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  1. Two colossal angels in bronze and silver supported a silver-gilt heart; but its magnificence only made it of greater use to the mint for coinage.

  2. The cross and candelabra belonged to the cathedral of Arras before the Revolution; and the beautiful bronze lectern, as exquisite in design as in workmanship, is signed and dated, "Duplessis 1775.

  3. England, and in the church is his monument, gazed at, if bronze eyes can penetrate stone walls, by M.

  4. It was about the year 630 that Dagobert undertook the rebuilding of the church, which is said to have been decorated with precious marbles, magnificent bronze doors, and gold and silver vessels enriched with precious stones.

  5. At the four corners are bronze figures of the Cardinal Virtues; and the kneeling figures of the sovereigns upon the canopy are also in bronze.

  6. Geneviève, are among the bronze chefs-d'oeuvre of the 18th century.

  7. The gilt bronze urn which formerly surmounted it, and the winged child holding a crown, were both consigned to the melting pot.

  8. The bronze doors are the work of Destouches, and recall, in style of ornamentation, those of Ghiberti at Florence.

  9. Their coffins were to be broken, the lead and the bronze to be melted up, and sent to the arsenals for conversion into arms and munitions of war.

  10. It is, in style, very similar to the descriptions of the bronze monument of Charles VIII.

  11. The bronze doors are perhaps the best work of Baron de Triqueti; and the group of the Magdalen over the altar may be no more mundane and meretricious than is usual in Marochetti's performances.

  12. The bronze doors were made about 1000, and the nave has its roof richly carved and gilded.

  13. The baptistery has as its chief glory the bronze doors executed by Ghiberti and Andrea Pisano, and which Michael Angelo said were worthy to be the gates of Paradise.

  14. Rich bronze gates divide the nave of the chapel from the transept.

  15. There was a magnificent image of Christ erected over the bronze portal of the Imperial Palace at Constantinople.

  16. On the right side of the nave is a bronze statue of St. Peter on a marble chair, and with the foot extended.

  17. Lorenzo had shown his genius at the age of twenty, when he won the prize for which the first artists competed--namely, a bronze representing the sacrifice of Isaac by his father Abraham.

  18. On the high altar is a magnificent tabernacle of gilt bronze with figures of the Saviour and the Twelve Apostles.

  19. At three great efforts the obelisk was moved, and it sank on the backs of the four bronze lions that served to support it.

  20. He rapped with an air of finality on his desk with the little bronze horse.

  21. I recall also a little bronze horse which he used as a paper weight.

  22. Clermont-Ganneau bought from a Cypriote dealer some fragments of bronze plates bearing Phœnician characters (fig.

  23. They prepare us for the fact that in the Bronze Age, if Scandinavia and its borderlands were the source of amber, the supply of gold for Northern and Central Europe was drawn not from the Ural, but from Ireland.

  24. The Bronze Ornaments of the Palace Gates of Balawat, 1880; Rasmussen, XIff.

  25. I have not yet seen King, Bronze Reliefs from the Gates of Shalmaneser, 1915.

  26. It is interesting to notice that there is no particular connection between the reliefs on the famous bronzes [Footnote: Pinches, Bronze Ornaments, a magnificent publication.

  27. In the Place de l'Hotel de Ville is a monumental fountain in bronze and porcelain, further enriched after the manner of the mediaeval enamel workers.

  28. For sheer novelty, before even the towering bronze statue of the Virgin, which overtops the cathedral, must be placed that other needle-like basaltic eminence which is crowned by a tiny chapel dedicated to St. Michel.

  29. That dark thought which had been suggested to him by the words of Olivia, by the mute evidence of the little bronze slipper picked up near the river-brink, had never taken root, or held even a temporary place in his breast.

  30. A pair of ponderous bronze lamps, which Paul had placed before the principal doorway, only made two spots of light in the gloom.

  31. Raul inhaled deeply, and said: "I know a sculptor in Guadalajara and I'll have him make a bronze figure for Caterina's grave.

  32. Florida Times-Union "The interiors are magnificent: the feeling one gets of candles and bronze and rosemaries and Spanish furniture and nostalgia and hatred.

  33. Walking away, he felt for the small bronze cross he wore on a neck chain.

  34. The bronze bars had a chunk of landscape wedged between them: a strap of corn land with giant chirimoya trees beyond.

  35. I don't like the bronze figure you had put on Caterina's grave," Fernando objected.

  36. In a few weeks Caterina's bronze figure would be cast and, if the artist remained faithful to his sketches, it would be a graceful girl bearing a bouquet of roses in her arms, her dress swirling over bare feet.

  37. She had a tiny bronze cannon that had been mounted on the garden sundial pedestal.

  38. There remains an avenue of bronze statues, most of them yet upright and in good condition, but very comic.

  39. In all probability it was brought here as a curiosity, just as we take to Persia the bronze head of George-wash-yn-tun.

  40. Old furniture, dishes of silver, bronze images, even paintings and ornaments of great value were scattered through the rooms, side by side with the most primitive implements.

  41. Bronze or any metal which can be moulded, hammered and sharpened of course gives a nation vast superiority over one which uses stone only; and the value of iron and steel for the same purposes I need not dwell upon.

  42. We have, therefore, the ages of stone, of bronze and of iron.

  43. I have one of these bronze Syracusan coins; it was kindly given to me, some years ago, by my friend, Dr.

  44. On the reverse of the bronze one was a veiled female face in profile, with the inscription [Greek: SURA].

  45. He spoke in his usual slow, guttural voice, and he might have been bronze for all the emotion he expressed; yet Shefford instinctively felt the despair that had been hinted to him, and he put his hand on the Indian's shoulder.

  46. Shefford looked into a face that he thought he had seen before, until he realized the similarity was only the bronze and hard line and rugged cast common to desert men.

  47. There are bay twigs, gathered together in bronze sheaves, in the great garland surrounding Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise.

  48. The bronze oaks, the yellow elms and the crimson maples along the shore, now and then dropped a jewel too heavy to be held into the coloured waters beneath.

  49. The little islands did not seem to touch the water but floated in the air like dream-islands, deep purple and bronze in the shadows.

  50. They were in the midst of mulberries, out of sight of the army; green mulberries, and the green and the bronze young vine-leaf.

  51. The bronze young vine-leaf seemed to her like some warrior's face, as it would look when beaten by weather, burned by the sun.

  52. There was another bronze figure which always stood near the toads, also of French manufacture, and also full of comic suggestion.

  53. A recumbent bronze statue by Le Sueur adorns the tomb, while in the wall above are four tabernacles, three of which contain mutilated busts, probably representing members of his family.

  54. But, first of all, though not on account of pre-eminent merit, should be mentioned the bronze statues of James I.

  55. The lava would not touch bronze; the iron was always encrusted and spoilt, but the bronze things all look like new.

  56. Then to the Scuola di San Rocco, containing a splendid apartment and staircase, all richly gilded, painted by Tintoret, and with bronze doors.

  57. The exterior is rather fantastic, but the columns are beautiful, and John of Bologna's bronze doors admirable.

  58. A copy of it was afterwards made in bronze and may be seen on the hill above Florence.

  59. The statue of Theodoric is also considered to be not only a very fine example of the work of the period, but also one of the world's great bronze statues.

  60. There were many simpler forms of his art that he might practise, and not take on his shoulders all the technics of the bronze foundry, but Donatello undisturbedly went on his way and accomplished his purpose.

  61. It has sometimes been said that these Teutonic sculptors of Nuremberg were mere workers in bronze who reproduced in that material the ideas and drawings of others.

  62. Undaunted by the difficulties as men seem ever to have been at this time, he faced not only the problem of making the model that would express his ideas, but of putting it into the bronze form that would make it imperishable.

  63. It has often been said that the difference in impressiveness between the bronze and marble statues shows how much better adapted marble is for the expression of the human figure.

  64. The very spirit of youth is caught and fixed in imperishable bronze in his "St. George.

  65. There are twenty-eight colossal bronze figures around the tomb of the Emperor Maximilian which stands in the centre of the nave of the Cathedral.

  66. In the middle is a little place, with two or three cafés decorated by wide awnings--a little place of which the principal feature is a very bad bronze statue of Saint Louis by Pradier.

  67. Percier and Fontaine, in imitation of the Arch of Septimius Severus at Rome, and once crowned by the famous bronze Roman horses from St. Mark's at Venice.

  68. From their hill of encampment descended the De Danaans, with their long slender spears gleaming like bright gold, their swords of golden bronze firmly grasped, their left hands griping the thong of their shields.

  69. All that day did the hosts surge together, spear launched against spear, and bronze sword clashing against shield; all that day and for three days more, and then the fate of the Firbolgs was decided.

  70. Each man had two spears bound with a thong to draw them back after the cast, with a shield to ward off blows, and a broad-bladed sword of bronze for close combat.

  71. As the gloom rises up out of the earth, bands of dark red gather on the horizon, seaming the clear bronze of the sky, that passes upward into olive-color, merging in dark blue overhead.

  72. At a far earlier time there were beautifully moulded and decorated gold-bronze spears, that show what richness of feeling and imagination, what just taste and fine skill were there.

  73. They summoned the workers in bronze and the armorers, and bid them prepare sword and spear for battle, charging the makers of spear-haft and shield to perfect their work.

  74. Another cast of the spears, seaming the air between as the hosts closed in, and they fell on each other with their swords, shields upraised and gold-bronze sword-points darting beneath like the tongues of serpents.

  75. Without bronze tools they could not have carved the beautifully adorned stones that are built into the pyramids by the Boyne; yet there is a certain early ruggedness about these stones that falls far short of the perfection of later times.

  76. Evidently they were mates, for with a queer, rolling hop the first-comer shivered his bronze wings, sidled to the new arrival, and gave her a silly little peck on her wing.

  77. A dull red flamed into his bronze cheeks, while his eyes were growing brightly tender.

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