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converteth; converti; convertibility; convertible; converting; convex; convexities; convexity; convey; conveyance
  1. Cicero, his contemporary and friend, declined the reputation of a professed lawyer; but the jurisprudence of his country was adorned by his incomparable genius, which converts into gold every object that it touches.

  2. The first of these royal converts lost his crown and his life; and the rebel army was sanctified by the abuna, who hurled an anathema at the apostate, and absolved his subjects from their oath of fidelity.

  3. He rises a converted man-child, an infant apostle, goes home and converts his wicked grandfather, or great-grandfather.

  4. It is a pie--yes, a pie, that converts him to piety.

  5. It is not enough, therefore, to say, that it gives the direction to a certain portion of labour: it affords the stimulant that converts idleness into industry, and saving into capital.

  6. It is a great blessing indeed to reach it, but the building up of converts is the harder work.

  7. You will, I am sure, pray more than ever for George and all these converts to Christianity, that they may be strengthened and guarded against all evil, and live lives worthy of their profession.

  8. How could definite doctrines be instilled into the converts by teachers with hardly any books, and no formula to commit to memory?

  9. Had they sought to make converts to that opinion, or to make it a text for preaching sedition, there might have been some colour of justice in their punishment.

  10. This rite was then generally performed with solemn ceremonial before the baptism of converts from paganism.

  11. The infant children of heathen converts were baptized immediately, and the older ones when instructed.

  12. The care of the primitive church for the religious teaching of the young and of heathen converts is abundantly exemplified in the 530 inscriptions of the Catacombs.

  13. The love of wicked men converts to fear; That fear to hate; and hate turns one or both To worthy danger and deserved death.

  14. Thy overflow of good converts to bad; And thy abundant goodness shall excuse This deadly blot in thy digressing son.

  15. There was a danger of admitting Gentile converts to the church on too easy moral terms; hence the need of such insistence on the ideal as in The Two Ways and the Mandates.

  16. Strong acids convert it into a diazonium salt, and potash converts it into the diazotate.

  17. Similarly Guyton de Morveau showed that, like charcoal, diamond converts soft iron into steel.

  18. Concentrated hydrochloric acid converts it into chlorbenzene, aniline and nitrogen.

  19. Nitrous acid converts them, in acid solution, into diazonium salts.

  20. Year by year he was bringing his audiences nearer to himself, and year by year he was winning new converts from the love of the meretricious and flashy to that of the noble and pure.

  21. Under his successor, Li Ching Hsi, a man known to be given over to the use of the drug, unwilling converts hoped for better days, only to be disappointed.

  22. Many of them are the descendents of Arab, Afghan, Mogul and Persian invaders, and the remainder are converts made to Islam in the course of the centuries of Mahommedan rule.

  23. The Malabar coast has always enjoyed a direct commerce with Arabia, and at an early date gave many converts to Islam.

  24. The Apostle brings his converts out into the open field of trial, and bids them use his doctrine there.

  25. It was no slight trial to converts in their spiritual infancy to meet everywhere the question why the sages of Jerusalem had slain this Jewish Prophet, Jesus, and why everywhere the synagogues denounced His name and His disciples.

  26. Not improbably these two early converts helped to "goad" (Acts xxvi.

  27. But also it was of first importance that the spiritual pride of the Jews should be conquered, or at least exposed, for the sake of the mission-converts already won.

  28. The converts of the Roman Mission were surely Gentiles for the most part.

  29. She had been a devoted and it would seem particularly a brave[259] friend of converts in trouble, and of St Paul himself.

  30. Quite recently his Judaist rivals had invaded the congregations of Galatia, and had led the impulsive converts there to quit what seemed their firm grasp on the truth of Justification by Faith only.

  31. Apostle presents himself to his converts as a sacrificial ministrant, a "priest" in the sense which usage (not etymology) has so long stamped on that English word as its more special sense.

  32. Many at least among his converts looked with an eagerness which was sometimes restless and unwholesome, as at Thessalonica, for the coming King; and it may have been thus with some of the Roman saints.

  33. In the Corinthian Epistles we find no great traces of an energetic heretical propaganda, but rather a bias in the converts towards a strange licence of temper and life.

  34. The man who shed tears over his converts as he warned them (Acts xx.

  35. In a room in the house of Gaius, a wealthy Corinthian Christian, Paul the Apostle, having at his side his amanuensis Tertius, addresses himself to write to the converts of the mission at Rome.

  36. Jerusalem he must visit, if possible before May is over, for he has by him the Greek collections to deliver to the poor converts of Jerusalem.

  37. For the Holy Spirit on Young Converts ="Peter and John prayed for them, that they might receive the Holy Ghost; for as yet He was fallen upon none of them: only they had been baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus.

  38. Much as he praised God when he heard of conversion, he knew how feeble the young converts were, and how for their establishing nothing would avail without the grace of the Spirit prayed down.

  39. They prove that he does not think that only the new converts or feeble Christians need prayer; he himself is, as a member of the body, dependent upon his brethren and their prayers.

  40. How many new converts who remain feeble; how many who fall into sin; how many who backslide entirely.

  41. Converts from infidelity must look for trials.

  42. Several of those converts told me their experience, and pressed me to visit some medium myself, in hopes that I might witness something that would lead to my conversion.

  43. And many of those converts from infidelity of whom we read in old religious books, were persons of immoral character.

  44. It is not knowledge itself, but, like the invisible principle of life, it converts dead matter into living energy.

  45. The sense perception was the same in both persons at first, but the reception given to the idea by one converts it into a lasting treasure.

  46. Now trace the operation of the mill as it draws up the logs singly from the rafts lying on the margin of the river and converts them into lumber.

  47. The apple juice which has been previously fermented with yeast, which converts the sugar into alcohol, is allowed to trickle through the openings at the top over the shavings.

  48. Soon Indian converts offered themselves for service, and after training; were commissioned as Officers, and it was at once seen that they would be far more influential than any foreigners.

  49. Whatever may be doubtful, this is true beyond all controversy, for it numbers its converts by the thousand.

  50. In the village, too, the arrangements to repel attack having been made, white men and native converts alike rested with their arms placed in convenient proximity to their hands.

  51. St. Paul certainly did not intend his Christian converts to be anarchists in religious matters.

  52. St. Paul tells his converts that he first preached to them of the humanity and passion of Christ, but afterwards of the Godhead, how that Christ is the power and wisdom of God[280].

  53. These teachers did not wink at lapses into immorality, but defiantly urged on the converts to the Gospel to commit adultery, fornication, and all uncleanness .

  54. Their preachers are great 'soul-savers,' but they lack the practical sense to build up their emotionalised converts into anything that approaches a higher life.

  55. But incidentally the ages of the converts were given in some cases, and one may safely assume that in the reports where no age was mentioned the facts, if disclosed, would not run counter to the generalisation above given.

  56. Towers, Birmingham, noted that 16 out of 25 reported converts were children.

  57. It is exactly as though the converts had been learning a regular catechism, as in a way they have been.

  58. So far as older converts are concerned, everyone of balanced judgment will regard stories of conversion from extreme vice to extreme virtue with the greatest suspicion.

  59. The emotional strain to which the organism is subjected occurs, as the ages of the converts show, precisely at the time when it is least able to bear it safely.

  60. Abu-Kariba, Himyarite king, adopts Judaism, and converts his army and his people.

  61. The Council of Toledo under Sisenand, Visigothic king, and Isidore of Seville, forces backsliding converts back into Christianity.

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