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  1. The quotient of this, when divided by T0, is Q/T, and this represents the quantity of entropy associated with Q units of heat at temperature T.

  2. The increase of entropy is independent of the temperature of the auxiliary medium.

  3. Moreover, when a body is heated, the increase of entropy is the factor which determines how much of the energy imparted to the body is unavailable for conversion into work under given conditions.

  4. When diffusion takes place between two gases inside a closed vessel at uniform pressure and temperature no energy in the form of heat or work is received from without, and hence the entropy gained by the gases from without is zero.

  5. The entropy is regarded as measured from some standard temperature and pressure.

  6. The increase of entropy from the first state to the second state is got by dividing the heat given to the substance, namely, 960 B.

  7. The summation is defined as the increase in entropy between the initial and the final states.

  8. As the Lavoisier braked some of its tremendous velocity by the opening of the entropy dissipators, the fleet appeared heading for a small galaxy with a group of yellow stars near its outer rim.

  9. The entropy dissipators absorbed the flaming energy of the ships' flight and dispersed it into space to recreate the infinitesimal particles that had been broken down to obtain that energy.

  10. Entropy is known as constantly increasing, remaining constant only in an ideal limiting case.

  11. While mass and entropy are determined univocally by a unit and a number, quantity of electricity has a unit, a number and a sign, for it can be positive as well as negative.

  12. The entropy of a system always tends towards a maximum value.

  13. In this volume I have endeavoured to give as much of the science of energetics as can be treated without the use of mathematical formulae; the conception of entropy and Carnot's law of thermodynamics are also discussed.

  14. In this way is best seen the utter tautology of a statement that the entropy of the world increases with the time.

  15. That the entropy of the world tends toward a maximum.

  16. If we could really determine the entropy of the world it would represent a true, absolute measure of time.

  17. It is to be remarked further, that the expressions "energy of the world" and "entropy of the world" are slightly permeated with scholasticism.

  18. In chemical reactions, for example, the entropy increases without the substances borrowing any heat.

  19. It is very evident that the theorem can only be worth applying in cases where the entropy can be exactly defined; but, even when thus limited, the field still remains vast, and the harvest which we can there reap is very abundant.

  20. A graver difficulty proceeds from its not being possible to define a difference, or an equality, of entropy between two bodies chemically different.

  21. Entropy appears, then, as a magnitude measuring in a certain way the evolution of a system, or, at least, as giving the direction of this evolution.

  22. The change of entropy is, properly speaking, the most characteristic fact of a thermal change.

  23. When a perfect gas dilates in a vacuum its entropy increases, and yet the temperature does not change, and the gas has neither been able to give nor receive heat.

  24. In the phenomena habitually dealt with, this number is such that, practically, the variation of entropy in a constant sense takes, so to speak, the character of absolute certainty.

  25. The 'beta' plane is a constant level entropy universe--completely without life of its own.

  26. The entropy level, of course, is vastly higher than that of our own universe.

  27. Although beta is at a higher entropy level than our universe, we can't use that energy, except to provide power for the stitching process itself.

  28. The third shield was akin to the anti-entropy field, which stopped all matter .

  29. Mirrors of anti-entropy shifted, assumed different angles, and the Invincible sheered off.

  30. Your anti-entropy didn't stand a chance under those conditions.

  31. The representatives of the theory of entropy are quite correct as long as they confine themselves to distinct processes, in which, under certain conditions, the latent heat cannot be reconverted into work.

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