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Example sentences for "drinks"

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drinkest; drinketh; drinkin; drinking; drinkings; drip; dripped; dripping; drippings; drips
  1. In spite of the four hours which the party took coming from the Quartermaster's stores, the system of packing stood the test, and gave the men in the line the great benefit of warm drinks and warm food.

  2. At Brookwood the ladies of the district are dispensing hot drinks and buns.

  3. Before having her drinks she is unelated and uninformed like a corpse coldly electrified by a storage battery.

  4. As she drinks and drinks on she remains outwardly unchanged as the way is with her race--but within!

  5. They tell me God has taken away the beer and also the skittles and left me only pieces of bread and drinks of water.

  6. His insanity may be the effect of pombe, of which he drinks largely, and his people may have told him that the Arabs were plotting with Goambari.

  7. And there is the thimble of Dear Love that she has given me to carry drinks of water to the folks in the hospital.

  8. I looked looks about for the little bucket I do carry drinks of water in to my friends.

  9. One drinks in so much inspiration while one is dabbling one's toes in a willow creek.

  10. One used to serve drinks in the bar, the other kept the billiard-table.

  11. The natives aver that the koala never drinks water.

  12. That is to say, a man with a cheque, or a sum of money in his possession, hands it over to the publican, and calls for drinks for himself and his friends, until the publican tells him he has drunk out his cheque.

  13. The Nut who throws highest keeps the whole of the subscribed capital, and out of it pays for the drinks of the rest.

  14. Dirt, dishonesty, and morning drinks are his vices.

  15. It is very bad that soldiers should be dirty, bad also that they should treat their captains with familiarity, and desire to exchange drinks with the majors.

  16. A natural taste for hot liquid foods and drinks is common to all races of men, and they may be traced in the soups of meat and fish, and in their decoctions or infusions of vegetable leaves, seeds, barks, etc.

  17. They were served with innumerable drinks as rapidly as the liquor could be brought.

  18. Come on an' have a flock of drinks on us.

  19. And a similar principle applies to the human belly; for when meats and drinks enter it, it holds them, but it cannot hold air and fire, because the particles of which they consist are smaller than its own structure.

  20. The hog is dull and stupid, refuses food, but drinks water frequently.

  21. The horse as a rule eats and drinks ravenously when the first signs of staggers are noticed, but in its latter stages the tongue and gullet become paralyzed and although the animal attempts to eat and drink he cannot swallow.

  22. Soon as she climbs the spicy funeral pyre Joyful she drinks the sun, and mounting higher, Now, now the ground her wings victorious strike, And her own ashes.

  23. By her own Zephyr thirsty Earth unbound Drinks eagerly the showers which fall all round; While Flora, sitting where tall trees appear, Lists, O how happily!

  24. It was at once accepted, and leaving the accused in the hands of an improvised constable, the jury entered the house and partook of the drinks which its bar afforded.

  25. So, after the jurors had taken their drinks and were talking pleasantly together, I slipped out of the building and approaching the man, said to him, "What is the case against you?

  26. Political economy, for example, shows me how to buy two drinks for the same price I used to pay for one; while art inspires me to transmute a pewter mug into a Cellini goblet.

  27. There ought to be a summer garden like the Parc Monceau, open at night, where one would hear very good music while sipping cool drinks under the trees.

  28. A hot thirst, a summer evening's thirst assailed him, and he fancied the delightful sensation of cool drinks flowing across his palate.

  29. Ten days ago, in another city, fifteen of us boys met at the supper table in the hotel and one of them bet the drinks for the crowd with another one.

  30. He's mad at everybody, drinks like er fish and swears ter beat der cars," said Jimmie.

  31. He was honest in his weeping, but he had too many drinks aboard and his snores soon told their own story.

  32. The other mornin' about four o'clock he came in here and got a couple of drinks and he was so mad he was cryin'.

  33. Bill staggered into Fagin's and took two more big drinks and then followed Jimmie across the street.

  34. He had several drinks aboard, but was not in the least intoxicated.

  35. If they wanted the money for bread for the children they could not get it; but drinks go any time.

  36. Neither spoke of the two drinks to her and she was very happy as she thought of the wonderful things ahead of her.

  37. Bill went to Fagin's and got three big drinks without money, on the strength of Moore's death.

  38. Fagin give 'm four big drinks and er bottle ter start on, den steered him fer der meetin'.

  39. He drinks deeply himself; in part to celebrate the occasion of such a grand stroke of business done, but as much to drown his disappointment at the captives not yet having come in.

  40. He now drinks to drown his chagrin at having played it so badly.

  41. The first drinks swallowed, Quantrell calls for another round; and then a third is ordered, by some one else, who pays, or promises to pay for it.

  42. Each man was allowed three drinks a day and no more.

  43. But you always had a way of mixing your drinks over-night and growling in the morning.

  44. No man loves without satiety, no man drinks wine without return of thirst.

  45. When a man drinks his first cup of pleasure his soul is filled with the unutterable joy that comes with a first, a fresh sensation.

  46. Before Infield could move, Reggie came and set both drinks on a little circular tray.

  47. You ask me to bring you drinks and then you just look at them.

  48. Cupples, you may think you have a strong constitution, and I don't say you have not, but I warn you that this habit of mixing drinks has been the death of many a robuster man than you.

  49. Then you left him telephoning by the open window, with the lights on, and the drinks on the table; is that it?

  50. He that eats the bread and drinks the wine in a right spirit, will find himself drawn into closer communion with Christ, and will feel to know Him more, and understand Him better.

  51. The man who walks up to the Communion rail, and eats the bread and drinks the wine, while his heart is far away, is committing a great sin, and robbing himself of a great blessing.

  52. The man who walks up to a communion rail, and eats the bread and drinks the wine, as a mere matter of form, because his minister tells him, without any clear idea of what it all means, derives no benefit.

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