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Example sentences for "cabbages"

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  1. Also outside of this wall was another patch of garden where cabbages grew.

  2. I found a way to those cabbages and kept it secret, for I was greedy and wanted them all for myself.

  3. It is the same with the cabbages and tomatoes in the garden.

  4. A man may have scruples of conscience about learning the art of war and slaughter, but he can have none against raising cabbages and potatoes.

  5. He who has set his heart on the biggest cabbages and best potatoes in town must cultivate them in ground open to the sky, and unpervaded by any roots except their own.

  6. Cabbages and cauliflowers should be set out in RICH warm soils, free from shade, as soon as the frost is out.

  7. These latter plants ought, therefore, to be classed with cabbages or turnips, and not under B.

  8. It was cabbages this side, potatoes that side, cauliflowers in the middle.

  9. We do not want accurate pictures of cabbages and turnips and objects of that sort.

  10. The only way I got a chance to come to town was to tell the farmer I could sell cabbages to you for a shilling a piece.

  11. So the farmer said he would pay me my wages in cabbages at a shilling apiece and only charge me a dollar for the horse and wagon to bring them in.

  12. Now you take these cabbages and give me ninety cents, and I will go home and borrow ten cents to make up the dollar, and send my chum back with the horse and wagon and my resignation.

  13. Whereas the life of one selling small cabbages round the whole district is often forlorn.

  14. I had always been haunted with an analogous kinship which I could never locate; cabbages always remind me of the sea and the sea always reminds me of cabbages.

  15. What to do about his cabbages puzzled him.

  16. He must get "whoever took the cot" to take to the cabbages too; they ought to.

  17. On warm, dark nights it would come down into the garden and eat the tender leaves of the cabbages and other plants that were growing there.

  18. Small as that sum is, it will go a little way towards paying for the cabbages he has eaten.

  19. I have no doubt Miss Cardigan's house smells of cabbages now.

  20. Her mother made it selling cabbages in the market.

  21. Cabbages grow well; the Americans plant a large backward sort, and make but one sowing and planting out in a year.

  22. He raised good cabbages on his father's homestead a few miles north of town.

  23. He afterwards said that I beat him down below cost of production, and then cleaned him out, while I insisted that he had a monopoly and the price of cabbages should have been regulated by law.

  24. In the early days of my hotel experience, I was offered some cabbages by a farmer boy--rather a reserved and studious looking lad.

  25. You've no right," she said, "to take one of the cabbages away with you.

  26. You know very well that Farmer Green raises these cabbages for home use only.

  27. When he awoke next morning, he broke off one head of the bad cabbages and another of the good ones, and thought to himself, "This shall help me to get my own again and punish treachery.

  28. Donkey Cabbages There was once a young huntsman who went into the forest to lie in wait.

  29. Then it sank lower, and let itself down on a great cabbage-garden, girt round by walls, so that he came softly to the ground on cabbages and vegetables.

  30. Then he took the cabbages with him, climbed over the wall, and went forth to seek for the castle of his sweetheart.

  31. My potatoes are as green as grass, and I fear will produce nothing but vines; but I shall have cabbages and parsnips, and red peppers.

  32. The lima beans, trailed on the fence, promise an abundant crop; and the cabbages and peppers look well.

  33. My cabbages are coming up in my little hot-bed--half barrel.

  34. The cabbages do not head, but we use them freely when we get a little bacon.

  35. My cabbages and turnips (fall) are coming up already.

  36. Because cabbages contain an oil, which is apt to produce bad effects, and prevents some persons from eating "green" vegetables.

  37. Sow early dwarf cabbages to plant out in October for spring; also endive, onions, kidney beans for late crop, and turnips.

  38. Lorraine left him to his cabbages and followed the man with the mail sack.

  39. The Reverend Vale at Hay river informed me that he grew one thousand bushels of potatoes last year on three acres of land, and also splendid cabbages and cauliflowers, besides all other kinds of vegetables.

  40. At Fort Simpson he saw cauliflowers, cabbages and cucumbers growing under exactly the same conditions as they would grow them in northern Alberta.

  41. He had raised cabbages at Fort Vermilion eighteen and one-half pounds in weight, and swede turnips are raised in the open field.

  42. These are different kinds of cabbages cultivated in Brittany.

  43. As soon as the pin made its appearance from the etui, the good woman was off amongst her cabbages, always beginning to count once more how many little or big, embossed or curly cabbages [54] she had.

  44. In two bounds he cleared the cabbages and came mincingly down to the fray.

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