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converting; converts; convex; convexities; convexity; conveyance; conveyancer; conveyances; conveyancing; conveyed
  1. Barbara Genty, Mrs. Ross's favored maid, cast envious looks at her as she sat perched in the back seat of the gig, which was to convey them to Portoran.

  2. Isla sat down on one of the rush-bottomed chairs and asked the girl to make haste to convey her message.

  3. Away with the train or car that would convey him only to Balquhidder when Isla had expressed even the faintest desire to see him!

  4. Yet General Otis's reports are always bland, and always convey the idea of an insurrection exclusively Tagalo.

  5. But it is sorely difficult to convey in written words what utter nonsense those expressions about "the Pampangos" and "the Pangasinanes" are to any one who was in that northern advance in the fall of 1899.

  6. Is it easy, think you, to convey in language exquisite as that of Robert Hall, sentiments as refined and imagery as classic as his?

  7. Miss Tredgold bore it for a day or two; then she desired the parlor-maid to convey the joint to the head of the table where she sat.

  8. She is coming in the old pony cart, and the old pony is struggling with all his might to convey her here.

  9. In the zealous prosecution of this great purpose, he should study to convey a clear impression, that he is influenced purely by a feeling of solemn responsibility, and an anxious desire to promote the highest interests.

  10. It is consequently opposed to all those methods by which either a false statement may be made to assume the appearance of truth, or one essentially true may be so related as to convey a false impression.

  11. The province of conscience then appears to be, to convey to man a certain conviction of what is morally right and wrong, in regard to conduct in individual cases,--and to the general exercise of the desires or affections.

  12. But, besides such actual fallacy, there are various methods by which a statement literally true may be so related as to convey an erroneous impression.

  13. It consists not only in the most scrupulous accuracy of relation, but also in giving it in such a manner as to convey a correct impression to the hearer.

  14. One merit my June 1st plan may possibly possess; the perplexing optical effect may convey better than words the intricacy of a naval mêlée.

  15. Seen as a novelty, Table Mountain was most impressive; but it seems to me that Altar Mountain would more correctly convey its appearance.

  16. When heading towards you, they really convey to an imagination of ordinary quickness the semblance of some unknown sea monster, full of life and purpose.

  17. Johnson's pardon--has, in America at least, become so exclusively associated with the secondary though cognate idea of singularity that it would not convey its restricted military significance to a lay reader.

  18. I interrupted his musings, nevertheless, to inquire whether he could convey a few lines to their destination, which I had written to inform my father that I was, at least, in safety.

  19. The carriage in which they convey her is red, with a black boot on each side.

  20. Motor and other lorries are then used to convey the bales to the various mills where the first actual process in what is termed spinning takes place.

  21. In all the arts we must receive from the souls who make the environment of our souls as much intensity as we convey to them.

  22. These ladies being on the Surry shore, called for a boat to convey them across the water.

  23. What can be so proper for tragedy as a set of big sounding words, so contrived together as to convey no meaning?

  24. Hence a range of most delicious meadows begins to open, which, being richly enamelled with flowers of all kinds, seem to contend whether they shall convey most pleasure to your sight or to your smell.

  25. Some hours afterwards, Earl Marischal and Colonel Clephan arrived at the shore, but they could get no boat to convey them, for fear of the men-of-war that were cruizing near.

  26. It was to convey the whole of the Macdonnells, with their wives and families, to a district in Upper Canada, where the clan, at this moment, is permanently established.

  27. You mean you can convey a message to a bird or a beast?

  28. Turdetania, however, and the surrounding districts surpass so entirely in this respect, that however you may wish, words cannot convey their excellence.

  29. Here follow some words which convey no intelligible meaning.

  30. Ocra forms the lowest portion of the Alps, where they approach the territory of the Carni, and through which they convey the merchandise of Aquileia in waggons to Pamportus.

  31. This last sentence can convey little or no meaning to the English reader; its whole force in the original depending on verbal association.

  32. On this account the earliest lessons which the citizens of Greece convey to their children are from the poets; certainly not alone for the purpose of amusing their minds, but for their instruction.

  33. But the Roman prudence was more particularly employed on matters which had received but little attention from the Greeks, such as paving their roads, constructing aqueducts, and sewers, to convey the sewage of the city into the Tiber.

  34. For these purposes the numerous quarries, the forests, and the rivers which convey the materials, offer wonderful facilities.

  35. But I bethink me you can say so much and convey my sense of the liberality of our Cousins, without exhibiting this scrawl.

  36. Put down in black and white they convey--or at least they would convey to anyone who saw them--nothing but an assurance of the fact that I am mad.

  37. There was a snap in his laughter, which, Toftrees was sure, was meant to convey the shutting down of a lid.

  38. They came, they said, by Ali's orders, to convey me to his camp at Benowm.

  39. The same evening Ali sent three of his people to inform me that there were many thieves in the neighbourhood, and that to prevent the rest of my things from being stolen it was necessary to convey them all into his tent.

  40. My interpreter, Johnson, who suspected the nature of this visit, sent two boys to overhear their conversation, from which he learnt that they were sent to convey me back to Bubaker.

  41. I delivered most of my papers to Johnson, to convey them to Gambia as soon as possible, reserving a duplicate for myself in case of accidents.

  42. As one of the Committee of Management in that matter, I would wish, by your permission, to rectify some of the erroneous impressions which your remarks are calculated to convey to the public.

  43. I shook my head, and endeavored to convey to her that, so far from being able to give, I had had no breakfast myself.

  44. The schooner Napoleon was to be sent from Detroit to convey the troops with their goods and chattels to their destined post.

  45. Even then it was doubtful if boats could be found sufficient to convey all our numerous party back to Green Bay.

  46. The scenes of horror which he strove to convey in words were often more admirably depicted in the illustrations of Cruikshank.

  47. Perhaps we can convey no better idea of the change which a few years' labor produced in the Sandwich Islands than by giving an extract of a letter, written by Rev.

  48. Carefully they took him up to remove him to the boat which was to convey him to the river; but as they passed along, the anxious wife, who watched the countenance of her husband, saw a change.

  49. Without putting it in so many words, he managed to convey the impression that he held his partner to blame for enticing him into the enterprise, that, indeed, Russell had somehow managed to blind his better judgment.

  50. Jimmy managed to convey the impression that Russell was a frequent caller, and was aided in the mild deception by Stanley, who had been admitted to the conspiracy.

  51. But at last, thoughtful for her health and provident of her weakness, he rose up and passed his arm around her to convey her home.

  52. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "convey" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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