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Example sentences for "fluctuating"

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fluctibus; fluctuant; fluctuate; fluctuated; fluctuates; fluctuation; fluctuations; fluctus; flue; fluency
  1. What Alliance can there be with that ever-fluctuating People?

  2. Never hitherto was the augury of any Campaign more indecipherable to him, or so continually fluctuating with wild hopes, which proved visionary, and with huge practical fears, of what he knew to be the real likelihood.

  3. They were formed of large fluctuating bodies of individuals, and a person dealing with them did not know with whom he was contracting or whom he was to sue.

  4. There are the beauty-lovers and the beauty-scorners, and all the fluctuating masses in between, like most of us, who love some aspects of it and scorn others.

  5. It is only safe to assume the peritoneal origin of extravasations of a rounded form, of a fluctuating consistence, and when they are situated high up and are disconnected from exudation at the pelvic brim.

  6. Our American neighbors became fully alive years ago to the evils of the fluctuating and uncertain character of the prevailing system of educational administration in vogue amongst them.

  7. Fluctuating currents generated by the transmitter at the calling station, for instance, are converted by means of the induction coil into alternating currents flowing in the secondary of the induction coil at that station.

  8. Obviously, the condenser affords a means for transmitting voice currents or fluctuating currents, and for excluding steady currents.

  9. Likewise the impedance coil affords a means for readily transmitting steady currents but practically excluding voice currents or fluctuating currents.

  10. They are required to act as impedance coils to present a barrier to the passage of alternating or other rapidly fluctuating currents, and at the same time to allow the comparatively free passage of steady currents.

  11. It should be remembered that an impedance coil obstructs the passage of fluctuating current, not so much by ohmic resistance as by offering an opposing or counter-electromotive force.

  12. Comedy, being based on the fluctuating circumstances of real life, lends itself more easily than tragedy to a change of form.

  13. Ennius harmonised with great skill the claims of both, doing little more violence to the natural accent in his elaborate system of quantity than was done by the Saturnian and comic poets with their fluctuating usage.

  14. So the robbery by a fluctuating money value affects, indirectly, the whole community, while the indirect effects are far worse.

  15. Again her face was full of fluctuating meaning; and he saw, beneath its shallow surface, the eddy of incoherent impulses.

  16. The obscurity of old laws, and fluctuating jurisdiction of the Praetors, gave rise to that class of men called Jurisconsults, whose business it was to explain legal difficulties, and reconcile statutory contradictions.

  17. Finally, and above all, the orthography of Latin was extremely fluctuating and uncertain.

  18. She stood in the midst of the floor, fluctuating and bewildered.

  19. Welbeck seemed now no longer to be fluctuating between opposite purposes.

  20. I have expressed the opinion, and repeat it, that the first requisite to the accomplishment of this end is the substitution of a sound currency in place of one of a fluctuating value.

  21. The currency, being of fluctuating value, and therefore unsafe to hold for legitimate transactions requiring money, became a subject of speculation within itself.

  22. In this, each is willing to have a god for himself, and asks according to his momentary caprices, to his fluctuating wants, that the invariable essence of things, should be continually changed in his favour.

  23. For your constitution, sir, is not of that precarious nature which depends on the fluctuating characters of particular men.

  24. Was the price in a fluctuating condition about that time?

  25. The market is so fluctuating that it is possible a curer may go and make a loss.

  26. The younger members of the family in the mansion house, of which Louisa Grant was now habitually one, were by no means indifferent observers of these fluctuating and tardy changes.

  27. When the war ended, and the independence of the States was acknowledged, Mr. Temple turned his attention from the pursuit of commerce, which was then fluctuating and uncertain, to the settlement of those tracts of land which he had purchased.

  28. If his mantle may be said to have fallen on anyone, it was on Walter Raleigh; and Raleigh was not of the Council, while his favour with the Queen was at best an extremely fluctuating quantity.

  29. On the Thursday, the fluctuating airs again forced the English to manoeuvre for the weather gauge, in order to attack.

  30. What I chiefly fear," said Edith, "is his having engaged in some of the plots of this fluctuating and unhappy time.

  31. The German tribes were voluntary and fluctuating associations of soldiers, almost of savages.

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    adrift; afloat; amorphous; broken; capricious; catchy; changeable; choppy; desultory; disconnected; discontinuous; dizzy; eccentric; erratic; faithless; fickle; fitful; flickering; flighty; flitting; fluctuating; flutter; freakish; giddy; halting; harmonic; hesitant; impetuous; impulsive; inconsistent; inconstant; indecisive; infirm; intermittent; irregular; irresolute; irresponsible; jerky; lurching; mazy; mercurial; moody; mutable; oscillating; oscillatory; patchy; pendulous; periodic; rambling; resonant; restless; rough; roving; scrappy; shapeless; shifting; shifty; shuffling; spasmodic; spastic; spineless; sporadic; staggering; swimming; swing; unaccountable; uncertain; uncontrolled; undisciplined; unequal; uneven; unfixed; unmethodical; unpredictable; unreliable; unrestrained; unsettled; unstable; unsteady; unsystematic; vacillating; vagrant; variable; veering; versatile; vibrating; volatile; wandering; wanton; wavering; wavy; wayward; whimsical; wobbly