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Example sentences for "inconsistency"

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inconsiderately; inconsiderateness; inconsideration; inconsistence; inconsistencies; inconsistent; inconsistently; inconsolable; inconspicuous; inconspicuously
  1. Again, let us not be too ready to detect an inconsistency in our author, but rather let us teach ourselves to distinguish between inconsistency and having two sides to an opinion.

  2. The Cape Land Policy The pronounced inconsistency of the Cape representative on these Commissions is in harmony with the reaction which has set in as regards the Land Policy of the Cape.

  3. One daily paper showed some inconsistency in the matter.

  4. Our Massachusetts ancestors had a very good theoretical conception of its inconsistency and absurdity, as early as 1773; when the first glimmerings of independence began to come over the spirit of their dreams.

  5. But Democrats seeing the inconsistency of Republicans, did advocate our cause, present our petitions in Congress, and frank our documents to all parts of the country.

  6. The distinguished Senators from Massachusetts and from Illinois must make their own defense against the assumed inconsistency of their position.

  7. To make its inconsistency still greater, the court in this case declares that "allegiance and protection are reciprocal obligations.

  8. The reasons for occasional appearance of inconsistency will be afterwards explained, and the English and French forms given in each case are the terms which would be used in answering the rapid question, 'Of what order is this flower?

  9. We are reproached for the inconsistency of believing in a Power we cannot comprehend, and endowing him with attributes of which we can form no just conceptions.

  10. It is a striking illustration of the inconsistency of the modern clergy that they quote, in reference to a salaried ministry, the words ascribed to Jesus (Matt.

  11. It virtually charges Jesus with the inconsistency of giving information upon one subject when his disciples desired information upon another.

  12. He saw in the whole course of war nothing but bold iniquity and crass inconsistency of nations which professed to be Christian.

  13. It was addressed to the elders of the Friends to direct their attention to "the inconsistency of compelling people and their posterity to serve them continually and arbitrarily, and without any proper recompense for their services.

  14. This inconsistency of will our practical reason condemns as irrational, even apart from any judgment of approbation or disapprobation on either volition considered by itself.

  15. Accordingly the aim of his teaching is not to induce men to choose duty rather than interest, but to convince them that there is no inconsistency between the two; that self-love and conscience lead "to one and the same course of life.

  16. I have been careful not to exaggerate the doubtfulness and inconsistency of Common Sense: should it turn out to be more doubtful and inconsistent than I have represented it, my argument will only be strengthened.

  17. Your inconsistency would have provoked such intense exasperation, that it would have led to ten times more evil, ten times more resistance to the law, than your Crimes Act could possibly have availed to check.

  18. There is every presumption, as well as every sign, that like fluctuation and inconsistency crept into his words and acts as to the liberation of the country; and this, if it was so, could not but produce ruinous effects.

  19. They are too startling for himself, as well as for his readers, in their naked deformity; and with a noble inconsistency he clutches at these 'dogmas' to save himself from sinking into the abyss of moral scepticism.

  20. On this inconsistency however I need not dwell.

  21. Mentu did not go so far, because he saw the inconsistency in such procedure, but he shook his head and pondered and was not wholly satisfied with many things in the Osirian creed.

  22. She knew that Kenkenes was without, waiting for her, and with the delightful inconsistency of maidenhood, she dreaded while she longed to meet her beloved again.

  23. She denounced him for saying such a thing as that, and for his inconsistency in complaining of lovers while he was willing to think of young married people.

  24. No doubt there was a wrong there, an inconsistency and an injustice that he felt keenly; but it could not be reached in his way without greater wrong.

  25. There is an inconsistency to be avoided between the memorandum we make of the inferences which may be justly drawn in future cases, and the inferences we actually draw in those cases when they arise.

  26. Whether there would be this inconsistency or not, may be a matter of long and delicate inquiry; but unless there would, we have no sufficient ground for the major of the inductive syllogism.

  27. I was disgusted with littleness in some instances, and with inconsistency in others.

  28. This is the voice of nature and truth, and not of inconsistency and false pretence.

  29. Trying to avoid at once inconsistency and scandal, he quietly and circumspectly sought to make affirmation.

  30. In what possible way can the circumstance of the ladies wearing masks lessen the inconsistency pointed out by Steevens?

  31. Therefore, even if the masking be admitted, it can in no way lessen the inconsistency of the cross questions, which to me appears to have arisen from a most palpable instance of clerical or typographical transposition.

  32. With the noble inconsistency of a generous heart, he began to regard Judy dead with a tenderness he had never been able to feel for Judy living.

  33. It was all a part of the terrible and yet useful perversity of life--of the perversity that enables a human being to pass from inconsistency to inconsistency without pausing in his course to reflect on his folly.

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "inconsistency" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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