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Example sentences for "fading"

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fadeless; fader; faders; fades; fadeth; fadir; fadom; fadome; fadomes; fadre
  1. Thus, the familiar adage which tells us that "nobody is fond of fading flowers," has a far deeper signification, reminding us that everything associated with change and decay must always be a matter of regret.

  2. Then he seemed to see sheeted shapes passing before him; ghostly faces flashing into his own, and fading away.

  3. Her brain was in wild confusion, and everything about her seemed fading into the mystery of a dream.

  4. A touch of fading sunlight upon the Apennines.

  5. Anita--dying, perhaps; and all my dreams were fading into a memory of what might have been.

  6. Slowly the mists melted away with the fading daylight, Venus hung for a while like a splendid jewel in the air and the mountains turned again to shadowy masses outlined against a crystal sky.

  7. She started, and looked at him, the pretty pink color fading from her cheeks, a look of alarm in her dark eyes.

  8. She dropped down like a log on the grass by the side of the road, and the first pale beams of the watery dawn just breaking in the east, showed her deathly-white face just fading into unconsciousness.

  9. La Reine Blanche was fading like the frailest summer flower.

  10. Captain Ernscliffe, who was the fondest and most devoted husband in the world, had taken an absurd fancy that Queenie's roses were fading and that a European tour would improve her health.

  11. The girl glanced once more at the fading colours on the hills.

  12. The last gleam of the west was reflected from her eyes, and all the sadness of the fading light seemed gathered into them.

  13. So I hastened to contradict myself, and assure her that I had no interest whatever in Cagnes, that I was stuck here waiting for the Artist, who would come only with the fading light.

  14. He pointed to the red fringe that lit up fading Cap Martin.

  15. I pretended to examine it in the fading light at the window, lingering so as to gain time to form some plans.

  16. Did I not wear within my heart the never-fading insignia of love, the qualifications of which were fervency and immutable truth?

  17. Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer, 550 Sweet is the fading light of eve, S.

  18. The evening cloud, the morning dew, The withering grass, the fading flower, Of earthly hopes are emblems true, The glory of a passing hour.

  19. Sweet is the fading light of eve; And soft the sunbeams lingering there; For these blest hours the world I leave, Wafted on wings of praise and prayer.

  20. How sweet to look, in thoughtful hope, Beyond this fading sky, And hear him call his children up To his fair home on high.

  21. Or worn by slowly rolling years, Or broke by sickness in a day, The fading glory disappears, The short-lived beauties die away.

  22. And all the host of heaven shall be dissolved, and the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll: and all their host shall fade away, as the leaf fadeth from off the vine, and as a fading leaf from the fig tree.

  23. Her strength made weakness, her stateliness turned to trembling for his sake--the spectacle swept away his good resolves as the wind blows the loose petals from a fading rose.

  24. It was here that her aunt received her rare confidences, and the pink-eyed smirk of the turbaned Beatrice was associated in her mind with the gradual fading of the smile from Mrs. Peniston's lips.

  25. How much of it was owing to the spell of the perfect afternoon, the scent of the fading woods, the thought of the dulness she had fled from?

  26. Jane turned quickly to see Lily blushing pink, and with an answering smile just fading from her eyes.

  27. Both these men were indistinct in the dim hollow, but on a sandy ridge above, which still caught the fading light, there was a sharply-outlined mounted figure sweeping across the broken ground at a reckless gallop.

  28. A dark, cloud-barred sky hung over the prairie, which was fast fading into dimness; the wood looked desolate and forbidding in the dying light.

  29. Again and again it sounded, and at last realising that it might be uttered by some creature in distress, I stood up and, as far as the fading light would permit, scanned the sands in every direction.

  30. Although she struggled and tore herself from his grips, in the times he permitted her freedom she did not attempt to swim away from him, but, with fading strength and reeling consciousness, invariably came to him to try to save him.

  31. The fading trade-wind wisps sighed and rustled between longer intervals of quiescence.

  32. All at once he noticed that the light was fading rapidly and the air growing cold.

  33. The expanse, the beams, the piles of planks alone grew pale under the fading light, assuming a muddy tint that vaguely suggested the bed of a dried-up torrent.

  34. In the fast fading light he saw aunt Dide stretched, rigid and seemingly lifeless, upon her bed.

  35. Macquart, cursing and muttering protests, thereupon carried the table to the window, and began to count the gold in the fading twilight.

  36. He was approaching the end of the path, and could see nothing but a strip of sky in which the rust-coloured light was fading away.

  37. The sooty smithy jars, And fire-sparks, rising far and fast, Are fading with the stars.

  38. When he had gone she went over to the piano, and taking the packet crouched down with it beside the fading fire-light, which she stirred into a blaze.

  39. Then with one swift sweep of her other hand she struck his handsome face full with the fading lilies she still held.

  40. As the sun was setting, a little wind stirred, the faint aftermath of the storm of the day, and the cloud, now all crimson, passed over the town and died in fading ribbons of gold and orange in the white sky of the far horizon.

  41. The flat, low fields of the Campagna, fading away into the ridges of the purple Apennines, seemed almost like the fields of paradise, and the song of the birds was like the voice of angels.

  42. Perhaps the worst trial of all was when they set sail from France and saw the land fading away in the distance.

  43. Where no woman's breast, Robbed of her love and rest, Flower with a fading leaf, Sinks in her silent grief.

  44. Soon, soon, our fading forms Recede into the sea, Which, dark with all its storms, Will veil our hearts from thee.

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