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Example sentences for "inconsistencies"

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inconsiderate; inconsiderately; inconsiderateness; inconsideration; inconsistence; inconsistency; inconsistent; inconsistently; inconsolable; inconspicuous
  1. Of such inconsistencies is the soul capable!

  2. He had been observing, without reflecting upon, many facts in the lives of other men, experiences in his own heart, and apparent inconsistencies in the Bible.

  3. He was often conscious of the infinite mystery lying beyond his ken, but never of those frightful inconsistencies and contradictions in nature and life by which the soul is sooner or later paralyzed or at least bewildered.

  4. The actors seemed swayed by powers external to themselves, their movements exhibiting such gross inconsistencies as to make it impossible to predict, and almost impossible to guess them.

  5. Even the author who demands his own way should be shown his inconsistencies and slacknesses, if they exist.

  6. As blunders and inconsistencies creep into print everywhere, even when special care is taken to avoid them, the author expects this very work to be an example of the mistakes it warns others to avoid.

  7. The middle period, with all its inconsistencies in theory and practice, had nevertheless taught men some lessons.

  8. The practice is not uniform, as is evidenced in the inconsistencies in regard to regulations as to the marriage by the diplomatic agent.

  9. The inconsistencies in regard to jurisdiction over those naturalized or incompletely naturalized are gradually yielding to treaty provisions which distinctly determine the position of such persons.

  10. Tolstoi's inconsistencies are generally glossed over, because he professed the customary moral theories of the age, while Nietzsche has had to endure the most searching criticism because he did not.

  11. The perfect sage involuntarily idealises his opponent and frees his inconsistencies from all defects and accidentalities: he only takes up arms against him when he has thus turned his opponent into a god with shining weapons.

  12. As a candidate, the inconsistencies of a soldier politician were far outweighed by his picturesque and powerful personality.

  13. In truth these mistakes were really inconsistencies of the politician, and no more.

  14. But it was characteristic of this minute and painstaking observer to accumulate and set forth his results, unaffected by any apparent difficulties or inconsistencies which they might seem to involve.

  15. There was another class among the disputants about the Sabbath, who endeavored, by strict adherence to the Scriptures, to escape the difficulties and inconsistencies into which others had been led.

  16. This remark will be strengthened, if we consider to what inconsistencies the advocates of Sunday are driven.

  17. The inconsistencies of unsuccessful passion, the wanderings of a mind diseased, and a prey to irresistible desire, he has portrayed more touchingly and truthfully than any French poet before him, or even perhaps after him.

  18. The inconsistencies which here arise from the attempt to observe the unity of place, are obvious to the least discerning eye.

  19. He gave utterance to the inward struggles and inconsistencies of passion, with a truth and an energy which had never before been witnessed on the French stage.

  20. Many nurses acutely aware of the complexities, contradictions, and inconsistencies of their nursing worlds have struggled and used the positivistic method in research studies.

  21. What must he think of God, to search his word in quest of gross inconsistencies and grave contradictions!

  22. On our progress to Rome I saw similar inconsistencies in their behavior.

  23. From the confusion emerged a predominating sense of their many inconsistencies and of the haphazard irresponsibility and inconsequence of their states of mind and actions.

  24. Let us, therefore, not endeavour to deny any logical inconsistencies in his writings--inconsistencies which many other men since his time have equally shown.

  25. Let us look at a few other, not less irreconcilable, inconsistencies of his logic.

  26. Is it not rather likely that Bacon drew Shakspere's attention to the inconsistencies of Montaigne?

  27. It is only surprising that nobody should as yet have pointed out how unmistakeably, in that famous scene, the inconsistencies of the whimsical French writer are scourged.

  28. Eminent sinologues agree as to the impossibility of the conception of the Chinese mind and character as a whole, so glaring are the inconsistencies of the Chinese nature.

  29. Such are the inconsistencies into which the precipitate violence of Ponsonby has plunged us.

  30. It should also be remembered (for it serves to explain this, as well as many other apparent inconsistencies in his career) that Wesley attached very little value to the mere holding of right opinions.

  31. Renan can never speak of without admiration and enthusiasm is based on a self-contradiction and deluding falsehood, more dreadful in its moral inconsistencies than the grave.

  32. Some inconsistencies of statement, as, for instance, that between iii.

  33. There are clear indications that the books were not written in the order in which they stand; and a few inconsistencies of statement between the earlier and later books were left uncorrected at the time of the author's death.

  34. Some of these apparent inconsistencies of opinion may be explained on the supposition that Virgil changed his allegiance from one school to another during the composition of the Georgics.

  35. These inconsistencies show how little thought Virgil had for the objective consistency of his representation.

  36. Strong men are quite as liable as weak women are to sudden inconsistencies on any question they may have in common.

  37. Yet the crowning Inconsistency was that, from time to time, it was submitted to the sovereign people to declare if these various Inconsistencies were not really the perfect expression of the most perfect Government the world had known.

  38. Such inconsistencies betray a determination in the historian to speak of men according to his preconceived affection or prejudice, without so much as attempting to reconcile these sentiments to the facts which he can neither deny nor excuse.

  39. There is one particular way in which I think his inconsistencies have been dangerous to his career.

  40. His inconsistencies assume the appearance of shifts and dodges.

  41. Don't ever talk to me again about the inconsistencies of women.

  42. March had seen some pretty feminine inconsistencies and trepidations which once charmed him in his wife hardening into traits of middle-age which were very like those of less interesting older women.

  43. The recorder of verbal tradition religiously sets down its inconsistencies and leaves in the transfigured chronicle many tell-tale incidents and remarks which, like atrophied organs in an animal body, reveal its gradual formation.

  44. For the antiquary, versed in religious archæology, the Cathedral of Sens would appear, from the very inconsistencies and exuberance of its style, to be of great interest.

  45. These are but a few of the inconsistencies consequent upon the rage for foisting foreign local colour into a Shakespearian play.

  46. They are methods, moreover, which Elizabethan actors would have regarded as unintelligent, because they turned good drama into bad drama, and created inconsistencies between character and situation.

  47. But our stage Hamlets try to tone down the inconsistencies and imperfections of the character; they exploit his sentiments, but do not show his inclinations.

  48. If I were "fancy free" I should like to lecture in America on the inconsistencies of the Caucasian.

  49. In fact, while the Americans boast that everything American is the best, French customs are followed at banquets invariably, this being one of the strange inconsistencies of the Americans.

  50. Contemplating all these inconsistencies one is amazed, and the amazement is ever increasing as one delves deeper into the ways of the inconsistent American.

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