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Example sentences for "short time"

  • A real honest effort to remove the just grievances of the 22 million Afro-Americans must be made immediately or in a short time it will be too late.

  • In 1935 the Wagner Act protected the rights of labor unions, but because most unions practiced racial discrimination, it served indirectly to undercut the status of the Negro worker for a short time.

  • Immediately after the Civil War, the flow reversed directions for a short time.

  • The violence which, for a short time, had helped the Klan to grow, would eventually contribute to its decline.

  • Two hundred and fifty more were lying, badly wounded, in the hospitals; of whom seventy or eighty died within a short time afterwards.

  • Here the friends, for a short time, separated.

  • Yet the victories of Julian suspended, for a short time, the inroads of the Barbarians, and delayed the ruin of the Western Empire.

  • The two men being well used to it, did a great deal in a short time; and Mrs Jarley served out the tin tacks from a linen pocket like a toll-collector's which she wore for the purpose, and encouraged her assistants to renewed exertion.

  • They became a little more composed in a short time, and went away, not so much hand in hand as clinging to each other.

  • In a short time, each had its cheerful fire glowing and crackling on the hearth, and reddening the pale old wall with a hale and healthy blush.

  • And within a short time after, he took Athens itself, burnt all the ships which he found there, and demolished their long walls.

  • Bassanio proving successful in his suit, Portia in a short time consented to accept of him for a husband.

  • Sebastian assented to this proposal; and when the marriage ceremony was over, he left his lady for a short time intending to go and tell his friend Antonio the good fortune that he had met with.

  • It is so easily made that every operator can provide himself with it in a short time, and at little expense.

  • After remaining a short time, it assumes a blue color; take it out, rinse freely with pure water, then dry with a spirit lamp, and it is ready for buffing.

  • If in summer, you can open your box and set it in sunshine a few minutes; or if in winter, set it under a stove a short time.

  • After shaking it a short time, the water is rapidly and strongly colored.

  • But you see, I only met the Princess a short time ago, and there would be no use in raising trouble, unless she will make me her Knight!

  • Fully as handsome, and so far as can be seen in such a short time, quite as fine," said mother.

  • For a minute I felt better; but it was a short time.

  • This excellent workman received, a short time ago, a very kind letter from the superintendent of the royal household, which I read.

  • In a short time it changes colour; the lead becomes yellow, and is found to be converted into excellent gold: the iron becomes white, and is found to be pure silver.

  • His reputation was so great, that his study was continually thronged, either with visitors who were persons of distinction, or with clients who came to him for advice, and in a short time he acquired a considerable fortune.

  • This vegetable is a sign that you will receive, in a short time, a favour from the hands of those from whom you would least expect it.

  • Frederick fled to Breslau, where, however, he only remained a short time.

  • Gaining possession of them in a short time, he turned upon the enemy the full fire of their own cannon.

  • It endeavors to produce a great deal in a short time, because the greater the amount of products, and the shorter the time of production, the less each product costs.

  • But the banker lends for a short time only, while the usurer's loan may be for one, two, three, or more years.

  • Gray; to hear his objections, to reply to them, and to await his definitive response, which reached me but a short time ago; for M.

  • Do you think it surprising, sir, that, among them all, I was for a short time a Fourierist?

  • In a short time, the soil is thoroughly changed; the mellowed earth waits only for the seed.

  • They enabled him to set to work with his usual zeal, and in the course of a short time he was able to execute, con amore, the commission of the Brothers Grant.

  • After he left "Mammy Smith's, he went for a short time to the original High School.

  • I spent but a short time in Stockholm, but quite sufficient to enable me to see much that was grandly beautiful in its neighbourhood.

  • He was so successful that in a short time he was enabled to repay his excellent friend Miller the #500 which he had so generously lent him a few years before.

  • I was soon bowling along the lava paved road, and in a short time I arrived at Naples.

  • She returned in a short time, and said: "He says you may come upstairs.

  • Apparently taking up another subject, she recommenced in a short time.

  • The bullet detainer also lasted only a short time only.

  • He sells a chemical liquid which discharges inflammation, scalds, and burns, in a short time, and is necessary to be kept in all families.

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