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lons; lontano; lood; looed; loof; looka; lookd; looke; looked; lookee
  1. We look with interest for news of this unique formation.

  2. Look at this caravan about to cross the Desert.

  3. Durin the past season, overskirts and p-an-ears have been looped up, makin the fair secks look as if she was gettin her garments in trim to leep over some frog-pond.

  4. A look at this recalls past ages; the palmy days of Rome.

  5. We should look for original and piquant views of everything and everybody.

  6. Guy never mentions her now, and is getting to look and act quite like himself.

  7. Some word which sounded very much like "thunderation" escaped his lips, but he said no more, for he saw in the sleeping woman's face a look he never mistook.

  8. I cannot think so when I remember that look on his face as he told me about it and swore to me solemnly that up to the very last he fully expected relief from England, where he thought he had a fortune.

  9. Her face was crimson as if with shame, and she dared not look at Tom until his silence startled her.

  10. I bless her for it, and am glad she said it, but she must not look at me when I'm dead.

  11. The blow stunned him too completely for him to recover quite his old hopeful, happy manner, and there is a look of age in his face which pains me to see.

  12. Every day after that little Daisy played "make b'lieve Miss McDolly" was there, said McDolly being represented by a bundle of shawls tied up to look like a figure and seated in a chair.

  13. You do look lovely and sing so sweet; I know there's nothing nicer in heaven," said a little piece of deformity to her one day as it lay dying in her arms.

  14. Then she stole a glance at his face and met an expression which prompted her to go on recklessly: "Don't look so incredulous, Tom.

  15. He came in alone, with such an awful look on his white face as made me cry out with alarm.

  16. Daisy, of course, stands for his model, and her hair does not look as if it had been combed in a month, and yet Zillah spends hours over it.

  17. She looked deliberately around upon different objects in the room, and then fixed upon me a look of the tenderest affection.

  18. Bedros, however, whom he left behind to look after the infant church, was soon expelled.

  19. That ordinance is to be observed in remembrance of Christ, but the people of the Oriental Churches are taught to look upon it as a renewal of his death.

  20. The other midshipmen began to look and to feel strange.

  21. Dave shot another swift look into his chum's face before he said: "Danny boy, your case is a light one.

  22. Really, I'm growing sick for a good look at the old home town.

  23. Midshipman Darrin, a curious look in his eyes.

  24. On the contrary," retorted Dave, "you can look for us to push Creighton all over the field.

  25. Just how often discipline officers were accustomed to look in through the night, Dave Darrin did not know from his own knowledge.

  26. Not by look or sign could he convey any intimation that he was doing anything but pay the strictest heed to duty.

  27. On the latter's face was a look as black as a thundercloud.

  28. But first he paused, for a brief instant, shooting at the midshipmen a look that was full of pity for them.

  29. Yes, sir," nodded Dan Dalzell, a queer look crossing his face.

  30. If you can, look toward the steps of Bancroft.

  31. Let's look them up, then, if you don't mind.

  32. And look out, on the right, for Darrin and Dalzell!

  33. I can picture, right now, the look of amazement on his Army face!

  34. But I'd like to get a closer look at Dan's latest.

  35. The six midshipmen found many an envious look shot in their direction.

  36. Many of our home friends will doubtless wonder why I have sacrificed my professional prospects at a time when they first began to look cheering, in order to share the hardships and perils of a soldier's life.

  37. Well," said Glazier, "do we look like them?

  38. An old farm, surrounded by stone fences that look like ramparts, constitutes the camp.

  39. But as we cannot look for absolute perfection in anything pertaining to earth, it may be stated that this animal was no exception to the universal rule.

  40. When I again roam through these forests, and look on this lake, source of the Great River, I will look on you.

  41. These Georgia boys will be long remembered, and may look for the utmost kindness and consideration from us if the chances of war ever reverse our situations.

  42. The response to this call was much more general than the most sanguine had any reason to look for.

  43. I do not look for a general exchange before winter, though I hope and pray that it may take place to-morrow.

  44. Well, well, go in and get off your dirty shoes, you look as if you had been wading into the pond, and remember to be home in good time another day.

  45. I then bathed my face and washed my hands, to look a little more respectable should I ere long make my appearance among the crew.

  46. I very naturally wandered down to the docks to have a look at the "Emu" before she sailed, and to inspect any other vessels that might take my fancy.

  47. You know the ABC, maybe, of seamanship; but, look here, just tell us the names of some of the ropes and spars of this ship.

  48. I therefore kept a sharp look out whilst I was on deck during the night, though I had an uncomfortable feeling that I might possibly be smothered in my sleep, or that Mark might be treated in the same way.

  49. I shoved my head through them, and could now look down on the wild and raging waters with which I was surrounded.

  50. I climbed to the higher part of the rock, and had a look at the land, which I judged was ten or twelve miles off at least.

  51. Remember that the next time you write home, I intend to have a look at your letter.

  52. I had a dim recollection of seeing Aunt Deb come into the room to look for me, but as I didn't speak, she left the room supposing that I had gone out of the house to take another walk.

  53. Mark gave a sharp look in my face, and said-- "Yes, that I should.

  54. Mark told me this, for Julius Caesar himself never came to have a look at me.

  55. Look here,' says he, 'is this the way it works?

  56. They's some gents here that wants to look you over.

  57. He interrupted himself long enough to look up into the muzzle of Larsen's gun.

  58. The others forgot to look for the results of Lowrie's shot.

  59. Look here," he said gaily, "why should we be worryin'?

  60. Don't look like you had much use for this here outfit," he said to the sheriff.

  61. Sir," he said to Riley in a rapid, trembling voice, "you look to me like an honest man.

  62. Mr. Jury," he said, "look at this prisoner we got.

  63. He dared not look at her, and he was glad when the fire lost some of its brightness.

  64. Ain't a good idea any way you look at it.

  65. Look through 'em and see if I got Quade's money.

  66. Because Sinclair'll be dead before he has a chance to look a jury in the face.

  67. Look here,' he says, 'why don't you dance with one girl instead of hogging them all?

  68. Keep your chin high and look a man in the face, will you?

  69. They ain't any doubt that the prisoner is guilty, and they ain't any doubt that John Gaspar is no good, anyway you look at him.

  70. Nay look you Sir, and then follow a troope of other rich and labour’d conceipts, oh the end shall be admirable!

  71. That he may look bi-fronted, as he speaks.

  72. Ah, old Cole, now look about: you are catcht.

  73. Bang~ verwies mich auf folgende Stelle in Look About You in ~Hazl.

  74. Look here," interrupted the Court Glover, severely, "you really must not use such disgraceful language.

  75. They look so respectable," explained the Dodo, "and give one such an air.

  76. They all crowded round to look at the pictures, and presently the Dodo exclaimed, excitedly-- "Hullo!

  77. They make me look so respectable," whispered the Dodo.

  78. I'm sure I'm quick and accurate; and as for my respectability, look at my gloves!

  79. Dick, who thought that it would look grand for him to have heard of Æsop's fables.

  80. Let me look at it," said the Sage, holding out his hand for the paper.

  81. The lad started for Cincinnati to look up his heritage.

  82. And just as Marjorie was about to reply a dark shadow passing overhead caused all of the children to look up.

  83. With a last wistful look in the direction of the village, Jose turned the oxen from the main road into the rough wooded lane which led to his father's home.

  84. I would like best to go up to the hill-top, where we can look off and see Guimaraes and the old ruined Roman city, Citania.

  85. Oh, it was good to be free, good to be in the shade of the trees, to look off over the hills and dream of the cities and the people beyond!

  86. But every now and then, out on the main road, he turned to look back toward the village, shading his eyes with his hand.

  87. Antonio, thumping him gently on the shoulders, had drawn back to look into his face.

  88. A look of pride shone in the father's eyes as he spoke.

  89. When Malfada hung the bag from her round wrist and held it forth to look at it, Antonio burst into a hearty laugh and said: "That is just the way I imagined that Malfada would dangle the little bag from her wrist.

  90. But when he saw the teasing look in Antonio's eyes, he laughed and said: "It is good to have spring come after winter, so I think it is good to change from going to school to not going.

  91. They are very slender, and look like a couple of needles; but, though they are only eight and a quarter feet in diameter on the ground, they have spiral staircases reaching to the top.

  92. Now, if you look beyond Fort William, you will see the race-course.

  93. The little stalls, which were the stores, made the thoroughfares look like bazaars.

  94. It did not look much like it when the ship began to roll quite violently.

  95. I think I have had enough of this thing," said Mr. Woolridge, with a look of disgust on his face.

  96. Lord Tremlyn had left his party to look at what was to be seen by themselves, and came forward to the pilot-house.

  97. As you look at it you observe that it has the same structure as some of the grasses, the same joints and cells.

  98. They look clumsy, but they have to bear up the enormous weight of the hill of rock, and many of them have crumbled away.

  99. The captain was evidently vexed and annoyed at the failure of his prediction, though squalls were liable to occur in any locality; but the present rough weather had begun to look like a gale which might continue for several days.

  100. The first thing Louis did was to look at a thermometer he discovered on a post.

  101. I see that some of you look at me as though I had used a strange word.

  102. The remains of his mosque were visited, the columns of which look like enlarged jewellery, elaborately worked into fantastic forms.

  103. On his way he could not help giving an inquiring look at the manner in which the substitute for Bargate performed his duty.

  104. As soon as the governor left Manila, the auditor had plenty to look after, because a squadron of 20 caracoas and other vessels from Mindanao entered the islands as far as the Island of Luzon and its coasts, making captures.

  105. Another flash of lightning made them all cower--all but Ruth Fielding, who had crept forward to look over Mrs. Steele's shoulder.

  106. Bye and bye they began to look down into the valleys from the steeps the horses climbed.

  107. But they loved every acre of the farm, and the city man's money did not look good enough to them.

  108. Sadie Raby, eyeing Tom and Bobbins with much disfavor, "I thought that a bunch of big fellers like them could look after half a dozen little mites.

  109. Ruth herself was a bright, brown-haired girl who, without possessing many pretensions to real beauty of feature, still was quite good to look at and proved particularly charming when one grew to know her well.

  110. He doesn't look as though he ever got wearied," returned Helen.

  111. Look like I'd been monkeying with the buzz-saw--eh?

  112. Bobbins drove as before, but there were two men with the party to do the work and look after the horses, and Mrs. Steele herself was present to have an oversight of the young folk.

  113. Well, you can go look for 'em with the goats," snapped Sadie, starting off.

  114. But it will--if you don't look out," laughed Ruth.

  115. He's come clean over this road to look for me.

  116. A boy and a girl never could look more alike than Tom and Helen Cameron.

  117. She's always had plenty of maids and the like to look out for them.

  118. Their host, who was the nicest kind of a man in every other way, seemed determined to look upon Caslon as his enemy; and Mr. Steele was ready to do anything he could to oust the old couple from their home.

  119. The serious look on Mr. Caslon's face was enough for all those waiting at Sunrise Farm to realize that the absent children were actually lost.

  120. After this they went to look at Grettir's horse, and found that he had not been meddled with, so the yeoman thought that everything was going on well, Grettir stayed another night, and still the thrall did not come about them.

  121. After their morning meal on Christmas day they went out to look for the shepherd.

  122. Thorhall missed two of his horses, and went to look for them in person, from which it may be seen that he was no proud man.

  123. After these promises and injunctions the phantoms left, and Mrs. Claughton went to the door to look at the clock.

  124. Orleans had learned all he wanted to know, he bade the child look in the water and tell him who was at Madame de Nancre's and what they were all doing.

  125. All Christmas eve Glam did not return, and in the morning men went to look for him.

  126. After these modern cases of disturbances, we may look at a few old, or even ancient examples.

  127. There was some talk among them of going to look for him, but no search was made on account of the storm and the darkness.

  128. He was very old, and did not want to go away either, for he saw that everything his master had would go to wreck and ruin, if there was no one to look after it.

  129. She gave a call to her sister to look also.

  130. Thorhall thought that things were looking brighter, but when he went to look to Grettir's horse he found the out-house broken up, the horse dragged outside, and every bone in it broken.

  131. She tried hard to mate me with the wanton, for it was not her method to look into the future to see if a better mother for my progeny awaited me.

  132. Will I look into your eyes on the morrow and find them, like hers, clear?

  133. I had awakened her slumbering soul with my first look into the sphinx wonder of her eyes.

  134. Hester does not peer down at the scales to see if she is getting full value, yet she does look to her dignity, and, being poor, will not account herself rich.

  135. Her head was raised, and in the indistinctness I caught that sweet look of hers which besought me, and which I answered without knowing to what question.

  136. As I look upon it now, everything fits well and all will run smoothly I am sure.

  137. A smile from her blinded me, a gentle word or caressing look and I went faint and dizzy, and I was content to lurk in some corner and gaze upon her secretly with all my soul.

  138. The curtain is rung down on an illusion, but it rises again on another, this time, as before, with the look of the absolute Good and True upon it.

  139. And in our lives there is nothing fairer and more joyful to look back upon than those same little pigtails and pinafores.

  140. And a thought leaped out in answer to her look which would have smote her had it spoken.

  141. But I have become too much spoilt by mere length of living to be able to remember back and recognise what young eyes mean when they look like that.

  142. The mood crept on me the moment we grew aware that evening had come, and we stopped a little in front of the arch to observe the night-look of the foot-hills.

  143. He turned at the touch of an arm at his shoulder to meet the smile and the look and the quick breath of her who had sent herself his Eve.

  144. I did not look at my watch every other minute.

  145. So when she prattled with abandon of all you both meant to be and do, her form erect before me, her hands eloquent with excitement, her voice pleading for the right to her very conscious self-esteem, I asked her to look still further.

  146. But ever, as they worked away, And would not look around, They watched the little ones that played Before them on the ground.

  147. Yes, but look in the fire, my child, At the strange cities there, so bright and so wild!

  148. You can look within at the merry company.

  149. The figures convey the idea of motion, while eager expectancy finds expression in look and gesture.

  150. We look down on roof gardens, into patios, along the white, narrow calles, into the plazas, and across the housetops to the fertile land beyond the Roman walls.

  151. Indeed, your majesty,' said the Alcalde, 'I can let you look him in the face when he hangs on the gallows.

  152. For the present we must take a look back into the dim and remote period when the Phoenicians came to wrest the soil of Southern Spain from the race of mingled Celtic and Iberian blood.

  153. There is an unshaven look about many of the middle-class men.

  154. Chancing to look out into the street, she saw Clotilde's mother and her betrothed sister stepping up to the house.

  155. She had up the whole angry pride of the man in arms, and could discern that she had struck the wound in his history; but he was terrible to look at, so she made the charge supportable by saying: 'You have stolen my child from me!

  156. She could not get the word or even the look to encounter his close and warm imperiousness; and, hesitating, she noticed where they were together alone.

  157. Consider me as the one fixed light in your world, and look to me.

  158. Does she look as grimmish as she does in the photograph?

  159. She had positively humbled him so far as with a single word to relieve him; for he had seen bristling chapters in her look at the photograph.

  160. It was in that direction, accordingly, that we must look out for trouble.

  161. The Sarhad-dar overheard him, repeated what the Hazara had said, and asked me to go and look at the body, which had now been brought in.

  162. Look at those tins and tell me what's inside!

  163. I advised them that on such matters they should look for decision to the Sherif of Mecca as their spiritual head, and that he was entirely on the British side.

  164. The old villain must have indulged in one short look to realise, once again, that he had been foiled in his attempt at a surprise; for I knew, by current rumour, that he stood in deadly terror of what the guns could do.

  165. He was most eager to find them, and would look on it as an act of grace if I would permit him to go.

  166. Our force was halted, and, riding forward myself, I dismounted and took a good look at the enemy's position.

  167. So, with this object in view, messages were sent telling him to look to himself, for we were coming, not only to fight him, but to lift all his herds.

  168. Meantime his golden face around He bares to all the garden ground, And sheds a warm and glittering look Among the ivy's inmost nook.

  169. Those who look through them behold many strange and beautiful sights.

  170. Does not the maple leaf look as if it had fingers, too?

  171. Now, if we look on another side of the ball, we shall see no ponds, but something very dreary.

  172. The men, women, and children all wear gowns that look like dresses.

  173. We look again, and we see a great body of water.

  174. But when you look up through the air, you see that it is of a blue color.

  175. And children coming home from school Look in at the open door; They love to see the flaming forge, And hear the bellows roar, And catch the burning sparks that fly Like chaff from a threshing floor.

  176. Far reach its plains, its hills are high, Its mountains look up to the sky.

  177. Look at one more side of this ball as it turns around.

  178. These leaves look like the apple leaves," you say.

  179. The rabbits gave him a friendly look as they went leaping by.

  180. So wonderful were her drawings for a little child that the neighbors often came into the tiny room to look at the pictures on the walls.

  181. The very next day the farmer came into the fields to look at his wheat.

  182. But by and by, if nobody comes to feed him, he will look around for something to eat.

  183. Professor Fish laughed shortly, a mere bark of sour mirth, and turned to look through the rain-splashed window of the cab.

  184. That great man never failed to look the part.

  185. Where the road passed the end of the village a few people turned to look after them with slow curiosity.

  186. The prospect of a night without shelter did not greatly disturb her; she was already conscious that when she came to look back on it, it would take a high rank among her experiences.

  187. Carrick gave him a look in which contempt, fury, and a certainly involuntary liking were strangely at war.

  188. You look very tired," she said, quietly, in her level, pleasant voice.

  189. He gave her a look of inquiry; she returned it with a clear, high gaze, and he went at once.

  190. He gave Mills back a look as purposeful as his own.

  191. The painter's room was still unlocked and unoccupied as he descended the stairs; he entered it for another look at the picture.

  192. I'll look at that wound of yours when I've seen to the door.

  193. He saw the Burdock into dry dock and strolled down each day to look at her.

  194. Carrick, behind the chair, saw that his head drooped, and came round to look at him.

  195. Mills did not look round, and the steady remorseless barrel still sailed to and fro across the faces of the men in the hut.

  196. But there would ha' been if I hadn't took a look round while you were spinnin' your yarn to the Old Man," said Slade.

  197. Good thing you've got me to look after you," he went on.

  198. When you found poor Hollingworth's youngster so badly hurt, didn't you sit there and look after him at momentary risk of your life until he died, poor little chap?

  199. The smaller of the two men had, at any rate, a totally different look to any other native she had ever seen.

  200. He often stand, look at it for long time.

  201. Came back also that parting in the solitudes of a grim wilderness, that pressure of the hands, that last long look into the eyes.

  202. Jimmie is getting some sport," she said to herself, standing up to look in the direction of the double report.

  203. It's a poor time you've chosen to look at it in, Miss Commerell," remarked Hollingworth.

  204. Of course, it would look as though he himself had inspired it.

  205. It would seem to the people that to destroy the whole as well as the sick was an act of sheer wanton tyranny, but they must not look at it in that light.

  206. And so you know their language and have to look after them?

  207. He noted the look of fear on the face of the trooper, and that of desperate resolve in the keen eyes of the American.

  208. Some of the hurts they had received were ugly to look at, having been inflicted with the long-handled Persian spade, the foot-flanges of which make it a dangerous weapon.

  209. The Caspian fish is a genuine salmon of the same habits as the marine species known in Europe, with the one sad exception that it will not look at nor touch fly or bait in any form or shape, and therefore gives no sport for the rod.

  210. But in these times of grain speculation in Persia, the people have learnt to look in 'wheat corners' for the real cause of dear bread, and in consequence the bread riots have become more formidable, as was proved lately at Tabriz.

  211. He showed the same alertness of step, brightness of look and manner, and smartness of dress, which distinguished him then.

  212. The late Shah was quick to show the merry look of appreciation when something amusing was said.

  213. Formerly insecurity and want of confidence confined cultivation and stock-breeding to the barest limits, but it is evident now that the inhabitants can look to enjoy the fruits of their labour, and they are extending their fields of exertion.

  214. The descent of such a man is deemed of little consequence in the minds of a people who look to personification of power as the right to rule.

  215. Persian servants regard their fixed pay as but a retaining fee, and look for their real wages in perquisites.

  216. I would not look up until that was done; he tried in vain to push me a little away and gaze into my face.

  217. Before he could stop her she had sprung from her seat and without another word or look was gliding away among the trees toward her father's house.

  218. His face was flushed, the gray eyes had lost the cold, pitiless look which they had shown when Brune had seen them over the pistol barrel; they had softened wonderfully.

  219. A passing comrade paused beside him long enough to fire, appraised the poor devil's disability with a look and moved sullenly on, inserting a cartridge in his weapon.

  220. We shuddered to look at his fearful flights.

  221. The colonel ground his heel into the earth and turned to look again at the enemy's guns.

  222. His attire was faultless, his bearing easy and graceful, the look which he turned upon me open, free, and devoid of any suggestion of rudeness.

  223. The Hill thought it high time to look after a person whom its most honored citizen had felt it his duty to rebuke at a considerable personal sacrifice.

  224. Thence to the structure that was a dwelling and is a factory the distance is not so great; it is, in fact, an agreeable walk, judging from the man's eager and cheerful look as he takes it.

  225. This recalled him to himself; the absent look passed away from his face.

  226. The tense muscles of its lips, which had uncovered the teeth in a horrible grin, relaxed; the sharp, clean-cut profile took on a look of profound peace and rest.

  227. You look as young as Johnnie this minute.

  228. To be shore the cow died, but he got the medicine down her when it didn't look as if human hands could do it--that's the kind of doctor he is.

  229. He's--" A curious, furtive look went over her round face.

  230. Uncle Pros is out in the mountains, and I'm going to look for him.

  231. Well, you go ask Pap to look in the green chist and send me the spotted caliker poke that he'll find under the big bun'le.

  232. Inheritor of large holdings in Eastern cotton-mill stock, he had returned from abroad on the death of his father, to look into this source of his very ample income.

  233. In a thing like this, you don't know who to look to.

  234. You look a heap prettier, and act and speak a heap prettier than you used to up in the mountains," she told the tall girl.

  235. Look at this other--she has the spine of my dreams.

  236. Buckheath drew a little closer, set his shoulder against the fence and tried to look unconcerned.

  237. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "look" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    look again; look around; look for; look forward; look out; look sharp; look through; looke vpon; looked for; looked full; looked hard; looked quite; looking animal; looking around; looking away; looking face; looking for; looking gentleman; looking girl; looking more; looking much; looking out; looking steadily; looking very; looking woman; looking young