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Example sentences for "cheeked"

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cheefest; cheeflie; cheek; cheekbones; cheeke; cheekes; cheeks; cheeky; cheel; cheeld
  1. She was not the cheerful, quick footed, rosy cheeked Ann of old.

  2. One of them was a slim, red cheeked young feller about twenty-three years old.

  3. So the little Robin Redbreast flew away once more, and never rested till he came to a bonnie valley with a little burn running through it, and there he saw a rosy-cheeked boy sitting on a log eating a piece of bread and butter.

  4. As he was doing so he chanced to glance down the wide chimney, and in the cottage kitchen he saw a comely young woman dandling a rosy-cheeked baby.

  5. England to bring over pink-cheeked boys to fill the ranks of Canada's preachers.

  6. The pink-cheeked ones are also "over there.

  7. So if you will promise to play me no tricks, I will come for you tomorrow morning at five o'clock, and we will go there together and get some rosy-cheeked apples.

  8. We passed two rosy-cheeked peasant girls, who carried food in baskets, and then the clank and jangle of a string of caissons, going at a canter, as though a battery needed shells.

  9. His wife was sitting beside his bed, a rosy-cheeked woman who recalled one of our middle Western farm girls.

  10. Hitherto the cook in the kitchen had been Mary, pink-cheeked and pretty.

  11. If Emmy Lou, less pink-cheeked than usual if any had chanced to notice, but full as chubby, ever had felt this way before, she would have told Aunt Cordelia that her head ached.

  12. Crimson-cheeked and breathless, she finally dragged him from the third alluring rabbit-hole, despite his pleading whines, and started back up the canal.

  13. And there was Hetty, like a bright-cheeked apple hanging over the orchard wall, within sight of everybody, and everybody must long for her!

  14. I'm sure I never saw a prettier party than this," Arthur said, looking round at the apple-cheeked children.

  15. Aunt Polly gave him his tea at breakfast with a sternly forbidding look,--and Julia was as cherry-cheeked as ever, though very silent.

  16. In her end of the car the hollow-cheeked girl and she were alone.

  17. The thin, hollow-cheeked faces that passed and repassed him, rouged and smiling, could not destroy in his mind the strength of the picture.

  18. And the bearded man, staring through the car window, saw her thus, and for an hour after that the hollow-cheeked girl wondered at the strange change in him.

  19. The hollow-cheeked girl made room for her at her side.

  20. The individual who caused this exclamation was a very broad-faced and rosy-cheeked little girl, coarsely clad, with a pile of books and a slate under her arm, who had suddenly entered the apartment.

  21. In the meantime, she went drearily to her room and began packing, aided by the ruddy-cheeked maid, Rebecca.

  22. One of the peachy-cheeked charmers with the skeleton throats is already apprised of all the principal circumstances that will come out before the Lords on Sir Leicester's application for a bill of divorce.

  23. The rosy-cheeked juveniles among whom I found myself vied with each other in efforts to promote my comfort.

  24. It is in vain that we scrutinize the chubby-cheeked countenance of the bronze Prince Potemkin, at Katherine II.

  25. But he's a charming little fellow: come to me, you round-cheeked cherub.

  26. Flossie had carried from the hotel a rosy-cheeked apple, which the waiter had given her at breakfast.

  27. Then he reloaded it and handed it to the smiling, rosy-cheeked third mate.

  28. Jim knew nothing about him, but since he came aboard with Thompson, there was every reason to believe that this rosy-cheeked youngster with the girl's voice was an accomplished villain.

  29. Presently a big man came in briskly: a full-bodied, smooth-cheeked man who looked like the prosperous manager of some legitimate business enterprise, save for the large diamond horseshoe scintillating in his gray silk tie.

  30. Malvey glanced quickly at his companion, alive to an implied insult, but he saw only a young, smooth-cheeked rider in whose dark eyes shone neither animosity nor friendliness.

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