was general, alike on both hemispheres.

  50. Apostasy from the organization is so rare as to be negligible.

  51. When Darkness Covered the Earth--The Long Night of Apostasy 30.

  52. So, from Adam to the Deluge, which came because of the unbelief and apostasy of the race, the ordinances of the Gospel were known and administered.

  53. The darkness incident to the long night of apostasy was dispelled; the glory of the heavens once more illumined the world; the silence of centuries was broken; the voice of God was heard again by man.

  54. The first cause, therefore, of the Maccabean struggle was the apostasy of certain of the Jews themselves.

  55. Apostasy of the Jews and Perfidy of the High Priests.

  56. Apostasy of the Jews and the Perfidy of the High Priests.

  57. It is likewise conditionally as was the first, but no apostasy can follow, for a complete healing has made that impossible.

  58. No more going back to sin and apostasy after that.

  59. Jehovah is speaking concerning His inheritance that He was, on account of their apostasy and idolatry, but a little displeased.

  60. If it were final, if God would be displeased forever with Israel, we might just as well close the Bible, join the higher critics and end in unbelief, apostasy and perdition.

  61. The night began with their apostasy and rejection of the Lord of Glory, their own brother, their loving Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ.

  62. The apostasy of the Israelites in the wilderness from the true God to the golden calf, was occasioned by a previous attachment to the sacred rites of the Egyptian idolatry.

  63. It is stated, that fire was the primitive, or at least the principal object of idolatrous worship, and common to all idolaters from the first apostasy at Babel.

  64. But the corruption and apostasy of the hierarchy as a whole, and their betrayal of the people, had borne its acrid fruit of popular contempt and hostility, and the fanaticism of the worship of Reason answered the fanaticism of the Cross.

  65. This disposition originated in the apostasy and descends to the whole race, rendering them untractable and unreachable--easily susceptible of bad impressions and indisposed to good ones.

  66. Neither can it refer to his coming to punish Jewish apostasy and ingratitude; or to his coming to judge the world in righteousness, because the moral state of the world at neither to those periods, answers to the description here given.

  67. Ordinaries, insisted that confession must include full denunciation of the apostasy of others.

  68. It granted no relief from oppression, but concerned itself with the apostasy of the Moriscos, which it sought to cure, not by instructing them, but by rendering their condition still more intolerable.

  69. While these steps of apostasy were in progress, the Lord preserved a "wasted remnant" of witnesses, who "resisted unto blood striving against sin.

  70. When we had "destroyed ourselves" by apostasy from God, then did God "show the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.

  71. When a man or woman apostatizes from Islam, then an immediate dissolution of the marriage takes place, whether the apostasy be of the man or of the woman, without a judicial decree.

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