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Example sentences for "congregating"

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congratulations; congratulatory; congregate; congregated; congregates; congregation; congregations; congresses; congressmen; congruence
  1. Strictly understood, the slave was not to leave the farm of his owner without a pass from his master, the main purpose being to keep the Negroes from congregating on any one farm.

  2. Why are they always waiting, congregating as far from us as the depth of garden, lawn, or orchard will allow, yet always near as they dare to come?

  3. But as I happen to have seen her congregating by herself mostly every day for the past fortnight around these offices, I thought I'd run her in as a disreputable lot, and we'd see who's who.

  4. Promiscuous and unlawful congregating by herself, your Honor.

  5. These atoms, congregating in their turn as nebulae and under the slight residual force of gravitation condense into blazing suns.

  6. Conclusions • The eastern Bering Sea is a region of high biological productivity; it is one of the world's great producers of commercial fish and major congregating areas for marine birds.

  7. The eastern Bering Sea is one of the world's richest fish-producing areas and is also one of the world's major congregating areas for marine birds.

  8. Dear Sir, There is a wonderful spirit of sociality in the brute creation, independent of sexual attachment: the congregating of gregarious birds in the winter is a remarkable instance.

  9. They seem not to be of a sociable turn, never with us congregating with their congeners in the autumn.

  10. In Florida the sheepshead is almost gregarious, congregating about oyster bars, old wharves, and near inlets in great numbers.

  11. They spawn late in the summer, on the rocky shoals and hard, sandy bars, congregating at such times in large schools.

  12. Heretofore it has been the Indian's congregating place, but its aboriginal glory is rapidly departing, and it will soon be the fashionable resort of summer travellers.

  13. The object of the order was to keep the mob of people from congregating on the hill side?

  14. My own theory is, that these tramps along the line of the railroad had a knowledge of this strike, and might have been congregating in here for two weeks, and these men are always ready to apply the torch at any moment.

  15. Its members took to congregating on a machine owned by another Realm member, Nom, for a month or so.

  16. Congregating on Altos in Germany, they worked with a select group of others carefully targeting sites likely to contain parts of their holy grail.

  17. But it is unnecessary to multiply instances of the right, exercised by former Grand Masters, of congregating occasional lodges, and making Masons at sight.

  18. Commissioners and notaries were selected and large salaries paid these officials to ensure their faithful services in congregating the dispersed natives.

  19. The Frank ambassadors, instead of congregating in summer at Belgrade, as in the time of Lady M.

  20. In the streets groups were congregating at a time when people are usually given up to business, and uniforms everywhere dotted the thoroughfare.

  21. Arriving at a bar about ten miles below, where white men were congregating in numbers considered sufficient for mutual protection, they took up a claim and commenced digging.

  22. Frogs bury themselves in the mud at the bottom of tanks and ponds, often congregating in numbers in the same spot.

  23. They either bury themselves in the soil or under the snow or seek the shelter of hollow trees or of caves, not infrequently congregating in the same spot so that the temperature is kept up by corporeal contact.

  24. Dear Sir,--There is a wonderful spirit of sociality in the brute creation, independent of sexual attachment: the congregating of gregarious birds in the winter is a remarkable instance.

  25. The generic terms minster and monastery may be assigned to the ministers of Minos originally congregating in cells or trous or in groves under and around the oaks or other similarly sacred trees.

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