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companion; companionable; companionably; companioned; companionless; companionship; companionships; companionway; company; companye
  1. I held my breath and asked my companions who she was, and when I heard that it was 'Halidé Hanoum, the poetess' I was more impressed than ever.

  2. Erichsen wrote a little poem to distract the attention of his companions from their present surroundings.

  3. They had left their companions in the ice, risking their own lives to bring us the news.

  4. After we had united in thanksgiving and prayers to Almighty God, I separated from my companions deeply afflicted.

  5. Of a partridge shot and divided into six portions Franklin says: "I and my companions ravenously devoured our shares, as it was the first morsel of flesh any of us had tasted for thirty-one days.

  6. Schwatka with Gilder and his other white companions then made a most exhaustive search of the island, the Eskimos aiding in the intervals of the hunt or while going to and fro.

  7. Tormented by my garments, perspiring terribly from the heat, crowded between my companions like a packed herring, sickened by unhealthy odors, and suffocated by unbreathable air, what fearful agony I suffered that night!

  8. The praiseworthy conduct of Franklin and of his companions in prosecuting the work of outlining the arctic coasts of North America is not to be measured alone by the fortitude and courage shown in crossing the barren grounds.

  9. The white men, not yet reduced to extremities, looked on with amusement as their native companions with luxurious satisfaction cooked and swallowed the slaughtered animals.

  10. The vicissitudes of Franklin and his companions while on exploring duty in Canada, especially while crossing the barren grounds, are told in this tale.

  11. Our lost companions were somewhere in the area before us, within a radius of forty miles.

  12. When that Duke, on gaining peaceable possession of Normandy, parcelled out the land among his companions in arms, the portion that included Briquebec was one of the most considerable.

  13. Robert de Huteville, one of the Conqueror's companions in arms, had received from that sovereign a princely recompense, particularly in the county of York.

  14. At his age it was scarcely healthy for a sport-loving, normal Englishman to spend his days and nights all alone, in the silent valley in the hills, his only companions the mummies of Pharaohs and the bones unearthed from subterranean tombs.

  15. The reins of the big steeds were dragging on the ground, and Walter and his girl companions saw no way of getting hold of the lines and so pulling down the frightened horses.

  16. Nan and her two companions had to laugh at this, but the laughter was close to tears, after all.

  17. Wilkes stood with clenched fists over Miguel, while his companions of the 95th threw themselves on the other Spaniards and speedily disarmed them.

  18. Unnoticed and unmolested, Jack and his companions in a few minutes reached the house in the Calle del Coso to which Juanita had referred.

  19. The man turned his head aside, and his companions sat motionless, an expectant look upon their faces.

  20. He spent a comfortless night in the dirty inn, and departed next morning early, glad to have got off from such rough companions without the loss of his horse, on which they had cast longing eyes.

  21. He then briefly told his companions the outlines of the story he had heard.

  22. He didn't give me away to his companions there, and now he's trying to smother the sound of my footsteps.

  23. Our travelling companions were two young men, returning to their Northern homes.

  24. At New Orleans, my companions found safe-conduct to their Northern lines, and I journeyed on to Richmond.

  25. Among the companions of Sir Joshua Reynolds, while he was studying his art at Rome, was a fellow-pupil of the name of Astley.

  26. This was growing interesting, and Randy called the attention of his companions to the farmhouse.

  27. While his companions were performing the duties assigned to them, Ned went down to the stream and filled the coffee pot.

  28. Which of his companions had been carried through the break, and where was the unfortunate lad now?

  29. I only hope that Bug Batters and his companions had nothing to do with it.

  30. The terrified cries of his companions roused him from his stupor, and he dashed through the intense heat to the closet door.

  31. It's not likely we would put one of our companions in your power after the threats you have made.

  32. He purchased a second hand canoe which Ned picked out for him, and without the knowledge of his companions he wrote to his father in New York for a canoeing outfit.

  33. He was more concerned for his companions than for himself.

  34. They had no doubt that their companions were confined in the mill, and it was some consolation to know they were going to join them.

  35. It required the united efforts of his companions to dislodge it, and even then it was a labor of nearly five minutes' duration.

  36. His companions did the same, and Randy asked wearily: "What are you going to do here?

  37. Randy turned around and looked stupidly at his companions for an instant.

  38. Remorse had prompted him to make the offer, and he had secretly hoped that his companions would refuse to accept the sacrifice.

  39. Won't you let us go and look for our companions now?

  40. A dry change of clothes and the good supper their companions had prepared in readiness, made Ned and Nugget feel pretty much like themselves again, and sitting about the camp fire they told the thrilling story of their adventure.

  41. In 1269 the relics of St. Maurice and his companions from Thebes, who were martyred in Gaul under Diocletian, were transferred to the sanctuary.

  42. He wrote an account of how he reconstructed his abbey, building it, he says, with the aid of his companions in the community and his brothers in the cloister.

  43. In Dol's great eastern window, St. Samson and some monk companions are shown crossing the Channel.

  44. The fate of more than one kingdom was involved in this farewell meeting between two playfellows who had been companions and friends for nearly nine years.

  45. When the tempest had somewhat subsided, she and her companions amused themselves with each writing her own epitaph.

  46. Amongst her companions at the castle of Amboise we find Louise of Savoy, her senior by three years.

  47. Mrs. St. Pierre Lawrence, seated next to the Comtesse de Chantonnay, was the only lady who made any attempt at gay apparel, and thus stood rather conspicuous among her companions clad in sober and somewhat rusty black.

  48. Nevertheless, these "Companions of Death" fought at Orleans as few have fought since man walked this earth, and died as bravely as any in a government uniform.

  49. And oddly enough, it was Colville who preached patience to his companions in suspense.

  50. His companions were books, and he communed in spirit with writers who were dead and gone.

  51. The precocity was due, I take it, to the fact that I had never known family life, and that my companions had always been older than myself.

  52. The voices of my travelling companions seemed oddly small and remote.

  53. It was rather a blow to my self-esteem, I remember, to see my companions being removed from the institution one by one as time ran on, and to note that nobody appeared to want me.

  54. They either gave notice after a week, or worse, much worse, my wife made boon companions of them.

  55. I recalled how, as a child, I had longed to see strange and far-off lands; how I had bragged to servants and childish companions that I would travel.

  56. Here, on hearing the news that Willy was about to leave the school, most of his companions had assembled to bid him good-bye.

  57. While the sailor was telling his companions of his awful experience Lihoa told Peppo what to say to the Captain, and to add force to the words, the Chinamen in a body attended the small interpreter on his mission.

  58. Lihoa sent his companions to the hamlet with the command, that those who wished to go on the trip to the Goldland were to get ready immediately, and he betook himself straight to the College of the Holy Saviour.

  59. Strengthened by the thought that God's holy guardian angels are companions and protectors at sea as well as on land, he was rising from his knees just as his uncle came into the room.

  60. His companions searched for him in vain, and finally recognized his agonizing cries from the opposite shore where the cannibals were torturing him.

  61. Hoping that Peppo would join his companions and return with them, the good Father waited, but in vain.

  62. The cannibals had not killed them when they did their companions for some reason or other but had bound them with cords and left them on the shore.

  63. I wish I had not helped him," sighed Peppo, as he slipped away to his companions with an uneasy conscience.

  64. I want to prevent you and your companions from going to certain death,' he said.

  65. Three of our companions had already left us, one at the heights of Draguignan and the two others at Grasse.

  66. I have abandoned my companions in crime, and am going to associate with good people when I am once more a free man.

  67. The one I am now describing was sent with the rest of his companions to the bottom of the mines.

  68. Being invited to participate in a game of cards, he and several of his companions found their way into the back part of a saloon, where the day was spent in drinking and gambling.

  69. The Countess Courteau had been first to arise; she was fully dressed and the sheet-iron stove was glowing when her companions roused themselves.

  70. There it was that Doret and his two elderly companions found her.

  71. Rouletta and her three companions were late in reaching town on the following day, for they awakened to find a storm raging, and in consequence the trails were heavy.

  72. To Doret's companions it seemed that the scow had come through handily enough and was in little further danger, but 'Poleon, for some reason or other, had blazed into excitement.

  73. Doret's lips had begun to move; his companions knew that he was voicing a silent appeal, so they lowered their eyes.

  74. To his companions he shouted: "D'you hear that, boys?

  75. Snapdragons were a beloved flower--companions of my childhood in our home garden, but they have been neglected a bit by nearly every one of late years.

  76. Medicinal shrubs should be the companions of the herbs; plant these as you will, according to their growth and habit, making them give variety of outline to the herb garden.

  77. The sight of two native companions feeding here, added greatly to the encouraging prospects; they are the only specimens of that bird that I remember to have seen on that side of the Darling.

  78. No consideration, or argument, should have induced his two companions to abandon him.

  79. Before turning their back finally upon the solitude where their companions were wandering, one last search might have well been made.

  80. Mr. McKinlay was a fine fellow, well adapted to the work; his companions strong and lively, and of a proper age, neither too old nor too young.

  81. Two of my companions and myself are quite well; the third, Patten, has been unable to walk for the last eighteen days, as his leg has been severely hurt when thrown by one of the horses.

  82. He is alone, for he made no sound, and if he had companions near by he would surely have summoned them.

  83. Then, as they had a long journey back to the boat, and it was desirable that they should reach their companions before the fall of night, they set off to return to the creek.

  84. As soon as he reached the haven, Drake boarded the Pascha and called Biddle and his companions before him.

  85. I did not tell my companions of my night's adventure after all.

  86. With such colossal and perfectly trained companions Lady Adela felt absolutely safe, and ready--as she acknowledged afterwards--to face a whole army of spooks.

  87. His companions also shared in the laugh, and in the sport which was proceeding, but it seemed as if their thoughts were otherwise employed.

  88. It was an arduous task, and one full of peril to the Albatross and her gallant crew; and it was not without considerable anxiety that Oriel Porphyry and his companions watched the vessel's progress from the deck.

  89. My companions early initiated me into all the mysteries of their craft.

  90. As soon as he was seen, Hearty and his companions hastily put their right arms into the upper part of their vests, each produced a pistol, and in an instant eight or ten of the pirates fell dead or wounded at their feet.

  91. The surgeon shuddered as he collected together his instruments, and with a heart full of anxiety for the fate of himself and his companions proceeded to his cabin.

  92. Asking your pardon," murmurs Her Ladyship to her companions as she quits the table.

  93. Aye, aye," grunts one of the two companions of this most valorous gentleman.

  94. Percy, every one of his companions echoing: "Unmask!

  95. He started out with about 30 companions and went to the village of Tiguex to talk with Juan Aleman.

  96. As Don Pedro de Tovar was not commissioned to go farther, he returned from there and gave this information to the general, who dispatched Don Garcia Lopez de Cardenas with about twelve companions to go to see this river.

  97. The fugitives who brought this news to Friar Marcos said that most of their companions also had been killed.

  98. The general ordered Hernando de Alvarado to take 20 companions and go with them, and gave him a commission for eighty days, after which he should return to give an account of what he had found.

  99. The companions of Friar Juan de Padilla make their way back to Mexico, arriving before 1552.

  100. Docampo and the other companions of the friar brought the news to Mexico.

  101. During the evening, one of the girls declared to her companions that she never could marry one of these “old fellows, .

  102. Along the shores of the Silurian seas they stood up, straight and tall, their only companions that stood erect, the giant horse-tails and tree ferns.

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