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Example sentences for "entrusted"

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  1. The means of investigation were at first inconsiderately entrusted to foreigners, to the prejudice of Frenchmen abounding in intelligence and zeal.

  2. This course was entrusted to a retired ecclesiastic, the Abbé Verdier, a very respectable man, but whose knowledge went no further than the elementary course of La Caille.

  3. Ritchie (now Judge Ritchie), whom they entrusted in the reference as their representative, could have been left in ignorance on so important a point?

  4. They require great care and skill, and take a long time; and it may safely be said that any trustworthy binder entrusted with such work, which is quite out of the ordinary schedule, is fully justified in charging highly for it.

  5. All work entrusted to us is under the supervision of Mr. J.

  6. Following the custom of the times, the supervision of the industry was entrusted to the "Wardens of the Company of Leathersellers in London.

  7. The savages and the child are precisely in the same state; it is the negligence of society, of those entrusted with their education, that renders both the one and the other wicked.

  8. It may be certain, too, that postal communications were not all entrusted to the famous relay runners, regarding whose marvellous stamina the Roman records tell us.

  9. He took especial Care to conceal it even from his own Family, one Servant only, in whose Secresy he greatly confided, being entrusted therewith.

  10. The man came, and after consultation the friend advised that the jewels should be entrusted to certain Bristol merchants, who being men of wealth and credit, no suspicion would be aroused if they disposed of them.

  11. The Queen accepted Mr. Gladstone's resignation by telegram, and entrusted Lord Salisbury with the task of forming a new Cabinet.

  12. The campaign had to be limited to the cool season; it was entrusted to Sir Garnet Wolseley, who well sustained the reputation he had earned in the Red River Expedition in 1870.

  13. The first official publication of the Declaration of Independence, with the signers' names attached, was entrusted by Congress, at that time sitting in Baltimore, to Miss Goddard.

  14. For some time I, who was entrusted with the case, was altogether at fault; but at last, as often happens, a coincidence threw me on the scent.

  15. The blame really attaches to those whom she entrusted with the execution of her design.

  16. He entrusted the subjection of the latter to a Saxon Count, Hermann Billung, and marched himself against the former.

  17. He left behind him a grandson, Athalaric, only ten years old, to whose mother, Amalasunta, was entrusted the regency during his minority.

  18. Bavaria, and determined that the Catholic and Imperial cause should not be entrusted to Tilly alone.

  19. He entrusted the siege of the place to Maurice of Saxony, and returned to Bavaria, in order to be nearer Italy.

  20. The organization of the Prussian army was entrusted to Prince Leopold of Dessau, who distinguished himself at Turin, under Prince Eugene.

  21. As a ruler, however, he was equally careless and despotic, and his government was often entrusted to the hands of unworthy agents.

  22. I am not sure that he holds much with chocolates, although he is entrusted with so many boxes that he has learnt to look on them with kindly tolerance.

  23. No taint must touch that spotless life with which God had entrusted him!

  24. He had been entrusted with the indelicate duty of obtaining a knighthood for a certain gentleman of no conspicuous ability--a gentleman who was quite down to the level of the usual candidates for Knighthood.

  25. I don't think that I would have kept it if he had entrusted it to me before he had suffered his imprisonment," said Sir Creighton.

  26. He was to be entrusted with great powers, and be made a Lion of the Lord to lead them to their rightful glory.

  27. He would send to these children of earth his oldest son, entrusted with the mission of redeeming them, and only faith in the name of this son would secure the favour of the father.

  28. He bought over two of her French femmes de chambre to give her poison in raw oysters; and they afterwards withheld from her the antidote which had been entrusted to their care.

  29. The Chevalier Schaub, who was employed in State affairs by Stanhope, the English Minister, brought with him a secretary, to whom the Prince of Wales had entrusted sixty guineas, to be paid to a M.

  30. On Benedetti had fallen the task of presenting the new demands to the King; it was one of the most ungrateful of the many unpleasant duties which had been entrusted to him during the last few years.

  31. It would have been impossible for him, had he at that time been entrusted with the government of the State, entirely to put into practice what he had said from his place in the Chamber.

  32. He was entrusted with the management of the Press.

  33. It then becomes an instrument of torture and a menace for the life of the youthful minds entrusted to the teachers' care.

  34. The dean soon loved his nephew as if he had been his son; delighted with his sprightliness, he entrusted his education to a schoolmaster who in a short time taught him all that he knew himself.

  35. This conciliatory individual was entrusted with the conference.

  36. Zuinglius replied, "So long as God permits, I will perform the task which he has entrusted to me, without fearing the world and its proud tyrants.

  37. My brother has at last yielded to his entreaties, and entrusted him with an independent command.

  38. At the same time he entrusted General Gourgaud with an autograph letter to the Prince Regent, directing him to take it to England and deliver it into the Prince’s own hands.

  39. He, however, entrusted this duty to a corporal and four miners.

  40. As soon as he had opportunity he presented himself at the palace, and sent in the bracelet, neatly packed in a little perfumed box provided by himself, giving at the same time the message entrusted to him by Wali Dad.

  41. The prince now went back to the village, and told the old man that he was setting out on a long journey, and begged him not to be anxious, and to keep safe the goods which had been entrusted to him.

  42. A few days later she entrusted her affairs to her vazir, and made preparation to go with the prince to his own country.

  43. He had a deep sympathy for the people entrusted to his care, but he successfully concealed it from them.

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