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Example sentences for "companion"

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compagnons; compaignie; companie; companied; companies; companionable; companionably; companioned; companionless; companions
  1. And commanded by his preceptor, he was coming home when, O best of Brahmanas, a companion of his, a Rishi's son named Krisa in a playful mood laughingly spoke unto him.

  2. Nara, whose companion is Narayana, will be born as Indra's son and indeed, will be known as Arjuna, the mighty son of Pandu.

  3. Denby when he observed that his own hilarity was not shared by his companion in danger.

  4. You'll get it all wrong," his companion asserted.

  5. Nora looked at her companion with a frown.

  6. In the middle of the floor--with their backs to the door at which Mary and her companion stood--were set two small arm-chairs of plain and cheap make.

  7. Beaumaroy was speaking rather urgently, and making gestures with his hands; it seemed as though he were appealing to his companion in some difficulty or perplexity.

  8. The professional character of the interview did not save it, for Mary Arkroyd, from a sudden and rather unwelcome sense of intimacy--of an intimacy thrust upon her, though not so much by her companion as by circumstances.

  9. Was Beaumaroy telling his companion about something that had been happening at the house?

  10. Indeed, they were, and they thought no better of a companion for being wiser; to do anything or know anything that might redound to the benefit of man or the honour of God was not the mode in those days.

  11. The King turned to his companion who wore the plaster, and had as yet not spoken at all.

  12. Take a companion or two with you when you walk east of Temple Bar.

  13. All the way Barbara shunned me as though I had the plague, and I on my side showed no desire to be with a companion so averse from my society.

  14. But before we came to the Duke, a gentleman caught my companion by the arm and asked him how he did in a hearty, cheerful, and rather loud voice.

  15. She bade me good-night, but yet seemed to wait for me to speak; since I was still silent she added, "Is our companion gone to bed?

  16. It made me still and silent as we clattered along, and I forgot my companion until I chanced to look towards him, and found an amused glance fixed on my face.

  17. The other boy was not so much absorbed in his work; he kept looking up and making jeering remarks and faces at the other, and at intervals his busy companion put down his shears and went for him with tremendous spirit.

  18. Her companion was a fat, red- cheeked young girl in a towny costume, a straw hat decorated with bright flowers and ribbons, and a string of big coloured beads about her neck.

  19. He might have been congratulating her on having a male companion to pay her all these nice little attentions, and perhaps signalling the hope that something would come of it.

  20. Arthur Townsend fell to Catherine's portion, while his companion placed himself on the sofa, beside Mrs. Penniman.

  21. But for a moment this attitude of interposition and disinterestedness, this carrying of messages and redeeming of promises, brought back the sense that her companion was a dangerous woman.

  22. If a woman had been near her she would on certain occasions have treated such a companion to a fit of weeping; and she had an apprehension that, on her return, this would form her response to Aunt Lavinia's first embrace.

  23. The rooms by this time were very full; the dancers increased in number, and people stood close in front of them, turning their backs, so that Catherine and her companion seemed secluded and unobserved.

  24. The situation was really thrilling, and it scarcely seemed to her a false note when her companion asked for an oyster stew, and proceeded to consume it before her eyes.

  25. In these matters Morris had an excellent grace, which flung a picturesque interest even over the account of his debut in the commission business--a subject as to which his companion earnestly questioned him.

  26. Catherine had suffered her companion to proceed from point to point, and pause to pause, without interrupting her; she fixed her eyes on the ground and listened.

  27. At this profession of audacity Catherine looked down at her little companion in amazement.

  28. Every artery in the body has its companion vein or veins.

  29. She touched a bell, and signed to her companion to be seated.

  30. Both can be explained," returned the Skimmer, motioning to his companion to follow to the tanrail.

  31. Here is as much safety as a vessel of war affords in a moment like this," he said, when his companion was silently seated on a mess-chest.

  32. Ludlow, in a low but firm voice, retaining his elevated post on the poop, while he motioned to his companion to return to the main-deck.

  33. You will know the man, when I tell you that he was your companion in the island ferry-boat.

  34. Although neither he nor his companion possessed any other implement to effect this object, than the large seaman's knife of the latter, the temptation was too great not to make the trial.

  35. But Alida and her companion arose, like those who had more confidence in their visiter, and, arousing the negress from her sleep, they descended the ladder and entered the cabin.

  36. We are in no condition for a long or an active cruise, Captain Ludlow," said the Skimmer, when he and his companion were out of hearing.

  37. Their companion had his motives for being insensible to either of these emotions.

  38. The Alderman took a paper, which his companion put gravely into his hand, and his eyes ran eagerly over its contents.

  39. And what a marvel the Portrait of my Mother is, which forms a companion piece on the same wall!

  40. At the Salon of 1879, Bastien-Lepage exhibited his Women gathering Potatoes, which formed a companion piece to his Hay-making.

  41. The room in which Patrick lay was high, and had also windows looking on the water--that broad placid, noble Firth, the sole companion of the watcher.

  42. And she knows very well that we are not able to keep a maid for you, and will understand that Bessie is for a companion on the way, and in some sense a protector.

  43. Her companion spoke with the utmost calmness--there was a blank composure about her, which told more powerfully even than her words, the death of hope.

  44. Marjory drew her companion to the library.

  45. She was a bright, amusing girl, rather grown-up for her age, and the constant companion of her father and mother.

  46. Merle had always wished for a brother, and lively Clive was a companion after her own heart.

  47. With her companion they readily fell in love.

  48. Her father was better in health, but he still needed somebody to interest him and keep him amused, and found no more lively companion than his own daughter.

  49. And he buried himself still deeper in the thick cushions of the carriage, trying to deprive his companion not only of the sight of him, but even of the very idea of his presence.

  50. D'Artagnan, having tenderly embraced his two old friends, left Belle-Isle with the inseparable companion with whom M.

  51. My companion and I did not stop to consult one another; we made but one jump into the sea, for we were within seven or eight hundred feet of the shore.

  52. I have brought her as companion To thy life in years declining, As a joy and consolation, When thy days are full of trouble!

  53. I shall never give my daughter, Shall not give my youngest maiden Bride of thine to be hereafter, Life-companion at thy fireside.

  54. Moreover, he was kind enough to send me a companion to share my captivity.

  55. Gerbois to recognize in them the perfume used by that blonde Lady who was her traveling companion for two weeks.

  56. Ye scooted down the companion all right at eight bells.

  57. As Jan Steenbock made this observation, a trifle louder than before, I could see the face of Mr Flinders, all livid with passion, as he came up the companion hatch behind the Dane.

  58. One of the men turning to her companion said, "another twenty-five cents due for fishing her out.

  59. Baby knowledge she may indeed have; but the baby will grow up by and by, and how is she to acquire "knowledge" under such circumstances, and be a fit intellectual companion for it then?

  60. Now and then I like to go into a church," said a young man apologetically to a companion who was deriding the idea.

  61. A boat was near, into which two men jumped, and succeeded with her companion in catching hold of her dress, after she had twice sunk.

  62. Hippocles, though by no means anxious to lose a daughter who was not only a companion but a counsellor, was growing anxious at what appeared her manifest determination to remain single.

  63. Soon after she had gone Callias took the opportunity of opening his heart to his companion on a subject which had long occupied his thoughts.

  64. Yes," muttered Alcibiades to himself, as his companion left the room, "if you get the chance of drawing it.

  65. It still wanted some time to midnight, when Xenophon surprised his companion by suddenly starting up.

  66. Will you walk with me as far as my house," said Callias' companion to him.

  67. With a companion of another temperament Elinor could easily have passed moments of depression.

  68. His companion paid no attention to this speech.

  69. But of the empty grave and its companion the whispering pines told nothing.

  70. And his efforts to enliven his companion were persistent--and successful.

  71. Captain Boyd was by no means the sort of man he would have selected for companion to this maiden.

  72. He remembered a young man had been a companion to this girl in this cottage, and during a whole year.

  73. It must be confessed, Miss Leighton was not rewarded for her effort, for a stiffer and more uncomfortable companion could not be imagined.

  74. Small blame to them," muttered a dissatisfied man in my ear, who had singled me out as a companion in discontent, and had pursued me with his contempt for pastoral entertainments, and for this entertainment in especial.

  75. He leaned and half-pulled toward him the companion to the chair on which he sat, a low, soft, easy one.

  76. He did not seem sure that his companion had chosen the right, or at any rate the best, word to describe his feelings.

  77. She showed him very marked favour that evening, and in his company contrived to forget entirely the puzzle of Quisanté and his moments, and the possible relation of those moments to the limits about which her companion was so decisive.

  78. But somehow or other a considerable number had got into the hands of the ticket merchants, and for twenty francs Paturot and his companion obtained a couple of stalls.

  79. The domino I mean was your companion early in the night.

  80. Suddenly, from the door nearest to her, the hussar and his companion made their appearance, and, as they passed, she shrouded herself behind the portly figure and sumptuous embroideries of a Venetian doge.

  81. A private in one of the rear companies looked out over the meadow, and then turned to a companion and said, "Look there, Jim!

  82. The major turned to glare at his companion in despair and wrath.

  83. We remained where we were: chained together, each horribly distressing the other, and, with each spasm of pain, deepening our own hurt and that of our companion in irons.

  84. As for me, how should I not miss the rare companion who had seen so many lands, consorted with so many sages, and collected so many strange teachings?

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