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Example sentences for "deterioration"

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  1. As we see it now, the main cause of infertile soils or the deterioration of soils is the improper sanitary conditions originally present in the soil or arising from our injudicious culture and rotation of crops.

  2. I cannot bring myself to believe that the discouraging reports that have been issued from time to time as to the threatened deterioration of our soils, as to the exhaustion of any particular element of fertility, will ever be realized.

  3. Some say this is due to physical deterioration in the native white American stock, and there are other things which seem to point in that direction.

  4. It may be, however, that this deterioration is in no sense racial, but only individual, affecting certain individuals who lead a relatively unnatural life.

  5. Other cases of moral deterioration have already been recorded.

  6. In some cases it is also obvious that they are killed on account of some illness, corporal defect, or symptom of old age, and that the ultimate reason for this lies in the supposed connection between physical deterioration and waning divinity.

  7. Celtic church standing outside of this process of deterioration a relatively purer doctrine.

  8. The papacy, monasticism and scholasticism becoming more and more deteriorated are the patrons of every sort of deterioration within the church.

  9. The moral deterioration of the German peoples was carried out independently of their contemporaneous, merely external, Christianization.

  10. The moral deterioration reached its culminating point in the dissolute age of the Roman Emperors.

  11. Indeed, it is generally supposed that any physical deterioration is local, being peculiar to the United States.

  12. It would be tedious to analyze the causes of this modern deterioration of the saints.

  13. A high authority, Mr. Scrope, attributes the rarity and deterioration in size of the Scotch deerhound (the few individuals now existing throughout the country being all related) in large part to close interbreeding.

  14. These results are loss of constitutional vigour, size, and fertility; but there is no necessary deterioration in the general form of the body, or in other good qualities.

  15. A modern writer[325] asserts, "Nothing can be more clearly established in agriculture than that the continual growth of any one variety in the same district makes it liable to deterioration either in quality or quantity.

  16. The evil consequences of long-continued close interbreeding are not so easily recognised as the good effects from crossing, for the deterioration is gradual.

  17. I know that has been referred to as an instance of deterioration of variety.

  18. Food, building muscles, nerves, the brain, what can be expected but a deterioration of humanity when mothers eat insufficient or improper food?

  19. He was bound to restore the article in the same condition as received, subject only to the deterioration arising from reasonable use, whether a horse, a house, or a carriage.

  20. The extensive application of the arch doubtless led to the deterioration of the Grecian architecture, since it blended columns with arcades, and thus impaired the harmony which so peculiarly marked the temples of Athens and Corinth.

  21. One has only to keep one's eyes open in passing the streets to become aware of the physical deterioration of thousands of the wage-earners.

  22. It will be seen from the foregoing glance at the rapid change and steady deterioration of houses that the care of such living-places must involve special discomforts in most cases.

  23. It is doubtless one of the great factors in the distinct deterioration of children's public manners.

  24. Nor will he be surprised to find that the tendency of every religious movement is towards deterioration and disintegration.

  25. Tendency of all religious movements to deterioration and disintegration.

  26. For, as I shall show, in Godolphin, what deterioration the habits of frivolous and worldly life produce on the mind of a man of genius, I show only in Saville the effect they produce on a man of sense.

  27. For the former class a much wider range of methods is possible, but many of these are difficult to transfer, and the deterioration that arises makes it desirable to limit their use when transferring is contemplated.

  28. Thus in "A" we have the crude picture of a man recumbent, and one can follow the course of its development or deterioration from the various forms it has assumed on monuments and bricks arranged in order of sequence.

  29. There is a sort of perfection in everything; and perfection once reached, deterioration usually begins.

  30. The deterioration of a single generation left to run wild may influence for the worse, during whole centuries, the character of a people; and who can predicate what these colonies of the southern hemisphere are yet to become?

  31. After the first year the disposition to run declines, and with the third year, in most instances, deterioration in the plant itself begins.

  32. Under this slovenly treatment there is, of course, rapid deterioration in the stamina of the peach.

  33. Many would agree with Russell in saying that all the great cities are centers of deterioration in the life of their nations.

  34. It is notorious that nations that conquer tend to spend their vitality in conquest and introduce various factors of deterioration into their lives.

  35. If they are neglected, ill-used, or if their moral deterioration is feared from the vicious life and character of parents or friends.

  36. He returned to England and was ultimately received with all the old favour, but the contest had made him so dependent on the use of stimulants that the gradual deterioration of his gifts was inevitable.

  37. The animals which appear to support the hard work and irregular food with the least deterioration are the bullocks.

  38. Twelve miles a-day, with a pause for an hour to feed and water in the middle of the day, could be done by heavily-loaded mules without deterioration of their quality.

  39. The inevitable result of this indifference, ignorance, and poverty, was a visible deterioration in the character of Spanish Christianity, of which there are only too many proofs.

  40. That change is the measure of the timidity and sophistication, the moral deterioration inevitably produced in any people by the consciousness of its dependence for the means of labor and life upon other nations.

  41. It is the inevitable penalty of national deterioration which any people must pay that in its haste to be rich forgets to secure its actual independence.

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