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Example sentences for "inconsistent"

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inconsiderateness; inconsideration; inconsistence; inconsistencies; inconsistency; inconsistently; inconsolable; inconspicuous; inconspicuously; inconstancy
  1. But this meaning we cannot find in Descartes, or to find it we must make him inconsistent with himself.

  2. Casaubon was especially mortified by Sir Henry Wotton's persistent avoidance of him, so inconsistent with their former intimacy.

  3. It seems to be saying that the conscious pursuit of a given end would be inconsistent with the attainment of the end.

  4. The naturalist, it appears, proposes to confine himself to the evidence of the senses, and ends by accepting a view of the world entirely inconsistent with the sensible perceptions.

  5. Now, if that be a perfectly possible result, consistently with all the so-called laws of heredity, the same laws cannot be inconsistent with changes of a similar character within ourselves.

  6. And now that her keen feeling for her godfather had thrown her into antagonism with the Frate, she saw all the repulsive and inconsistent details in his teaching with a painful lucidity which exaggerated their proportions.

  7. I talk to her of passion, and she asks me in return why I do things inconsistent with my political opinions!

  8. And I am as inconsistent as anybody--I hate myself for it.

  9. This his solution of the conflict is thus really only the decision in favour of the antithesis in the assertion of which this truth already lies, while it is altogether inconsistent with the assertions of the thesis.

  10. A right-angled equilateral triangle" contains no logical contradiction; for the predicates do not by any means cancel the subject, nor are they inconsistent with each other.

  11. I have already shown how inadequate, vacillating, and inconsistent are the explanations of the faculty he is criticising, which he gives here and there by the way in the "Critique of Pure Reason.

  12. The intelligible character, the thing in itself, is inferred from the phenomenon by the inconsistent use of the category of causality beyond the sphere of all phenomena, which has already been sufficiently condemned.

  13. Finally, the pantheism of the Stoics, though absolutely inconsistent with many an exhortation of Arrian, is most distinctly expressed by Seneca: "Quid est Deus?

  14. Or perhaps it might be more correct to say, that instead of wavering between these two inconsistent beliefs, they held them both firmly without perceiving their inconsistency.

  15. That savages should entertain inconsistent views on the life after death need not surprise us, when we remember how little accurate information even civilised peoples possess on that momentous subject.

  16. But the argument becomes inconsistent inasmuch as it further affirms Deity to have so constituted the order of things that sin punishes itself.

  17. This seems an over-statement, and is inconsistent with Tiele's own statement (Hist.

  18. At the same time he professes firm faith in Christianity; [1742] and others who would not have joined him there were often as inconsistent in the ready belief they gave to magic and astrology.

  19. It may appear inconsistent with the nature of this influence that it began by appealing to him in a subversive form.

  20. Whether this results from an innate yet limited power of expansion in the species, or from the relations between it and external influences, it is a fact inconsistent with the gradual evolution of new species.

  21. Odd beliefs or magical thinking that influences behaviour and is inconsistent with subcultural norms (e.

  22. The conduct of Sinclair at the battle of Sherriff Muir was not inconsistent with his former life.

  23. Every man must look to it, that he takes this covenant (corde vacante) with a heart emptied of all covenants which are inconsistent with this.

  24. The bishops declined this expedient, as inconsistent with the episcopal authority, and the presidency of the archbishop.

  25. To this misinformation, therefore, must be imputed this step, which would otherwise be inconsistent with the general character and abilities of baron Dieskau.

  26. The leaders of the coalition treated separately with king James; made inconsistent demands; reciprocally concealed their negotiations; in a word, they distrusted and hated one another with the most implacable resentment.

  27. Spain exclaimed against the conduct of England, as inconsistent with the rules of good faith, for the observation of which she had always been so famous.

  28. Though mercy was denied to the criminal, the crown seemed determined to do nothing that should be thought inconsistent with law.

  29. There is no suggestion, in the affidavits, that any of the statements of fact contained in the notice are untrue, and there is nothing in its contents inconsistent with perfect good faith on the part of the relator.

  30. Such experts would then occupy their proper position of special counsel, advising and assisting the legal counsel and the court, but they would not be taken out of this sphere and put in the utterly inconsistent one of witnesses.

  31. All acts or parts of acts inconsistent with this are repealed (ib.

  32. The former law is repealed only so far as it is inconsistent with the foregoing act (ib.

  33. Heney has been and is attorney employed by said Water Company, and his attorneyship for such company is inconsistent with the holding of a place as Assistant District Attorney, and against the best interests of the people of San Francisco.

  34. The quality of being absurd or inconsistent with obvious truth, reason, or sound judgment.

  35. Of these terms, irrational is the weakest, denoting that which is plainly inconsistent with the dictates of sound reason; as, an irrational course of life.

  36. They seem often inconsistent, but observation will show that, however inconsistent their practice is with their professions, it is always consistent with their pride, as I have analyzed it in these pages.

  37. The Randal did not think it inconsistent with his chieftainship to wink at his host.

  38. But the son of the bishop was not smiling--he, in fact, seldom smiled; there was a certain breadth of expression associated with such a manifestation of feeling that was inconsistent with his ideas of subtlety of suggestion.

  39. Mr. Gee, which was inconsistent with the fact.

  40. The Scriptures know nothing of it, and it is inconsistent with the tone of moral repulsion in which they speak of Judas.

  41. It was inconsistent with Scripture: "How then shall the Scriptures be fulfilled, that thus it must be?

  42. It was inconsistent with His own purpose and His Father's will: "The cup which My Father hath given Me, shall I not drink it?

  43. The traditional conception is inconsistent with Christ's choice of him to be a disciple; and it is irreconcilable with the tragic greatness of his repentance.

  44. But it was with the high-strung eloquence with which He had spoken to His enemies that Jesus further showed Peter how inconsistent was his act.

  45. The world respects an out-and-out Christian; but neither God nor the world respects an inconsistent one.

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