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Example sentences for "cabbage"

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  1. Meat and vegetables are needed, and of the latter I should advise a certain amount of cabbage to be given.

  2. Now if I'd had the cramps you've been suffering from to-day, I really wouldn't venture upon cabbage and potatoes boiled with salt pork.

  3. I showed them the lush and vulgar stems of the American beauties, whose marketable excellence is measured by size, as the cabbage is, and whose corresponding red is the red of an apoplectic throat.

  4. But it was a wonderful young cabbage from the garden," I said.

  5. The little girl declared, with a heartbroken look, that the Chapel would never be the same again after cabbage had been cooked there.

  6. Pick the outer leaves from cabbage and cut in quarters.

  7. Boil the meat four hours, the beets three hours, the cabbage one and a half hours, squash and turnips three-quarters of an hour.

  8. Cabbage Jock deftly covered the small quarto volume with a collection of songs published (as usual) at the Hague.

  9. Then Cabbage Jock turned on his companions and smiled his broad simpleton's smile as he waved his hand in the direction of the inn.

  10. It was Cabbage Jock who solved the mystery.

  11. And Cabbage Jock slapped his pocket as he spoke--which indeed, thus interrogated, gave back a most satisfactory jingle of coin.

  12. For it will be evident that none bent on escaping would burden themselves with such a 'Cabbage Jock.

  13. By no means," said Cabbage Jock; "I came away somewhat hastily, to do you service.

  14. Then I must sacrifice my taste for cabbage to you--for sacrifices must be mutual.

  15. Cabbage is cheap, nourishing, and good to eat.

  16. The bill of fare for the day was noodle soup, braised beef, cabbage with white sauce, fried potatoes, and polka pudding.

  17. Pour the water off the beans, Marta, then dress them just as you did the cabbage last night; stir them well around, and move them to a part of the range where they will just simmer.

  18. In short, Molly’s dinner was a success, and Harry no longer looked on cabbage as unfit for a “cultured palate.

  19. I see you have cabbage in the garden, and corn.

  20. The cabbage needs a table-spoonful of salt added to the water and a scant half tea-spoonful of soda.

  21. You don’t mean to tell me cabbage has been cooked in this house to-day?

  22. Molly wanted to see if Marta remembered how the cabbage was dressed the last time, and left her to it.

  23. Take a knife, Marta, and cut the cabbage across several times, and then, when the milk forms a creamy dressing and it all bubbles together, turn it out into the dish.

  24. Melt some butter in a saucepan and when the turnips, the carrots and the onions are half cooked, add the cabbage or sprouts.

  25. Cabbage or lentils, cooked in water and afterward allowed to complete the cooking in the sauce obtained from the duck, form a good addition.

  26. Complete the cooking of the cabbage in the sauce of this stew, adding a little butter, on a low fire or in the oven kept low.

  27. Select three or four kind of vegetables, shred or chop coarsely cabbage or greens, and slice or cut in cubes the root vegetables.

  28. Sometimes the cabbage bowl is filled with fried oysters, and the celery and cabbage salad served on lettuce leaves.

  29. HOT SLAW Chop half a cabbage fine, pour over a tablespoonful of melted butter, and put into the oven.

  30. Fry a small chopped onion soft in butter, add the cabbage and four tart apples, peeled, cored, and chopped.

  31. If the farmer does not have other areas which he can bring into cabbages year after year, for from three to five years, then he becomes a failure as a cabbage raiser.

  32. Assume for the moment it is adapted to cabbage and that by one or more seasons of preparation an enormous crop of cabbages may be secured.

  33. The mixture of green and purple on some monstrous cabbage is much subtler and grander than the mere freakish and theatrical splashing of yellow and violet on a pansy.

  34. The cabbage is a solid; it can be approached from all sides at once; it can be realized by all senses at once.

  35. A German aviator flew over Dover yesterday and made a fierce and terrible bomb attack on a cabbage patch.

  36. I am writing this in an old Flemish farmhouse, and the room I’m sitting in has a carved rafter ceiling, red brick floor and nasty purple cabbage wallpaper.

  37. I like the pies made of cabbage and eggs.

  38. On the further side of the river the whole sky was flooded with crimson: the moon was rising; two peasant women, talking loudly, were picking cabbage in the kitchen garden; behind the kitchen garden there were some dark huts.

  39. She sat down with them to cabbage soup, porridge, and fried potatoes, smelling of mutton dripping.

  40. Their nasty disinfectants smell far worse, to my mind, than a few cabbage leaves.

  41. Making the saliva you just used while chewing the cabbage is by itself, a huge and unappreciated chemical effort.

  42. Chew up at least half a big head of cabbage and three big carrots that have not been shredded.

  43. Alice was especially shocked to discover that she was allergic to such foods as cabbage family vegetables, alfalfa sprouts and citrus.

  44. Parboil a cabbage in salted water; drain and stuff with chopped cooked mutton.

  45. Chop a cabbage with 1 large onion and 2 stalks of celery and 2 peppers; season well with salt and sprinkle with pepper.

  46. Shred a cabbage very thin; sprinkle with salt and cook in as little water as possible until tender.

  47. Chop all the cabbage from the inside and fry in hot grease with 1 sliced onion.

  48. She remembered how interestedly he had looked at the cabbage leaves when the girl had brought them home from market.

  49. If she had to eat nothing but cabbage all the time," replied Mux, full of a conviction which he seemed to have acquired from his own experience.

  50. Well, Mux, you don't seem to be able to get over the cabbage to-day.

  51. So you still have the cabbage in your head, Mux?

  52. But we won't have any to-day, for we are going to have cabbage instead.

  53. But you have eaten much less cabbage than I have," Mux cried out.

  54. If Mux looked a little timidly at the large cabbage heads, Esther said to him: "Don't be afraid of them, Mux.

  55. The evening was tolerably advanced, and the hour of dinner long past; but, notwithstanding this, there were several persons engaged in dispatching the beef and cabbage we have described.

  56. Now my poor sister is dead, and if your grandmother had opened her arms to you, I should have been of no more use than an old cabbage stock.

  57. Pour over cabbage in greased dish and bake 20 minutes.

  58. Countless thousands of cabbage were growing on every hand, and as far as the eye could reach large nice ones they were, too, some of them growing so close to the railroad track as to be almost under my feet.

  59. Surely my hunger must be causing some horrible nightmare, and directly in front of me was a large cabbage patch--the largest I had ever seen, in fact.

  60. Mr. Dodd, the superintendant at that settlement, a few days before Christmas, cut and sent down a cabbage which weighed twenty-six pounds.

  61. This scheming obtained for him the name of "Cabbage Cooke.

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