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Example sentences for "foxy"

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  1. That young fellow is about as shrewd and foxy as they make 'em.

  2. In more recent years I have been hailed as "Foxy Old Smith," and by a few friends as "Old Prog.

  3. The Wife wanted to plunge right in the mazes o' the foxy trot.

  4. But always at half past four we had to live up to the rules and be in the Cocoanut Grove for tea and some more foxy trottin'.

  5. The head should be wedge-shaped and rather foxy in outline, but the skull may be rounder than the Pomeranian.

  6. The head should be somewhat foxy in outline or wedge-shaped, the skull being flat, large in proportion to the muzzle, which should finish rather fine, and be free from lippiness.

  7. Foxy in type; skull should not be round, but broad, and with little "stop.

  8. What foxy ferreting have you come down to Mambury for?

  9. Foxy ferreting," Montague Nevitt repeated, drawing back as if stung, and profoundly astonished.

  10. He was of a wandering habit and he had foxy whiskers; they never knew where he would be next.

  11. There was not only a foxy flavor in proof of it--there was smoke coming out of the broken pail that served as a chimney.

  12. Muriel, with a remembrance of the foxy mare's upper lip when she came in "off the hill".

  13. The foxy mare had cast a shoe, and the colt was unaffectedly done.

  14. The bay horse and the foxy mare were re-absorbed in the stream; their critics directed their attentions elsewhere with unquenched assiduity.

  15. Lyden, permitting a faint smile to twitch the foxy moustache, "how Mrs. Darcy's boot affected her finger?

  16. Away back in a half-dug potato field Nora and a knot of labourers were engaged in bitter conflict with the foxy mare on the subject of a bank with a rivulet in front of it.

  17. Inspector Badger smiled a foxy smile as he deposited the paper in his pocket-book.

  18. But though she said this she did not care to look again, and kept her eyes turned away so as not to meet the foxy slit ones of her mistress, for that was too much for her.

  19. It is perhaps worth noting that there was nothing at all foxy or vixenish in her appearance.

  20. You're a pretty foxy kid, Barbee," Blenham was saying tonelessly.

  21. Blenham plays foxy and offers dad a thousand dollars for the mortgage.

  22. I leaned back, shut my eyes, and tried to guess how a foxy old guy like Nash would fix it up so he could do the unseen duck off Broadway into his private office.

  23. Listen to what Foxy Issy has to say for himself.

  24. He writes a Black Hand letter to an Italian grocer he knows has got money laid by, only the grocer is foxy and goes to the Tremont Avenue Station and shows the letter.

  25. Red is Love’s colour,” said the wooer to his foxy charmer.

  26. Own kin are the worst friends,” said the fox, when he saw the foxy dogs after him.

  27. He looked up and distinctly saw that sharp foxy expression cross Lucia's face, which from long knowledge of her he knew to betoken that she had thought of some new plan.

  28. And the way I has it framed up, this was rather a foxy move of the young Chandlers, discoverin' their swell New York relations just as the holiday season was openin'.

  29. He poked in at the foxy print with narrowed eyes.

  30. Le Borgne alone listened, his foxy glance fastened on my face with a strange, watchful look, neither hostile nor friendly.

  31. Le Borgne's foxy eye took on a stolid look.

  32. A log broke on the coals with a flare that painted Le Borgne's evil face fiery red; and the fellow gabbled on, with figure crouching stealthily forward, foxy eye alight with evil, and teeth glistening.

  33. It was Le Borgne, his foxy eye yellow as flame, teeth snapping, and a tongue running at such a pace that we could scarce make out a word of his jargon.

  34. As he came up his foxy eyes were alight with what he intended for a grin of amiability.

  35. The Kid and his youthful companions looked round at the foxy face of their host.

  36. The smile had returned to every face except the foxy features of the ex-Churchman, who for once had no adequate retort ready.

  37. The saloon-keeper was in the act of replacing the whisky bottle under the counter, having just served his fresh customers, when his foxy eyes encountered the dark face of the man he most hated on Yellow Creek.

  38. He was too foxy to shout until his purpose was beyond all possibility of failure.

  39. That foxy hussy Has got me tight With all her might.

  40. The foxy so wee Had daughters twice two, And a little son too, Called Phil.

  41. These dainties were seldom renewed, for it was only a very bold child, or one with an ungovernable appetite for sweets, who would have spent his penny at Foxy Baxter's store.

  42. Old Foxy showed little outward sign of his loss, though he had brought the boys into the world solely with the view of having one of them work on the farm and the other in the store.

  43. Jed Morrill remarked of Deacon Baxter once: "When Old Foxy wants anything he'll wait till hell freezes over afore he'll give up.

  44. Cephas Cole kept store for him at meal hours and whenever trade was unusually brisk, and the Baxter yard was so happily situated that Old Foxy could watch both house and store.

  45. All he's got is a teasing slow ball and a foxy head.

  46. Then I saw that the foxy Buffalo players were working to tire the Rube.

  47. I watched the foxy old captain walk over to the Rube and talk to him while he rested, a reassuring hand on the pitcher's shoulder.

  48. Its upper parts vary from foxy red to a dull blue, this difference in color having no reference to age, season or locality.

  49. On the other hand, brindled cats were formerly unknown in eastern Asia, whose spotted or foxy house cats were derived from other and local sources.

  50. The Indian proved to be a terrible antagonist with his foxy stratagem and his primitive method of warfare.

  51. Foxy Billy, night after night, would thus be left alone in the Comptroller's office.

  52. You know Billy Cassidy--Foxy Billy--him that studied to be a priest?

  53. Big Kennedy's programme was worked from beginning to end by Foxy Billy and Darby the Goph, and never jar nor jolt nor any least of friction.

  54. He took the documents furnished by the ingenuity of Darby the Goph, and the oil-burning industry of Foxy Billy, and pored over them for a day.

  55. Foxy Billy would allow himself to get behind in his labors over the City books.

  56. He would be with Foxy Billy in the role of a friend, who meant no more than to kindly cheer his lonely labors.

  57. By that time, if Foxy Billy is any good, we'll be ready to give the Chief some law business of his own.

  58. Darby the Goph would lounge and kill time while Foxy Billy moiled.

  59. But speaking of your agent: Is this Foxy Billy as astute as his name would imply?

  60. The foxy old Polenov explained to us after bridge that he would not be surprised if Kerensky would say to the Lenine crowd that the Emperor should be taken somewhere in the country on account of the German advance, and to Buchanan .

  61. I could not help, however, asking Frank at the end of our dinner: "Are there any especial reasons to try and be foxy with me, or any reasons to frighten me with mysteries?

  62. It is enough to look at his beard, with remnants of yesterday's dinner on it, at his small blue foxy eyes always reddish and always dropping tears.

  63. Dick, whose new name for the family was the "Foxy Five," had changed most of all since his summer at camp.

  64. Dick said that it would be pretty foxy to have a "real room" of his own instead of the "den.

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