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  1. On one of the gilt glasses, executed long after the days of persecution, is a group supposed to represent Isaiah sawn asunder, and in one of the Catacombs is a scene thought to indicate the martyrdom of Hippolytus.

  2. It appears also on lamps, vases, medals, gilt glasses, and funeral slabs.

  3. In certain of the gilt glasses already mentioned he is allegorically portrayed, instead of Moses, as smiting the rock, implying the opinion that he was in some sense the representative of the latter in the New Testament economy.

  4. Some of the gilt glasses, before described, are thought to have been used as patens and chalices for the celebration of the eucharist.

  5. Reference has already been made to the numerous fragments of gilt glass found in the Catacombs, which so remarkably illustrate Christian life in the primitive ages.

  6. She dressed herself like a dancer, girded her waist with a silver-gilt girdle, from which hung a poniard, and put a handsome mask on her face.

  7. Weston crossed the valley slowly, looking down at something which he held in the palm of his hand, something in a small gilt frame that he slipped into his breast pocket when he entered the shack.

  8. The picture was a little oval set in a gilt frame.

  9. It shows, besides, some of the gemmed and enamelled work and parcel-gilt ware for which that territory, hidden away among the Himalayas, is so celebrated.

  10. The chased parcel-gilt ware of Kashmir occupies three cases: it is graven through the gold to the dead-white silver below, softening the lustre of the gold to a pearly radiance.

  11. From Hyderabad in the Deccan is a parcel-gilt vase, an example of pierced-work, the opus interassile of the Romans.

  12. As I ascended the marble stairs with their gilt balustrade, I was agitated by emotions similar to those which drew from a frightened countryman his frank exclamation in the heat of the battle of Vittoria: 'Oh, jabbers!

  13. Was there a long carved oak buffet with a big, heavy cornice with three gilt dolphins in the center--and were there not dolphins in gilt on the backs of the chairs--an armorial device?

  14. He wore a wide-brimmed felt hat of a military fashion, decorated with a tarnished gilt cord, the two ends of which, terminating in acorns, hung down over his nose.

  15. Write in gilt paint on each of them a word, any noun, verb, adjective, etc.

  16. Make her crown before leaving home; it can be cut out of pasteboard, and covered with gilt paper, and when you get to the fields twine flowers around it; or you may assimilate a crown with a wreath of wild flowers.

  17. Item, a notable paire of Brigandines with a Murrian couered with crimson veluet and gilt nailes.

  18. Above the Hujrah is the Green Dome, surmounted outside by a large gilt crescent springing from a series of globes.

  19. Outside as well as inside, money has been lavished upon alabaster full of flaws; round the bases of pillars run gilt bands; in places the walls are painted with streaks to resemble marble, and the wood-work is overlaid with tinsel gold.

  20. It is a fine archway handsomely encrusted with marble and glazed tiles; the many gilt inscriptions on its sides give it, especially at night-time, an appearance of considerable splendour.

  21. He enlarged the building by adding ten handsome pillars of carved marble, with gilt capitals, on the Northern side.

  22. The greedy Wahhabis, allured by the appearance of the golden or gilt globes and crescents surmounting the green dome, attempted to throw down the latter.

  23. It is now a handsome structure, apparently of wood, painted and gilt of the usual elegant form, which has been compared by some travellers with the suggesta of Roman Catholic churches.

  24. These are all whitewashed; and the principal is capped with a large crescent, or rather a trident, rising from a series of gilt globes: the other domes crown the several corners.

  25. The fan-vaulted roofing of this is very fine, and both the roof and walls still plainly show traces of gilt and colouring.

  26. Amongst the treasures of the church is a tall and richly chased silver-gilt and crystal cup, given by Lady Eleanor Harries in 1625, but the cup itself is of very much older date and is probably of foreign craftsmanship.

  27. The rich had red or black and gilt lacquered cabinets and cupboards.

  28. Directly the Stranger saw the young men, he acted at them; eying them solemnly over his gilt volume as he lay on the stage-bank showing his hand, his ring, and his Hessians.

  29. It was the Life of Saint Teresa, written by herself,--a book bound in solid pasteboard covers, which were stamped with the gilt ornamentations characteristic of religious works.

  30. Simon seems to have assumed the gilt spurs himself, for he next appears as "Sir Simon de Wynton.

  31. She received Osborn in a great smudged parlour decorated with much gilt and lace curtains.

  32. We've seen things with the gilt off; and that's that.

  33. He wore a blue coat with gilt buttons, a waistcoat to match, and drab trousers, and as he hurried along, his hat tilted back, he greeted gentle and simple with the same laughing nod.

  34. It seemed as if he could not let it go, but in the end he placed it in the breast pocket of his high-collared old coat, the shabby blue coat with the large gilt buttons that was his common wear at home.

  35. When gilt frames or mouldings of the rooms have specks of dirt on them they can be cleaned with white of an egg, rubbed on with a camel's hair brush.

  36. Gilt furniture can be cleaned with sifted whiting made into a cream with alcohol.

  37. Already Alice could read the begrimed gilt letters of the sign; and although they had spelled destiny never with a more painful imminence than just then, an old habit of dramatizing herself still prevailed with her.

  38. Mildred followed her, and, when they were alone in another of the spacious rooms, went to a window and looked out, while her mother seated herself near the center of the room in a gilt armchair, mellowed with old Aubusson tapestry.

  39. What do you think of Gilt Leather for Furniture?

  40. Tales in Verse by Mr. Durfey: Bound in Red Leather, gilt on the Back, and doubled down in several Places.

  41. Mirth lasted a short time; my young Husband was very much in Debt when I marry'd him, and his first Action afterwards was to set up a gilt Chariot and Six, in fine Trappings before and behind.

  42. In the midst of the Room was a little Japan Table, with a Quire of gilt Paper upon it, and on the Paper a Silver Snuff-box made in the Shape of a little Book.

  43. All the Boys in the School, but I, have the Classick Authors in usum Delphini, gilt and letter'd on the Back.

  44. The Fop was here Yesterday in a gilt Chariot and new Liveries, but I refused to see him.

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