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Example sentences for "flitting"

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flitch; flitches; flits; flitted; flitter; flittings; flivver; flix; float; floated
  1. He saw the shadow of the flitting death, and flung himself down beside the boulder the mermen had pointed out.

  2. It was impossible to align the sights of his stun gun with any of those flitting shadows, Raf discovered.

  3. Candle-lights were flitting in and out of her bedroom, and it was obvious that she was dressing for the appointment, whatever the nature of that might be at such an hour.

  4. More than once, in spite of her care, Lucetta had been unable to restrain her glance from flitting across into Farfrae's eyes like a bird to its nest.

  5. Such an innovation on Casterbridge customs as a flitting of bridegroom and bride from the town immediately after the ceremony, was not likely, but if it should have taken place he would wait till their return.

  6. As on the Sunday, so on the week-days, Farfrae and Lucetta might have been seen flitting about the town like two butterflies--or rather like a bee and a butterfly in league for life.

  7. Or what new fiction, what old love, was flitting through that versatile and fantastic brain?

  8. Now and again I caught glimpses of Arakeeta's fairy form flitting in, or obscuring, the lamplight.

  9. Such a flitting and floating plume is the symbol of prayer.

  10. The starved, meagre wretches, who were seen flitting among its tents but a week ago, have all disappeared.

  11. I repeat, these were only flitting rumours that disappeared for a time when Nikolay Vsyevolodovitch first came among us.

  12. Taking a last look round behind the scenes, I noticed that a good number of outsiders, even women among them, were flitting about, going in and out.

  13. She listened eagerly, her various feelings flitting across her face.

  14. They were flitting to and fro, apparently waiting some event of interest.

  15. That resistance would be hopeless was evident by the appearance directly afterwards of a dozen or more Indians, who were seen flitting amidst the wood, each man obtaining the best shelter in his power.

  16. Before she could retort he was giving orders, and men were coming and going and calling to one another, and lights were flitting in all directions through the house, and all about her was hubbub and stir and confusion.

  17. A Vesper Sparrow ran along the road before them, flitting a few feet ahead each time they overtook it and showing the white outer tail-feathers as it flew.

  18. This one was alive and flitting about in the branches of a tree over his head.

  19. The white-winged little crafts are constantly flitting about the Jacksonville wharves, like summer songsters in a clear sky.

  20. They wanted rest, that favorite position of the Grecian sculptor's statuary, and when they thought it nearest then it receded again, flitting on the margin of their expectations like the ignis-fatuus which glimmered through the marsh.

  21. We were approaching the end of our day's journey, when I caught sight of a black figure flitting among the trees in the distance.

  22. Above the rest appears Ascanius, manly far beyond his years, And messages committed to their care, Which all in winds were lost, and flitting air.

  23. Birds sang with merry discordance all through the thicket to our right, flitting among the pale green tangle of spring's foliage.

  24. All during the year there had been seen at times, darkly flitting through the woods near the sparse settlements, little bands of hostile Indians.

  25. One of my Indians rolled headlong upon the ground; the others darted forward in pursuit of some flitting forms dimly to be seen in the undergrowth beyond.

  26. Her eyes looked like those of a startled fawn, and the flitting colour came and went in her cheek, but she spoke with a soft and gentle steadiness which bespoke a well-ruled spirit.

  27. It was not really their lack of success (although fewer conversions had taken place of late) but lack of room which occasioned the flitting of the Black Friars from the Jewry.

  28. As the travellers approached the gate, they saw the cowled figures flitting about, some with black habits over their long white under-dress, some with a simple gown of grey or brown, bound with a cord at the waist.

  29. I'll go seek it," said Flitting Butterfly.

  30. It is of a dull white, spotted and veined with black, and it can be seen at a long distance, when flitting from flower to flower, in a meadow or garden.

  31. This bird is observed flitting about from tree to tree, making a little significant cry.

  32. It looked at a shabby old balcony, but as it listened it saw the swallows flitting round the sun-lit battlements of Macbeth's castle, and our pitiful sense of grotesque incongruity never troubled it.

  33. The clattering and hammering the incessant talking, and the figures flitting about in the glare, reminded one of a crowded open-air market with flaring lamps and frequent coffee stalls.

  34. These forces abound throughout all space and endure throughout all time, but life and consciousness are flitting and uncertain phenomena of matter.

  35. The insect is one of the most plentiful in England, and can be found on sunny days, flitting about sand-banks and making its curious habitations.

  36. It may usually be found hovering about sand-banks, and flitting about with such agility that it is by no means an easy insect to catch.

  37. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "flitting" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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