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amors; amortisation; amortization; amost; amou; amounte; amounted; amounteth; amounting; amounts
  1. It was a hard struggle, and there were many days of stern self-denial and stringent economy ere the required amount could be obtained.

  2. He was a careful observer of all he saw done, and hence he acquired a great amount of information.

  3. Mr. Braham had made a promise to pay a large amount on this condition, and it had fallen on him to fulfil his word.

  4. Anne, who did not like Peter, had decided not to ask him to stay, but Peter had calmly taken his usual place, and had annoyed Anne with his familiar questioning of Hong as to the amount of butter needed in batter bread.

  5. It doesn't amount to much, but honestly I think it will be a good thing for you to do it.

  6. No," Walker was saying, "the hazing doesn't amount to anything much in Winthrop.

  7. At eleven, he halted at a farm house, some miles north of the town, got a job on the woodpile, and astonished the farmer by the amount of birch he could saw in an hour.

  8. Three millions and a half of acres are there covered with tea-bushes; and the entire produce of these acres in tea, is fifty times as large as the amount which is consumed in England.

  9. Another equally qualified to judge, familiar with all the Old World museums, declared that nowhere in his travels had he seen such an amount of original work done as here.

  10. It contains an immense amount of British information, in three hundred and twenty closely packed pages.

  11. Tea contains too a large amount of a true flesh-making substance, of a nature very closely resembling that of the meal of beans or peas.

  12. He sent a haughty message to the Kremlin, demanding tribute from the citizens, which he obtained to the amount of three thousand roubles, a sum equivalent to not less than thirty thousand dollars in our day.

  13. What does a woman's calculation amount to?

  14. We will settle on the amount of alimony right here and now.

  15. She, on her side, used frequently to protest when there was no need for protestation, that she loved all her nine children with exactly the same amount of affection.

  16. I learned to twang the guitar with a certain amount of skill, and vied with my brother Gasparo in improvising rhymed verses, which I sang to music in our hours of recreation.

  17. No amount of apologetical rhetoric could have broken down his arguments.

  18. In fairness to Gozzi, it is necessary to observe that this resolution indicated no small amount of chivalry and courage.

  19. Even independent of its amount of evil as a crime, or the evils still greater than itself which necessarily accompany it, there is nothing that so petrifies the feeling as illicit connection.

  20. Think of the amount of money that has been invested in superstition!

  21. Did Moses intend to convey such a meaning, or did he believe that God took a sufficient amount of dust, made it the proper shape, and breathed into it the breath of life?

  22. In this way a vast amount of trouble, pain and suffering would have been saved.

  23. As soon as the half hide was dry, I rubbed elk brains and liver well into it, and then, rolling it up, laid it away for a couple of days until the mixture could neutralize the large amount of glue that is in all hides.

  24. There, breaking it into fine pieces and thawing it, we added a small amount of water, and worked it into a stiff paste of the right consistency, as we thought, for moulding.

  25. And Jack could amount to something, if he wanted to.

  26. Hell's broke loose; that's the amount of it.

  27. If he ever means to amount to anything, he's got to fight, and fight hard, too.

  28. I should think it was a very grave question whether any amount of good could ever really balance one conscious evil act.

  29. She had managed, with some tact, to obtain a certain amount of information from the delighted gipsy girl.

  30. Then, with a wonderful amount of forethought for her, she emptied the contents of a little purse into a tiny gingham bag, which she fastened inside the front of her dress.

  31. But weak and ill as Nan still was, Mrs Willis felt that an undue amount of spoiling was good for no one.

  32. No amount of cleverness attained them; they were altogether dependent on conduct.

  33. Therefore the position of a sculptured object with respect to the window or other skylight and the amount of light reflected from the surroundings are important.

  34. All this time its luminous efficiency is increasing, because it is radiating not only an increasing percentage of visible radiant energy but an increasing amount of the most effective luminous energy.

  35. The search-light beam as it bores through the atmosphere at night is usually faintly bright, owing to the small amount of fog, dust, and smoke in the air.

  36. It greatly increases the intensity of light obtainable from a given amount of fuel and it is a fairly compact bright source which makes it possible to direct the light to some degree by means of optical systems.

  37. Later he greatly improved the mantles by purifying the oxides and finally achieved his great triumph by adding a slight amount of ceria, an oxide of cerium.

  38. A vast amount of experimenting will be necessary and artists and public alike must learn.

  39. At the present time a certain amount of light obtained for $1.

  40. The intensity of other light-sources was represented in terms of the number of candles or fraction of a candle which gave the same amount of light.

  41. This increase of four times in the intensity of illumination involved an increase in consumption of electrical energy of three times the original amount at an increase in cost equal to 1.

  42. In order to obtain the cost of an equivalent amount of light throughout the past century a great many factors must be considered.

  43. For example, at a north window in which the direct sunlight may not enter throughout the day, the amount of sunlight which enters by reflection from adjacent buildings and other objects may vary greatly.

  44. It is easy to make a special fixture which will send a component of light downward to the table and will permit a small amount of diffused light to the ceiling and walls.

  45. The gas is fed into the mixing tube under this higher pressure in a manner which also draws in an adequate amount of air.

  46. Man has found that eight hours of sleep is sufficient to keep him fit for work if he has a sufficient amount of recreation.

  47. Adverse contemporary criticism, however, is slight in amount and vague in character; it can be readily dismissed, and it has in no case weight enough to demand much consideration.

  48. It owed sums of money, which were vast in amount for those days, both at home and abroad, and it could not pay these debts, nor was there any provision for them.

  49. Since the taking of the Bastille, "the municipality's waste alone amount to two hundred millions.

  50. The balances reported, of which the largest portion is already paid into the vaults of the National Treasury, amount to twenty millions one hundred and sixty-six thousand three hundred and thirty livres.

  51. We take the possessions of the communes up to the amount of their indebtedness.

  52. A new estimate is made, each farmer being obliged to state the amount of his crop; verification, confiscation in case of inaccurate declarations, and orders to thrash out the sheaves.

  53. The Terror party does not exist here, or, if it does exist, it does not amount to much: out of twenty thousand inhabitants there are not six who can legitimately be suspected of belonging to it.

  54. His men had taken a large amount of loot from Taitsan, and were anxious to dispose of it, and their young General, much against his will, had to accept the inevitable.

  55. As far as Gordon was concerned, his lordship might have saved himself the trouble, as £100 of the amount was generously bestowed by him on Mahomet, his old blind secretary at Cairo.

  56. We had practically broken up the Egyptian army, and virtually become the rulers of the country, so we as a nation had a certain amount of responsibility in the matter.

  57. Gordon had the courage of his convictions, and no amount of pressure, no weight of public opinion, could deter him when once the path of duty was clear.

  58. And so it was, for the Rakshas owned a vast amount of treasure, and the whole house was full of it.

  59. Vicram Maharajah then caused excavations to be made below the tower, under which he found an immense amount of treasure.

  60. She then ordered the people to dig him out of his hole, and in it they found a vast amount of treasure--gold, silver and jewels.

  61. So, by never showing that he was afraid, this brave Pundit saved his family from being eaten by these Demons, and also got a vast amount of treasure.

  62. There are other little things that have a certain amount of influence.

  63. On a long trip into the bush the outfit is sure to get a certain amount of rough usage; a pack strap may give way or the packer may stumble or slip and down goes the pack.

  64. Taken in reasonable amount these drinks will do no harm, but they should never be used to the exclusion of water.

  65. As he grew older he visited various parts of the United States and Canada, and being a keen observer, picked up a vast amount of information about life in the woods and fields.

  66. The amount of stockings required will depend somewhat on the constitution of the man who wears them; for one traveler can keep the feet warm with what would not be sufficient for another.

  67. We now close the rear end of the stove by bending three inches of the sides into a right angle, the same amount of the top being bent down.

  68. With but few exceptions, then, everything which will not stand a reasonable amount of rough handling has no right to a place on the outer's list.

  69. It is said these reformations will amount to eighty millions.

  70. Were we to charge all this to the Algerine war, it would amount to little more than we must pay if we buy peace.

  71. It would seem right, that they should decide the claims of those who have acted under their administration, and their pretermission of any article, might amount to a disallowance of it in the opinion of the new government.

  72. I will answer your draft to this amount and purpose, or you may retain it out of any monies you may propose to pay me for admiral Jones.

  73. I gave him full powers as to the amount and manner of subsisting them.

  74. I have, therefore, recommended to them in writing, to give you bonds to the amount of your balance, if you choose to take them, rather than to wait.

  75. I have inquired here into the usual amount of it.

  76. A single feast cost Philadelphus more than half a million of pounds sterling, and he had accumulated treasures to the amount of seven hundred and forty thousand talents, or about eight hundred and sixty million dollars.

  77. Altogether he seems to have been one of the greatest geniuses of antiquity, and his works imply a prodigious amount of calculation.

  78. In America, however, it has been my misfortune that I did not have the right amount handy; and here in Paris I was handicapped by my inability to make change correctly.

  79. In London even royalty is mercifully vouchsafed a reasonable amount of privacy from the intrusion of the gimlet eye and the chisel nose.

  80. This time the amount was made right and our friend handed over in payment a fifty-franc note.

  81. It would seem also to be requisite to its proper playing that each player shall have a red coat and a full spade beard, and a tremendous amount of speed and skill.

  82. M'sieur, the correct amount of the bill is two-francs-ten.

  83. I really did not have the heart to tell him that I was not solely responsible--that I had, so to speak, collaborators; but Lubly stood ready always to accord me a proper amount of recognition for everything that happened on that ship.

  84. However, the amount required for the mere feeding plants is not large, (much less than one per cent.

  85. Flour which contains much gluten, makes light, porous bread, and is preferred by bakers, because it absorbs so large an amount of water.

  86. Thus we see, that it is hardly fair to accuse the lime of exhausting the soil, when it only improves its character, and increases the amount of its yield.

  87. This coal, so long as it retains its present form, is lost to the vegetable kingdom, and each ton that is burned, by being changed into carbonic acid, adds to the ability of the atmosphere to support an increased amount of vegetation.

  88. It may be necessary to apply the brine at intervals of a day or two, and to stir the mass often, as the amount of water is too great to be readily absorbed.

  89. Amount of Inorganic Matter removed from the soil by ten bushels of grains, etc.

  90. If the clover had been removed, and the roots only left to decay, the amount of carbon deposited would still have been very great.

  91. From the amount of debris we may infer that most of the rooms were but one story in height; and a reasonable estimate of the total number of rooms in the village when it was occupied would make the number not greater than 300 rooms.

  92. It will also be noticed that the amount of debris is small, and that it consists principally of rounded river bowlders.

  93. It will be noticed that the stones are of very irregular shape, rendering a considerable amount of chinking necessary to produce even a fair result, and that the stones are exceptionally large.

  94. This cavity would hold 15 to 20 gallons of water, a sufficient amount to supply the needs of an ordinary Indian family for three weeks or a mouth.

  95. Its northern or outer edge is a trifle higher than the space between it and the village proper and is marked by several large bowlders and a small amount of debris.

  96. From the large amount of data here a fairly complete idea of this phase of pueblo life may be obtained.

  97. Eight times that gave one hundred and sixty yards-- the probable amount of cord they should require.

  98. Drawing near to it, he stood for some seconds contemplating it in silence--as if reflecting on the vast amount of seam he had stitched to no purpose.

  99. Oh, yes; many things would answer to make a balloon, that might carry up a certain amount of weight.

  100. By this process I can find a pound, an ounce, or any amount required.

  101. Equally fortunate was it, that the amount of overbalance was exceedingly slight--otherwise he might have been dashed with violence to the earth!

  102. On the contrary, it is very desirable that the scale adopted for payment of the concerts, should equally be applied to the payment of extra performances in the theatre, which demand the same amount of time and energy.

  103. I do wish that instead of being obliged to dress, and to go through a vast amount of music, I were going across to you.

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