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Example sentences for "congregate"

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congratulates; congratulating; congratulation; congratulations; congratulatory; congregated; congregates; congregating; congregation; congregations
  1. The "sportier" class of men congregate before the Hotel Albany, where they cooly ogle the women who pass.

  2. They flock alone in the lobbies during intermissions, when the men from the daily newspapers congregate in groups to exchange a word or two about the play and to discuss other matters of common interest.

  3. You could not possibly mistake the types that congregate on street corners or shuttle to and fro on business bent.

  4. They congregate together, placing their heads almost in contact with each other, snort and paw the ground in their terror, and use all means in their power to prevent the fly from accomplishing its purpose.

  5. The depots are owned by the Plutocrats and no crowds are permitted to congregate to hail Trueman.

  6. Day after day the idle miners congregate in the Town Hall to discuss their situation and to devise some means of relieving the starving families.

  7. Night after night the crowds congregate to view the pictorial history of the Plutocratic National Prosperity.

  8. Before leaving in February these birds congregate in parties of from twenty to four or five hundred, usually on the broad leafy top of an old ombu tree.

  9. At the end of summer they congregate in flocks of tens of thousands, so that the ground where they are feeding seems carpeted with black, and the trees when they alight appear to have a black foliage.

  10. Bees and flies, that congregate about the blossoms to feed, may sometimes fly too low, and so give a plausible reason for the pickerel's choice of haunt.

  11. Here companies of the exquisite little black and yellow minstrels delight to congregate with their somber families and feast on the seeds that rapidly follow the erratic flowers up the gradually lengthening spikes.

  12. Vast numbers congregate where the feeding-ground is good, and move in long lines from place to place.

  13. The conceptacles congregate in particular portions of the frond and give its surface a roughness which is very perceptible; such portions are then known as the /receptacles/.

  14. Clams and cowries and other molluscs people the cracks and crevices of coral blocks, and congregate beneath detached masses and loose stones.

  15. In a certain locality where the hawks-bill turtle congregate in untold numbers, a remarkable deviation from the general habit has been observed.

  16. At certain seasons scores congregate on a branch, perching in a row, so closely compact that their breasts show as a continuous band of white.

  17. Time cannot lag with such gay, saucy creatures, so while they wait half a dozen or more congregate in a circle and with uplifted heads directed towards a common centre sing their song in unison.

  18. They are now largely in evidence in the national capital and in the various state capitals, where the poor-dog, professional politicians most do congregate and disport themselves.

  19. Half the ruling sovereigns of Europe and all the leaders of European swelldom, the more prosperous of the demi-mondaines and no end of the merely rich of every land, congregate there and thereabouts.

  20. These younger women have pushed past the traditional activities of cleaning and cooking and sewing; even the congregate form of these industries engages but a few of them.

  21. But there are not many of these pioneers of congregate activity.

  22. In a district that calls pre-eminently for strength in its workmen, and if not for strength, for a high degree of training and skill, there is yet place in the congregate activity of factories and shops for women.

  23. Here evenings bats congregate and flap their wings in the vicinity of the faces of the guests.

  24. The ladies congregate evenings in a well-furnished hut which has for furniture red cloth covered chairs, a sofa, and a pianoforte.

  25. The ground floor is occupied with several tile-paved dining rooms, and a large bar where congregate many of the foreign residents to enjoy libations.

  26. It is not well for them to congregate about towns or military camps.

  27. Such persons must not be given passes to Raleigh or points on the sea-coast, nor be permitted to congregate about towns or camps, there to live in idleness.

  28. If their camp is flooded by a tropical rainstorm, the ants congregate in a close mass, with the younger ants in the centre; they thus form a floating island.

  29. Yet, as the numbers show, the ants had scarcely any tendency to congregate under it: there were nearly as many under the same area of the uncovered portion of the nest as under that shaded by the violet glass.

  30. In these encounters the individuals in the rear of a party of travellers in the jungle invariably fare worst, as the leeches, once warned of their approach, congregate with singular celerity.

  31. During the hot season at Nenera Kalama the elephants have a difficulty in finding water, and are therefore obliged to congregate in large numbers where water is to be obtained.

  32. The caterpillars feed on the Eucalyptus, and when they have completely stripped one tree of its leaves, they all congregate on the trunk, and proceed as described to another tree.

  33. According to Savage, chimpanzees congregate together for the sole purpose of play, when they beat or drum with pieces of stick on sonorous pieces of wood.

  34. Thus the gulls, although usually self-foragers, will, as I have often observed, congregate in enormous numbers where the guillemots have found a shoal of fish.

  35. Let the negro be there allowed to congregate and expand even to his utmost capacity.

  36. The man who came from Sennaar says the Mahdi has ordered all the Arabs to congregate at Kartoum from all parts.

  37. In like manner he sedulously avoided those horrible circulating libraries, where daily are seen to congregate the "reading men" of our schools.

  38. But our neighbours see little shame in them; and it is very true that men of all classes, high and low, here congregate and give themselves up to the disgusting worship of the genius of the place.

  39. It seems as if a spirit of infatuation had seized them, for instead of making their number as small as possible, they seem to congregate as many together as they can.

  40. To appear or collect in a crowd; to throng together; to congregate in a multitude.

  41. The Quango is said by the natives to contain many venomous water-snakes, which congregate near the carcass of any hippopotamus that may be killed in it.

  42. When these articles are brought into the kotla, Sekeletu has the honor of dividing them among the loungers who usually congregate there.

  43. On the fresh water ponds and overflows they congregate in great numbers during the winter months and a bag limit of twenty is no uncommon thing.

  44. They have no migrations like the passenger pigeon once so plentiful in the eastern states, nor do they congregate in such immense flocks.

  45. After this the flocks soon begin their migration to the lower hills and mountain openings, and congregate into immense roosts.

  46. House flies congregate in heated rooms with the approach of the winter season.

  47. On the summit of the Wilis are four heaps of debris and two enclosed terraces; on its eastern slope is a place of prayer, consisting of three terraces with bas-reliefs and called Penampihan, where the natives still congregate for sacrifice.

  48. These middlemen congregate principally at Batoor, a prosperous village, where travellers to the Dieng, arriving from that side, will appreciate the hospitable disposition of the wedono, the native chief of the district.

  49. Families living separate, not yet driven to hide behind walls, or congregate in masses for safety.

  50. In central Africa these animal tribes have musical centres where they congregate regularly for "concerts.

  51. Hensel verifies this observation, and tells us of having seen apes come from their shelter in the early morning and congregate for a musical concert.

  52. They congregate by the thousands, choose a leader whose position is always at the front, and travel for hundreds of miles through the great forests.

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