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  1. Were this always the case, what magnificent congregations there would be.

  2. The services in the places of worship all over the land have been multiplied, intercession is becoming a felt reality, congregations have grown.

  3. So when their extreme youth was no longer a cause for surprise, the boy preachers settled down into every-day dulness, with nothing except the memory of a flimsy fame to compensate the congregations they bored.

  4. So, as humanity loves to grumble, the congregations began to find fault because he did not do as his fellows did.

  5. It would be far better yet, however, if the ministers could be converted and their congregations enlightened.

  6. Yes; in many places ministers have advised their congregations to keep away, telling them I was an exceedingly dangerous man.

  7. Ministers are intellectual gardeners, and they must supply the market with such religious vegetables as the congregations desire.

  8. I am trying to civilize their congregations, so that the congregations may allow the ministers to develop, to grow, to become really and truly intelligent.

  9. Sometimes they would sing that beautiful hymn in which occurs these cheerful lines: "Where congregations ne'er break up, And Sabbaths never end.

  10. These ministers found that just in the proportion that their orthodoxy decreased, their congregations increased.

  11. The preachers told the old stories while the congregations slept Some of the ministers became tired of these stories themselves.

  12. Parliament hath voted “that many particular congregations shall be under one presbyterial government,” so their votes do commit that government to pastors and ruling elders jointly.

  13. After it was resolved and voted in both the honourable houses of Parliament, and sent as one of the propositions to the treaty at Uxbridge, “That many particular congregations shall be under one presbyterial government.

  14. The Church had declared, in the great Council of Lateran, that no congregations should be allowed to exist save under some approved rule.

  15. Church of allowing irregular and independent manifestations of zeal, and of permitting unauthorized associations and congregations to form themselves.

  16. Till Brock came, the Baptist congregations in the neighbourhood were very meagre.

  17. There are, in addition, many isolated congregations of religious worshippers, adopting various appellations, but none of them sufficiently numerous to deserve the name of a sect.

  18. Besides congregations in these languages, many understand German and are served by German pastors.

  19. For the Letts and Esthonians, 21 organized congregations and preaching stations, divided into the eastern and western districts.

  20. Whole congregations left their churches and joined him.

  21. The interdict was proclaimed in a papal bull and read by the clergy of the region affected to the congregations every Sunday for some weeks before it went into operation.

  22. It is alwayes to be remembred that the Congregations exeemed from the fourty shillings are also exeemed from this Collection.

  23. That course be taken to divide Congregations in parts, and by the help not only of Elders in their severall parts, but of neighbors also, the evils, and neglect of persons and families, may be found out and remedied.

  24. We are not unsensible of your present estate, and by the Lords grace shall be careful, both here and with our Congregations at home, to make all take the same to heart.

  25. No wonder that he always had a special devotion to her and showed it in every possible way; among others, in giving her name to many of the confraternities and congregations established by him in the Church.

  26. They could not prevent the majority of their congregations from pressing every day to hear the Saint's sermons, which created a great sensation amongst them.

  27. Thirty years of experience," he said, "have made me speak thus: I have always seen greater results from the sermons which I have preached to small congregations than from those which I have delivered in crowded churches.

  28. Mr. Straus, in his Life of Roger Williams, says aptly that Massachusetts was under a government of congregations rather than of towns, since only church members could vote.

  29. Hanbury's Memorials, which imply the existence of Independent congregations in London and elsewhere in the early years of Elizabeth's reign.

  30. The time is near when you will be in the midst of congregations who will gnash their teeth upon you.

  31. Did I say congregations would gnash their teeth at you?

  32. Fabritius was sent out from Amsterdam as the first settled pastor of the Dutch Lutheran congregations in New York.

  33. The London Constitution was the basis of that furnished by Ziegenhagen, Urlsperger and Francke to the Salzburgers, who settled in Georgia, and exerted an important influence on later congregations in that State and in the Carolinas.

  34. In all the old congregations the case is the same, so far as any known evidence proves.

  35. The great body of the congregations in this country, outside the bounds of recent German Synods in the West, are organized on its plan.

  36. These Swedish and Reformed modes of congregational organization were here fully in operation in the territory on which our earliest German congregations were established.

  37. The Lutheran Congregations at Amsterdam and London.

  38. In all the German congregations in Pennsylvania, however, an organization was found when Muehlenberg came, which had arisen out of the necessities of the case, and in all of them it had the same character.

  39. Congregations by their magnitude and intelligence call forth the highest efforts of eloquence.

  40. The members of the Company of Jesus, of orders akin to it, and of congregations of a similar character, may be expelled from the Federal territory if they are foreigners.

  41. The Order of the Company of Jesus, orders akin to it, and congregations of a similar character, are excluded from the German territory.

  42. It is always a heart-breaking thing to see these congregations of men robed in black, murmuring together in low voices, on the threshold of the halls of justice.

  43. There are now about fifty congregations or assemblies of Mexican Protestants in this city and vicinity, and an equal or greater number scattered throughout the country.

  44. It is most edifying to see the congregations at Mass, and to hear the loud murmur of faith and adoration at the elevation of the Host.

  45. The chief advantage is that the chapter-sessions have the authority that they require in the capital of Manila, where all the orders and their congregations hold them with more definiteness and less trouble in general.

  46. There are other Congregations of Ursulines, but the three named are the most numerous.

  47. Although the spirit and the essential end of Ursulines are in all cases the same, the various Congregations differ more or less on certain points, and each retains the name which distinguishes it from the others.

  48. As these separate Congregations are never intermingled, no confusion or inconvenience can possibly arise from difference of usages, but in the instance of the Quebec Ursulines, the case was altered.

  49. Some of the bishops and the superior clergy have had the folly to denounce the play and to forbid their congregations to witness or to read it.

  50. It is, perhaps, more significant that the members of the new congregations should be generally of the lower classes, because it is precisely these people who have always been mere unthinking puppets in the hands of their priests.

  51. Covenanter congregations under their ministry kept a very large depot wide open for slaves escaping from Missouri.

  52. Look at it how we will, the clergyman in charge of these foreign congregations has no very pleasant time of it.

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