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Example sentences for "bread"

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  1. I saw him drop his bread and butter and 'lasses on the ground once, and he picked it right up and ate it.

  2. A truly New England Saturday night supper was almost always served by Mrs. MacCall--baked beans, brown bread and codfish cakes.

  3. A few years ago there dwelt in humble obscurity among the granite hills of New England, earning his bread by the sweat of his brow upon his father's farm, a youth to fortune and to fame unknown.

  4. Tony says his candles comes to more than his bread and meat, or, rather, his rice and crawfish.

  5. The monk reappeared and had them to the refectory where they were served with ale and bread and cheese.

  6. He took the crust of bread that he had saved from yesterday and ate it as he walked.

  7. They gave Somerville and his man bread and ale, and then the three said farewell.

  8. Madman’s whip and bread and water and a chain!

  9. This hustling bunch of ants would carry away half a loaf of bread in a few hours.

  10. Reluctantly, Rogers gave up his search and rejoined his companion, who was already making steady inroads upon the baked beans, bread and pickles that comprised the evening meal.

  11. Herr Brechenmacher broke the bread into his plate, smeared it round with his fork and chewed greedily.

  12. He stuffed his mouth with bread and then swilled it down with the coffee.

  13. She sprang to her feet, poured his coffee into an enamel cup, and gave him bread and a knife, then, taking a wash rag from the sink, smeared over the black linoleumed table.

  14. Take the baby into the kitchen with you, and heat that cold coffee on the spirit lamp for the master, and give him the loaf of black bread out of the table drawer.

  15. We broke the bread into the bowls, added the cream, and stirred it round with flat wooden spoons, the landlord and his wife standing by.

  16. They wiped their forks upon black bread and started again.

  17. He would tell me his dreams, asking after each sentence for "his nice, warm bread and milk, with plenty of sugar.

  18. Let us pick up the fragments, and not grumble too much; every day brings us with its bread its ration of happiness.

  19. I could eat it all and then some bread and then some haricots, and then--" He is insatiable when he has his napkin under his chin, and it is a happiness to see the pleasure he feels in working his jaws.

  20. There was some straw in a corner, which was all she had for a bed, and they gave her a very little bit of black bread to eat.

  21. She rose up and wandered through this enchanted place, till she came to a baker's oven full of bread, and the bread called out to her as she passed: 'Oh!

  22. Supper was soon spread for her under a shady tree, and she invited the Prince to share the cream and brown bread which the old woman provided.

  23. He threw down the three little bits of bread and a hare came out and ate them.

  24. When she reached the baker's oven the bread called out as before: 'Oh!

  25. The girl however left her no peace, so she was forced at last to give in, but she insisted on her putting on a beautiful fur cloak, and she gave her bread and butter and cakes to eat on the way.

  26. I will have a bit of this bread for myself,' said he.

  27. You are a great Princess, accustomed to fare daintily, and I have nothing to offer you but black bread and radishes, which will not suit you at all.

  28. So Cinderlad pulled out the consecrated bread and the flask of wine, and showed them to the King.

  29. The man did this; when he had got the bits of bread he first plucked out one feather.

  30. I am sure that bread and water shared with Fanfaronade will please me far better than roast chicken and sweetmeats with anybody else.

  31. Snowdrop felt so hungry and so thirsty that she ate a bit of bread and a little porridge from each plate, and drank a drop of wine out of each tumbler.

  32. When she had finished her bread they gave her a broom and told her to sweep away the snow from the back door.

  33. A glass of whisky, with again bread and cheese.

  34. The goodwife of the house having brought out some bread was breaking it, to give everyone of the company a piece.

  35. On returning to the spot he found the spurtle taken away, and bread and cheese left in its place.

  36. A green table, with feet of gold, was placed across a small rivulet, and richly furnished with pure bread and wines of sweetest flavour.

  37. We enjoyed the bread and butter, for we hadn't tasted food since the morning before.

  38. We arrived at camp about sundown and the boys went to work baking bread by rolling the dough around a stick and holding it over the fire.

  39. Frenchman, playing the very mischief with the gilt-ginger- bread work with which that part of the ship was profusely decorated.

  40. It is true they are only forty miles from the land, with fine weather and every prospect of its lasting, but I suppose we ought not to leave them without a mouthful of bread or a drop of water.

  41. There were broken bread and meat in plenty.

  42. He placed a soft piece of bread and a thin shred of meat in Angélique's thin little hand, but she could not eat, she was so weak.

  43. The person was obliged to be clad in white, and was not suffered to handle it; and the ceremony was preceded by a sacrifice of bread and wine.

  44. The bread and butter disappeared in a way that seemed to them little short of miraculous.

  45. We had lots of bread and cheese in our wallets, and we had some money in our pockets, good sticks, and stout young hearts; so that we should not be badly off even although we should have to trudge on foot back again to the old manse.

  46. You were there when mysterious black stars got stuck on a loaf of bread and when there was an alleged mysterious assault on your own person committed by somebody who could not have been in the house at the time.

  47. Whoever put those stars on the bread didn't enter by kitchen door or window, and didn't go down the chimney from one of these upper floors.

  48. By extending a hand down while you three were in the living room, I was able to put on your loaf of bread the black stars that bothered you so much.

  49. Who had put the stars on the bread then, and who had struck down Muggs and stamped his forehead?

  50. Boss, you bought that bread at the delicatessen, didn't you?

  51. He asked himself again whether Muggs had really put those black stars on the bread and had wounded himself in an effort to make Verbeck believe he had been attacked.

  52. Had he stamped that bread himself, given himself a wound, and pretended to be badly injured for a time just to carry out the orders of the master criminal?

  53. Rows of black stars don't go stickin' themselves to bread of their own accord.

  54. Explain those stars on the bread and the one between your eyes.

  55. She breaks off pieces of bread and puts them in his mouth.

  56. It is on account of that characteristic I was fired from my position as government clerk, and it's on that account I am now frequently condemned to live for weeks on nothing but bread and water.

  57. Now this deaconess, if you please, makes a fuss about every piece of bread I eat.

  58. Black-coated monsters carried around butter and bread and wine and beer, and people ate and drank.

  59. Don't you know that a man can't live all the time on bread alone?

  60. You have so much of everything, bread and work and money.

  61. If my body could turn into bread and joy for the people, I would consent to live in eternal torture in order to feed the unfortunate.

  62. Bread did not appear to be furnished every day; at least the day we were there, none was to be seen.

  63. The wheat bread became scarce by degrees, and in its place we had a sort of cakes made of Indian corn.

  64. Black bread and soup constitute the food of the prisoners, who receive besides for breakfast and supper, a portion of syrup and flour, forming a kind of pudding.

  65. And they made it so necessary that I have heard some of them say that, should their bread come in competition with it, they would rather fast than their sneesh should be taken away.

  66. Towards the close of the thirteenth century the chief bakers who supplied London with bread lived at Stratford-le-Bow, Essex, doubtless on account of being near Epping Forest, where they could obtain cheap firewood.

  67. We find it recorded that in the eighth century those at the Abbey of St. Edmund had to partake of barley bread because the income of the house was not sufficent to provide wheaten-bread twice or thrice daily.

  68. The bread was brought to London in carts, and exposed for sale in Bread Street.

  69. After the mayor had been proclaimed in public places by the town clerk, a banquet was held at the municipal buildings; the fare consisted of bread and cheese, fruit in season, and pipes of tobacco!

  70. Another early kind of bread took the form of porridge or pudding, consisting of flour mixed with water and boiled.

  71. He could not sell where he liked, and the price of his bread was regulated by those in authority.

  72. It was also against the law to receive back unsold bread if cold.

  73. In 1266 bakers were commanded not to impress their bread with the sign of the cross, Agnus Dei, or the name of Jesus Christ.

  74. The earliest form of bread consisted of grain soaked in water, then pressed, and afterwards dried by means of the sun or fire.

  75. When bread is "sour," we mean that there was not enough soda to neutralize the acid.

  76. And she shut the door, and Fritz stood there, in one hand a great slice of bread and butter, in the other a bottle of beer!

  77. My Pastor says, and I know it too, they have learned much; and with a little more help here and there, they could earn their bread as governesses, any day.

  78. I must work for my bread again, and stretch my feet under a stranger's table.

  79. Just then, Mining came along, with a plate of bread and butter.

  80. So, my son, now eat your bread and butter.

  81. And now he must buy oats; but the poor screws that earn his bread don't get it, most of it goes to the old thorough-bred mares who do nothing but steal a living from others.

  82. Sitting straight up on a mossy log the chipmunk holds in his paws a bit of bread thrown from somebody's basket, nibbles at it for a while and then makes a dash for the thicket, carrying the bread in his mouth.

  83. The cake or bread basket offered a fine field for free manipulation of the sheet silver, for fine pierced-work, or designs classic and severe, or urn-shaped and massive.

  84. Terry reached for the bread plate but, at the same time, shot Arden a quick appraising look.

  85. They decided against taking bread or rolls as being too unromantic for a midnight feast.

  86. He agreed to bring me some bread and milk, ten cents worth a day.

  87. The ten cents I got for my bread and milk came in almost daily for copies of my papers.

  88. Instead of feeding the hungry they have allowed them to starve because their bread was taken to buy drink.

  89. Jesus left us the communion of bread and wine that we might remember His passion.

  90. They ate nothing that contained lard; their food was mackerel, eggs, bread and coffee.

  91. They also had bread and samp, which were most welcome, and the whole force ate with great zest.

  92. He let them sleep until the gold of the morning sun was gilding the eastern forest, when the three drew further upon their supplies of bread and venison and once more resumed the journey through the pathless woods towards their destination.

  93. They would have been glad had they bread also, but they did not waste time in vain regrets.

  94. They descended to a point nearer the lake, but, still remaining hidden in the dense forest, ate their breakfast of venison, bread and samp, and drank again from a clear brook.

  95. Probably this originated from an autumn baking of bread from the new grain.

  96. Bread or cake has till recently (1898) been as much a part of Hallowe'en preparations as plum pudding at Christmas.

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